Wednesday, November 7, 2007

#Comic No.54:The Child Lifters

A Warm and Heartiest Wishes for a Very Happy Dipawali to my Visitors,Friends and their Families
Total Downloads=12,000 (Rounded off)
Total Comments/Inputs/Reactions=700 (Rounded off)
Comment to Download Ratio=6% (Approx.)

The above data also includes multiple comments made by regulars and replies made by blog author hence real C/D ratio is still more less. If we consider 6% into picture that means only 6 downloaders out of 100 leaving their inputs!!!! it fair?
I know nobody is forcing us to post the comics and hence why we should force anybody to comment/react ...Ok,alright,but one can't ignore the fact behind also,which is,although posting comics was initiated only to share with fellow comic lover what we have and doesn't have any intention of any sort of monetary gains but how long it can be continued without any real feed of moral boosting and admiration!!!
The day when the joy of posting dries up the blog dies....most recent example is TCP.
So to preserve and nourish the joy of posting we only need some regular and meaty inputs/reactions (appreciation,demands,criticism,discussion) from the majority among you.Few regulars only commenting/discussing/demanding will certainly won't do for a long time...
Therefore in order to make the things change a bit from now onwards on a experimental basis for some time the d/l will be provided via mail to those who leave their mail id either in comments or mails directly to me at
Col.Worobu,Pattu,Dr.Ravi Gokhle please mail me your mail id so that d/l can be mailed to you.

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Mohammad Fazlur Rahman said...

Yaar yeh to achhi baat naheen hai. okay no problem. so here is my email id. i am a comics freak and every body knows this. even at this age of 30 years i still love to read them though rarely find time for them now.
i shall leave a long comment for every one who are posting comics. for the time being here is my comment to make you believe that even if someone is not putting comment, he is very much attached to you and love to see new posts coming on the blog.
every day no less than 4 to 5 times i visit your sites including every one TCP, ICC and all others just to see if there is any new entry.
hey i am getting long and it seems i am going in the mood of my long comment which i have thought of long back. so i shall end up here and i shall mail you also for getting the link in my email.
thanks da...

Mohammad Fazlur Rahman said...

hey, i forgot to tell you. in fact you have given a shock on this occasion of diwali...bye and take care.

Comic World said...

Janab Fazal Bhai aapki aamad aur guftgu ka bahut shukriya per zara khud ko hamari jagah rakhkar sochiyega tab hamari taqleef ka bhi ahsaas ho sakega aapko..ham agar zyada kuch nahi per do bol mohabbat ya hausla afzaee ke padhne/sunney ka jayaz haq to rakhte hi hai.
Its not so that anybody have to make comment on each and every post..once you are regularized you will be having all d/l even if you skips your inputs sometime.
We will be waiting eagerly anything from matter what it may be criticism or admiration.
Now Diwali is a festival of crackers and crackers do shocks a bit:o)

obelix said...

Isn't it a silent appreciation of your effort that so many people all around the globe are downloading your comics? Of course they/we download because we enjoy them immensely. Your untiring effort lets us relive the 'good old days'.
Thanks a ton for all the comics. Please don't stop. And I have a suggestion/request. How about some 'Amar Chitra Katha' alongside the Indrajaal ones! Do any of you have a collection? It would be nice additonal feature of your blog.

Comic World said...

#Obelix:Thanks for coming up with comment.
Silently nothing can be felt and have to make movements also.
Yeah,i am also having quite a considerable amount of ACKs but yet not decided about posting them also,lets hope in near future it come to realism.
Please let me know your mail id also so that d/l link can be sent to you.

Work said...

your blog you make the rule.. we abide by it..

Work said...

just as a thought.. i post rarely but when i post i post because i want to post.. now that it is made mandatory - being forced to post - takes the fun out of posting..

however as i said
you are really doing a wonderful job and itz a lot of fun checking yr site.. there is nothing better than to read a beautiful indrajal comics.. thank you for the happiness..

another thing - i hope you have thought of .. if the downloads are password protected or mailed on request, 10 years down the line if someone new comes across this web site.. will you be around to mail the password or the download link.. perhaps you can disable the password on the download link after say 30 days.. the joy of coming a treasure trove for that group of people will be lost.. pls give this a thought.. thankyou

Colonel Worobu said...

Happy Diwali Friends!

CW: I sent my email ID to you today.

Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear CW and others

Happy Diwali! Less than 6% is a disheartening statistic. What is most interesting is that everytime a post is password protected or if access is limited new people comment! It would take just a couple of minutes to say thanks to these guys. They make it a point to reply every comment left even the simple thank you ones.
CW has a valid point and what he chooses to do is his prerogative.

sAg_NiK said...

