Thursday, August 14, 2008

#Comic No.93:Madhumuskan No.113

(Image courtesy:Comic Crazee)

First of all a very happy independence day to all my fellow Indians.Sixty one year back we won our freedom from British rule but still we are not in full peace and freedom,we are waiting for the day to come when we will be free from unemployment,corruption,inflation,terrorism,communalism and dirty politics ..etc...etc. But how this can be achieved...does the solution lies in 'Rang De Basanti' theory.!!!

Anyway presented here is a vintage issue of Madhumuskan,a real classic one containing many
exiting characters such as Chustram-Sustram,Popat-Chaupat and Vanputra Shalu.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

#Comic No.92:Laal Haveli Ka Rehasya

At last after a long time i got inspired enough to scan a comic myself,mainly because of the comic itself,"Laal Haveli Ka Rehasya",the very first Bahadur comic and a real classic one to read on.
Though i was having its English version scans but didn't read it yet till i recently got its Hindi version physically,just in order to preserve the moments associated with its Hindi version.
Today when i went through the comic all nostalgic moments associated with this comic,such as the impact of the scenes like Bahadur preparing a gun with bicycle pipes,scary closeup of Shamsher,red brick house of Bahadur,Vishal showing a mad woman to Bahadur during his brainwash session,bullets piercing down the villagers body...etc, reeled down my mind.
In late 70's and early 80's dacoity theme was very much vibrant and popular,a indigenous comic hero tackling down with dacoits was a instant hit mainly because of the theme and screenplay supported beautifully by a effective and descriptive art work capturing the essence of village fully.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

#Comic No.91:Jhunjhune Ki Sandhi

Another rare Hindi comic from Anurag.This is the Hindi version of Sunday Strip No.46,'The Rattle',which ran from 26th August 56' to 13th January 57'.Its English Indrajal version is already posted at Anupam's blog.
For this comic all thanks and credit goes to Anurag only.

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