Tuesday, March 23, 2010

# Shaheed Bhagat Singh

23rd March is remembered as 'Martyrs Day' or Shaheed Diwas in Indian History as on this day in 1931 young revolutionist Sardar Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged by then British government of India. Born on 27th September 1907 in Lyallpur,Punjab,Bhagat Singh was only 23 when he sacrificed his life for the country during his fight for the freedom of India.
To salute the spirit of freedom here are few rare original photographs of this legendary son of Indian soil for all of you which are collected from different-different unidentified sources over the net for which thanks to all of them.

Bhagat Singh,when he was of 12 years age.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

# Abid Ji Live & Sunday-170

As many of you must be already knowing but still it was not confirmed before but now it has been confirmed as you can hear from creator itself.Yes,'Bahadur' is all set to make a comeback after 20 years and this time from the pen of its original creator Abid Surti.
Today only AlokBhai(Chitrakatha fame) met this legendary comic creator and in this meet it was unfolded by Abid Ji that Bahadur is very soon to make its comeback probably for online reading where readers can read it for free or for a very nominal fee.
Abid Ji give some hints about his diversion from TOI and about the copyright issues for Bahadur,he is pretty confident that all rights are with him since he is the sole creator of it but its also thinkable that if this was the case then why TOI kept on publishing Bahadur even after unpleasant break-up with Abid Ji and despite his protests.
Lets hope for the best that Bahadur should be able to make a comeback soon.So here is Alok live with Abid Ji who talks about his new book and off course about revival of Bahadur.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

# Madhuri

'The Times of India' publication holds a glorious history of being the oldest and a major baton of the Indian print media from a period spanning more than 170 years.
This publication gave us many cherished magazines covering all major readership areas such as The Illustrated Weekly Of India,Dharamyug,Filmfare,Femina to name a few and comics such as Indrajal comics.

Along with Filmfare,which covers up Indian Film Industry,there was another one such magazine quenching the thirst of Indian Hindi readers and that was Madhuri.
Madhuri was a fortnightly started in 1964 and carried up to late 80' after which it was rechristened as 'Hindi Fimfare' and that too ultimately ceased publishing in early 90's.
Madhuri used to be a class magazine avoiding usual gossips which were the regular feature of the Indian Hindi film based magazines of that time.It was associated with some of the finest writers,compilers and editors of Hindi cinema print media such as Isaac Mujawar,Raju Bharatan,Vinod Tiwari,Rauf Ahmad,Harish Raghuvanshi,Firoz Rangoonwala,Vishwas Nerurkar and others.
I was a great fan of Madhuri though i have read very few issues of it and later read mostly 'Hindi Filmfare' in early 90's.The features,articles,printing and page quality of Madhuri were of high class and simply unmatched by any of other Hindi film magazine till now.
its surprising that there is no information available about Madhuri on net,sites such as Wikipedia have no information about Madhuri.I have tried to provide at least brief information about it without going into deeper details.

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