Friday, April 11, 2008

#Comic No.82:Khandharo Ke Lutere

The answer of the 3rd question of last quiz hasn't been answered yet,hence here is its answer;
The question was "
What was the name and issue no. of that Indrajal comic which was illustrated jointly by Sy Barry and Bill Lignate.That very comic has been posted at one of our Indrajal blog.Can you name it!!!!"
and the answer is that very comic is "The Ancient Cave of Splendor,Vol.21.No.29/30" posted at CW itself.Its artwork was initiated by Bill Lignate and later on taken over by Sy Barry.In its Indrajal comic version the starting 2 pages have been omitted which clearly shows Lignate work,here those 2 pages are being posted taken from the 'unedited' Diamond Comics version.
Diamond Phantom and Mandrake Digests are the most underrated one as they doesn't enjoy the popularity status which they should be as these Diamond Digests contains the Phantom and Mandrake stories in their original unedited colored form.
Though Indrajal comics enjoys the supreme popularity but if one consider Diamond Digest closely than he can easily realize that they are also not far behind as they contain stories in unedited form and in color which is rare to find in any Indian comic version.

I am having many Diamond Phantom digests in spare along with Indrajal comics and Egmont Phantom,any body willing to swap/exchange them with Mandrake/Phantom digests or Indrajal please contact at

Khandharo Ke Lutere
This particular comic is dedicated to a friend Anurag....hope he will like it.

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