I knew this BAAHDUR wud b the next release,thnx to 'coming up'segment...

But,really feel special when see it now! ....AND,unfortunate thing's due to MOST viewrs attitude,the new-condn apllied frm it.:-(

I still remember,it's my FIRST Surti-bahadur read :-))
thnx 4 release!

sAg_NiK said...

Now,abt C/D ration...
Very Funny yet dissapointing situation!

Funny is liye k,as GS said,whenever something p/w or d/l protectn done,new visitors shows their face (OR comment)!

And Dissapointing 'cos,MOST viewrs said that either they r addicted to these IJCs or those revivie their childhood memory !! ....STILL NO xpression of their joy/xcitement !!(UNTIL FORCED)

BUT, frankly ,I don care....
MAY B WE(CW/ICC/Me/TCP/TPH n some others)have OTHER-LEVEL-OF addiction! :-))

Anonymous said...

Please email me the download link at

Chandan said...

Good morning everybody.
So the conditions apply,didn't know it would be this soon.
Now its going to be a long wait,specially for people like me, who wait for every post as if its the end of world.Really,believe me,that's what they mean to me. Idea was to possess so many in paper form,couldn't be so.
Fortunately,all these wonderful people came together to amass such wealth and selflessly distribute among the poor and needy(like us).
But we had no value for them.
Not that we didn't have any value,we wanted them totally free,not even a single comment could come out,so generous were we.
B R A V O---VIEWERS,Well done.

Lakhs and lakhs of people can vote for INDIAN IDOL,SARE GAMA etc,but not even a 100 can vote for these guys.Let me tell u all,i don't rate these guys any less,whether they post or not.Because IC's was/is my cherished desire which has been gifted to me by GOD through these nice people.

Now the Result,even the Indrajal--mad people have to bear the consequences for other people's misdeeds.
Anyway,CW,no grudges,no hard feelings.But please,if u think Iam any different,send me the d/l (u got my mail ID)

Anonymous said...

Well at the outset i would like to tell you how grateful i am to all the various blogs which offer indian comics for download.

I too am one of those who does not leave comments on these blogs because i find it quite pointless joining in wars on presence or absence of advertisements and other sundry matters like who is first to post.

as regards to popularising indrajal my own way i do too and never bleat about it...but over the years i have made umpteen copies of all the comics that i have d/l and distributed to anyone who has expressed an interest in comics

The lack of a thank you note does not in any way diminish my gratitude to all the posters but asking me to behave like a monkey and jump through hoops to get the reward means that you have lost another fan.

make up your mind as to why you have this blog...if it is to popularise indrajal comics then feel glad that 12000 d/l have occurred and bask in the glow of personal pride...if it is for personal validation of self worth then put it up on the main page that this page is for boosting your ego and constant reminders in the comments are required to prop up your low self esteem and make you feel worthwhile.

over the last 12 years on the internet i have noticed that only indians routinely behave this way and seek constant reassurance and praise for their efforts and very few seem to want to things for the sheer love of doing things.

we really need to grow up and not behave like the famed indian crabs who keep pulling each other down.

so my request is to continue the blog the way it was, rest assured that there are many who d/l and are grateful..if not how sad, too bad and you will lose many fans...but life will go on.

Aditya Simha said...

Hey thanks a lot for this blog of yours. I usually leave messages on ICC as that was the first blog I discovered (like 10 days ago!) and I thought this blog was a hindi IJC only - I kinda prefer the English ones. But oh man! Bahadur in English! Yea! :)

Well, a couple of thoughts from me about your recent decision. I think it is necessary to do that because otherwise your work isn't getting appreciated. However, this is actually going to increase your workload. I mean you have to now send the D/Link to so many ppl right? How about a way by which if people comment, they can see the hidden content on the page itself?

Anyway, thanks again, and my email address is

Have a fun Diwali then,

Chandan said...

Come on ,please check ur words,dear Anon...
Wow ,so many comments..
Are they because u can no longer access?I can only smell that,as for ego and self esteem,we all know who is most hurt.
Iam sorry,i can't digest a single word against these people.These people feed us and we should not bite the hand that feeds us.
Iam with CW. U know what,majority of my comments have come even before i have downloaded the comic.
Maybe i demand,but its effort first and then the comic for
Don't comment on INDIANS.
Because he is a INDIAN,ure requested to comment,its just a word of love.Can't u see it?
I wud have preffered u to say...
Hey,Guys,iam really very sorry I could not comment before...I'll at least drop in a line of thanks from now on..
Is that asking too much?

