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#Comic No.136 & 137:Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand(Dhanpatrai,1880-1936) is no doubt the best Hindi and Urdu writer whose stories and novels represent the emotions and mentality of true India.His theme of stories and writing skills are unmatched and beyond compare with anybody as his story telling ability was interesting,simple and having words from day to day conversation.
His stories mainly depicted the problems of ordinary peasants and common man such as corruption,communalism,debt,poverty etc in a very simple and effective language.Before Premchand Indian story telling was confined mainly to King-Queen and fantasy sort of stories,it was he who brought the canvas of his stories to the problems of common man and ground realities.
His work was also appreciated in film industry and quite a few movies were made on his stories/novels such as "Mazdoor(1934),Seva Sadan(1938),Gaban(1966),Godan(1963),
Shantranj Ke Khiladi(1977)".

Gaurav Gatha publications acknowledged his work by rendering out a comic on him,which is being presented here.His stories can be read online from a blog devoted specially on him,Munshi Premchand blog.
For further information on Munshi Premchand click here

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Friends a ardent comic lover,multi talented personality and a dear friend,Vijay Kumar Sappatti,has introduced a blog (Comics of India) devoted on comic characters,where he has put up comic characters drawn by himself.Have a look at it and let him know your encouraging thoughts and suggestions over it.

Enjoy another Fauladi Singh comic contributed by Deep again.

Doston,chalte-chalte one small quiz.....:o)

1.Can you tell for which movie this still shot was taken.

2.Name the movie in which Helen was paired opposite Amitabh Bachchan.

3.Can you tell during which movie shooting this still shot has been taken.This shot was taken during picturization of a song from a very famous and hit movie of Amitabh,the name of this particular movie appears in the lyrics of this very song.

4.Can you tell in which movie Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan played a small role.


kk said...

So aap bhi bachchan saab ke fan hain? :-p
1. Milli
2. Don!
3. Khoon Pasina - one of the many, many cool things about Prakash Mehra movies apart from awesome dialogues, strong emotions, great scenes and storytelling, wonderful, wonderful songs was of course the fact that Amitabh never had a "serious" fight in his movies - they were all very cool comedy fights. :)

4. Umm, Kabhi Kabhi?

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

very very very interesting ! i agree with KK.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Agree with KK about 1 & 2. Think 3rd is Mr. Natwarlal. About 4th thinking. :)

Comic World said...

KK: Correct analysis about fights of Prakash Mehra movies.
Nice try from you but not all the answers given you are correct,there are at least 2 wrong answers.:o)
Try further.....

Comic World said...

PBC: Common Prabhat,you are the winner of the last quiz,i have great expectations with you.Try...

विनीता यशस्वी said...

interesting post...

kk said...

Ok, after googling, Helen was heroine in "Imaan Dharam" - I must have seen this movie on DD but the very fact that I remember NOTHING shows how bad this movie must have been. :)

Regarding Harivanshrai - two guesses - either Bemissal or Silsila. :)

Comic World said...

Vinita Yashaswi: Thanks and welcome.

Comic World said...

KK: Still all questions are not correctly answered..:o)
'Iman-Dharam' is the most underrated movie of AB,and its not that bad,infact its better than most of the 'hits' of present.

kk said...

:) My nominee for most under-rated movie of Amitabh (that I know of) would be Zahreeli Chaal. This has Amitabh as supporting actor - not even side hero to Jeetendra and Hema Malini but it is a very meaty role and the way he enacted it is too good. And there are movies like Parwana, etc. :)

Comic World said...

KK: Yes,there are many underrated movies of AB such as 'Manzil,Farar,Reshma Aur Shera,Saudagar' etc.
By the way that film is 'Gehri Chaal' in which AB role was having negative shades,actually Jeetendra was the hero of this movie and Hema Malini played the role of AB's sister.

kk said...

Gehri chaal - I absolutely love the scene were Jeetendra dresses up a statue to look like the villain and insists Amitabh knows him. :)
Yes, Saudagar is also good, but somehow I felt it is watchable only once so did not mention it. :)

KK (Kishore) said...

4.Can you tell in which movie Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan played a small role.

Answer: Kabhi Kabhi .. Initial wedding scene .. I read somewhere there were on the sets and agreed to do the part and did the kanyadhaan...

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaheer bhai ,

aapka bahut shukragujaar hoon , aapne apne blog par mere blog ka zikr kiya ... main koshish kar raha hoon ki , bhaarat me mauzood 100 se jyaada comic characters ko apne sketches ke dwaara aap sabke saamne la sakun..

aapka bahut shukriya ,phir ek baar.


Comic World said...

KK: I appreciate your sporting spirit,you are the one who is constantly after this quiz but unfortunately still all the answers are not correct :o)
Your answer of 4th question is correct.

Comic World said...

VKS: Aapke itne ache blog ki haunsla-afzaai to lazimi thhi hi,aapke cartoon intehaai khoobsurat hai inko b-dastoor post karte rahiye.

Toonfactory said...

Zahir Bhai, I am late and I see all the answers have been replied here. Here are my two pennies -
1. Mili
2.Iman Dharam (I really loved the song Hum Jhooth Bolte Hain from the movie)
3. Khoon-Paseena
4. The movie was Kabhi-Kabhie (have U ever noticed the difference in the spelling of both the Kabhis?)They played Rakhi's Parents in the movie.

