Saturday, June 23, 2007

# Viewers Choice No.3

On some regular visitors insistence here is the viewers choice No.3,although there was not much encouragement received for the last 2 viewers choice but still its here once again.In this feature the cover of the comics are presented here which are under consideration for posting.
Visitors, through their comments can opt for the comics in the order of preference they want them to be posted here.
Its good to see that indrajal blog community is growing up and a couple of blogs have been added to this community recently but it poses a problem its more difficult to keep track of the comics which have not been published on other blogs so that they may be published here.
So visitors i am waiting for your choice so that the comics can be posted in the order of your preferences.

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Work said...

the slave trader

thank you

wonderful job

however i have a question.. whenever i connect to yr blog i lose my n/w connection and have to do a ipconfig/renew to be able to reconnect.. is anyone else also facing this problem

thank you

Colonel Worobu said...

As a non-hindi speaker, for me any English comic would do. Specifically I would prefer :

1. Brukka the ruthless (we need more Flash Gordon stories... really...)
2. The slave traders
3. any english Bahadur

chandoba said...

congrats cw,
i think ghost den shud be the comic in which bela meets bahadur

chandoba said...

or is it romantic which?

please post the earlier bahadur comics... waht about 270?

Comic Guy said...

#work:your problem seems peculiar as none other has yet reported/faced.
#chandoba:its Ghost Den buddy.

ranjit said...

lets get the non hindi title on the download pls...preferably the white ghost's den....and maybe a stronger dose of Mandrake!!

manthiram said...

chandoba: Slave traders for me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to go thru “Ghost’s Den” first. Followed by “The Indian Robin Hood Sultana”. Let Phantom and Flash & Bahadur follow these. Thanks!

chandoba said...

I second him

Anonymous said...

Would you kindly post "Magnon's Kingdom (??)" of Mandrake.. Thanks and keep it going....great job

Vijay said...

'The Slave Traders' is a wonderful story of modern day Phantom's ancestor. This story actually depicts pre-independence America, and Phantom seeing Thomas Jefferson declaring Amrican Independence! Anyday I would love to see this comic. So I would vote for this one, and the other Phantom comic 'Denkali ke Rakshak'...

Indrajal Comics Club said...

can u contact me at

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