Monday, February 25, 2013


Tarzan Gift Album

This album was published by Kiran Publications. It includes 3 fabulous stories (2 Tarzan stories and 1  bonus Korak story) in big size 50 pages format. This Gift Album is a real gift for every Tarzan/Korak lover all over the world.

First Story

A Giant Python is controlled by this old man who uses this python to rob gold merchants.

King of the Jungle 'Tarzan' decided to unfold this mystery

Oh My God ! Lord of The Jungle "Tarzan" is fighting for his life ! His ribs are being squeezed by this monster

 Read this full story to find out what next  :)

Second Story

Korak is participating in a dangerous Jungle contest called 'Launda Gorge Race' ! Winner will become new chief of 'Untaeli' tribe. That man will be declared winner who return by sunset along with eagle's feather ! But do you think that it is easy to take feather of this eagle ? Take a look !

There are enormous difficulties levels on the way like blood thirsty baboons, stormy rivers and many more !

Third Story 

 Tarzan has put his life in danger in order to save life of a fifteen year old 'Ushira Tribe' boy from a evil man. But he is inside the crater of an active volcano !

 Will Tarzan be able to survive as this volcano has erupted ?

Tarzan Gift Album - 3 In 1 Gift by "VISHAL" 88 mb


Comic World said...

Thanks Vishal Bhai for this attractive comic with attractive presentation.

Raj Joshi said...

However I must admit that your Hindi IJC presentation was lot better...literally and figuratively. :)

Colonel Worobu said...

Commenting here after a long time. Thanks Vishal & CW! :o)

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Thanks a bunch Vishal & Zaheer.

Gaurav Gandher said...

Thanks a lot Vishal Bro for this gift

VISHAL said...

@Zaheer Bhai
Thanks for your encouraging words.

VISHAL said...

@Raj Joshi
Joshi ji, Do come here on Mahashivratri i.e. on this coming Sunday!

VISHAL said...

@ Colonel Worobu
You are welcome Col.

VISHAL said...

@ Venkitachalam Subramanian

You are always welcome Venkit Bhai.

VISHAL said...

@Gaurav Gandher

You are welcome Gaurav Bhai. Stay tuned for Special Sunday Gift on Mahashivratri !

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