One question from my side - Did you know Manmohan Desai started a film called Amar Akbar Anthony 2? With what name did the film actually released?

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Alok,all the questions are still not answered correctly,hence the chance is still there for you to answer correctly.
I remember of being heard about the sequel of AAA but never knew what happened to it later,i can guess that might be that plot was taken by David Dhawan who made 'Eena Meena Dika' on it

nithish said...

Please provide the links for The treasure trail and The mask of deception.Thanks in advance.

Kishore (KK) said...

1. Milli
2. Imman Dharam
3. Khoon Pasina
4. Kabhi-Kabhie

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi zaheer bahi bhut badhia
premchand ji ka main bada fan hoo. maine unki bhut si kahni aur upanyas padein hai.


Comic World said...

KK: Unfortunately still all answers are not correct,let me clear this time,answer no.1 is incorrect.:o)

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: Yes,me too is a great fan of Premchand and i find no other writer who can match his class.

Amit Pachauri (अमित पचौरी) said...

1. Guddi
2. Benaam!
3. Khoon Pasina
4. Kabhi Kabhi

Silly Boy said...

Buddy another gem from your stable. Keep it up. Munshi Prem Chand is also one of my favourite authors. Much has been said about this great soul and I have nothing more to say. It would be better if you have posted the covers of your collection of Prem Chand work with the present post. In fact I was expecting you to do so.
Anyway now let me try to solve the quiz:-
1. Guddi. Amibath Bacchan was signed to play the hero of the film. Hrikesh Mukherjee wanted an unknown face to play that role because he had to show the dillemma to Guddi (Jaya Bhaduri) between his infatuation towards a film star (Dharmender) and an ordinary man. But during the making of the film Anand was released and AB became a start and Mukherjee was of the opinion that it would disbalance his script. Hence AB was removed and another actor was signed for the role. Am I right?
Other questions have already been answered by others.

Comic World said...

Amit Pachauri: Amit,your 2nd answer is not correct,rest are correct.

Comic World said...

SB: Absolutely correct Arun,that shot was taken for movie 'Guddi',initially in which AB was working,he was replaced after few days shooting by 'Sumit Bhanja' due to the reason quoted by you.
Congrats for giving the correct answer.

kk said...

Cool! So Hrishikesh-Amitabh jodi is very old! But I think reason given is wrong as Guddi released far, far before Anand. And I remember one interview of Jaya where she told she kept cribbing with Hrishikesh, "why you removed Amitabh". :)
And it is well known that even at the time Zanzeer released, Amitji was still dreading that if film doesn't click "Wohn Allahabad main doodh bhej rahe hotain." :)

Comic World said...

KK: The reason given by SB is correct.'Anand' was released in 1970 whereas 'Guddi' was released in 1971.
AB was removed from the film as Hrishikesh Da wanted a unknown face for that role whereas AB gained quite popularity after the role of 'Babu Moshaiey' in 'Anand'.

Vijay said...

1. Zanjeer
2. Imman DHaram
3. Khoon Paseena
4. Kabhi Kabhie

kuldeepjain said...

hi comic world..

yesterday walking through the seconds market here and grabbed one phantom from 'Frew' .. when i saw that comics first i just remembered you..

let me see how many i can collect to send you in due time..

in this frew 2 stories..

1. the trial of patrol man joko
2. the jungel patrol v the drug cartel

Comic World said...

Vijay: The correct answers are 1.Guddi
3.Khoon Pasina

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Thanks Kuldeep.

Vedha said...

now, if i try to answer, that will look like cheating as others have already given atleast 3 answers correctly. so i will try my hand next time.

zaheer, will you post similar oneso that i can answer that?

Comic World said...

Vedha: Welcome to Comic World Vedha. Off course,many more quizzes are sure to come,pls keep coming.
BTW,checked your blog,nice collection of comics you are having.:o)

Vedha said...

Hey, Thanks for such nice words.

By the way, i will be amongst the 1st set to answer your next set of questions.

Comic World said...

Vedha: Welcome Vedha.:o)

Rafiq Raja said...

Zaheer Bhai, Looks I am late to join the party. A great post about Mushi'ji, whose stories I remember having read back in school days. Thanks for linking up to his blog.

By the way, those were some good classic Quizzes on the Big B. As usual, I had to be amazed of the others quick pick answers. :)

Looking forward for your next blog post, which has been pending for long :)

Comic World said...

Rafiq Bhai: Thanks,its better late than never.
Next post was delayed due to holy month of Ramdan,would be coming soon after EID.

Rafiq Raja said...

Same here Zaheer Bhai. It's pretty hard to sit around for blogging after our fast and prayer times.

The Holy month deserves the time spent on it, so have been reserving the blog post for later :)

By the, wish u an advanced RAMADAN Mubarak Ho :)

Comic World said...

Rafiq Bhai: Thanks and same to you.Many of times during this month i tried hard to concentrate on preparing a post but in vain as not much energy and vigor use to left out after whole day of fasting and prayer.

Ashish said...

ईद मुबारक ज़हीर भाई

Comic World said...

Ashish: बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया आशीष भाई.

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