Mohammad Fazlur Rahman said...

chaliye janaab man liya. aap kuchh to hausala afzaee ka haq zaroor rakhte hain. agar main apenein mutalliq aapko bataoonga to aap ko shayed hi yaqeen aaye ki aapnein logon nein mujh par kitna bada ehsaan kiya hai. comics ke liye meri diwaanagi khas taur par indrajal comics ke liye apnein urooj par thi jab main 6th, 7th aur 8th mein tha. paise ki kami thi, phir bhi kharidata tha aur phir jab zimmedari ka ehsaas hua to sab kuchh bhool gaya, comics bhi lekin kaheen na kaheen ek talaash-e-indrajalcomics baqee rahi aur aap logon ki meherbani se ab sare armaan nikal rahe hain.
main zyada detail mein naheen jana chahta abhi, lekin jald hi mara comment ap sab logon ke liye (TCP, ICC, CW and some more) ayega aur tab inshaAllah ab apnei sare gham bhool jayenge. yeh mujh par Allah ka karam hai ki jab baat mere dil se nikalti hai to asar rakhti, par naheen taqat-e-parwaaz magar rakhti hai. jald hi mare comment aap ko milega inshaAllah agar Allah nein usase pahle marna naheen likha to.
waise missing price ka teesara bhaag kab milega hum sabko?

Dr said...

I agree that one needs appreciation to continue doing a good job and that a lot of us are simply downloading without dropping a note of thanks.

Though, I cant say I like the idea of forcing people. I also somehow agree that forcing people to write something in the comments and wait for you to read that comment and send the link is a little not-so-nice.

However, i would like to offer my thanks to all of you who are posting the wonderful comics...

BTW, when are we getting missing prince part 3?

Comic World said...

#Work:Its not so that you are compelled to post a comment,
its upon you totally whenever you like to comment or not.
You can simply drop a mail asking for D/L in single line and thats over.
Regarding you concern over access to D/Ls in future what i
had thought for the time being is to post the links in bunch of
say 25 comics or so afterwards.

Comic World said...

#Col.:Same to you my friend,D/L have been sent to you.
#Sagnik:Yeah rightly said that we have a other level of addiction (Nashe ki lut na ki nasha:-))
#Anon:Link have been mailed to you.Pls also leave a name.
#Chandan:"Lakhs and lakhs of people can vote for INDIAN IDOL,SARE GAMA etc,but not even a 100 can vote for these guys" Wow!!!!..What a comparison...Chandan hats off to your optimism.
Its not that i feel but Man you are really different.D/L already sent.

Chintan said...

Thnks for the bahudar comic. You have posted the english and hindi both or only english version of this comics. Pls let me know and mail me the link at

Comic World said...

#Anon:Well,many thanks for your gratefulness and showing it up here along with your feelings and inputs.

"I too am one of those who does not leave comments on these blogs because i find it quite pointless joining in wars on presence or absence of advertisements and other sundry matters like who is first to post."

Its your personal choice and feelings what you consider as sundry and pointless,but the
point is which that appears to you as sundry/pointless may be interesting and appealing to others.
If you felt that most of the visitors just post something sundry/pointless then why didn't you came with something interesting and novelty up till now!!!
"asking me to behave like a monkey and jump through hoops to get the reward means that you have lost another fan."

Many thanks for considering yourself my fan.There isn't and never won't be any intention
of that which you felt in your above lines,i am unable to understand how you got
this impression,is just dropping a single line mail asking for the D/Ls is that what you call
monkey culture!!!!....if yes then wishing to get everything 'free' without 'showing' any sign of
gratitude comes under which culture!!!!
"if it is for personal validation of self worth then put it up on the main page that this page is for
boosting your ego and constant reminders in the comments are required to prop up your low
self esteem and make you feel worthwhile"

As already mentioned in the main write up of this post "I know nobody is forcing us to post the
comics and hence why we should force anybody to comment/react ...Ok,alright,but one can't
ignore the fact behind also,which is,although posting comics was initiated only to share with
fellow comic lover what we have and doesn't have any intention of any sort of monetary gains
but how long it can be continued without any real feed of moral boosting and admiration!!!"
Please also consider the practical fact lying underneath,which is constant admiration/appreciation
is very necessary for a work like posting comics with out any intention of materialistic profit.
Not only here constant admiration is also necessary on ones job also...absent of admiration/
appreciation give birth to frustration and inferiority complex.
"over the last 12 years on the internet i have noticed that only indians routinely behave this way
and seek constant reassurance and praise for their efforts and very few seem to want to things for the sheer love of doing things.we really need to grow up and not behave like the famed indian crabs who keep pulling each other down."

As also mentioned earlier constant admiration and appreciation is very necessary for one to have
its interest and joy intacted,at least for such a tiresome work of scanning,compressing and uploading comics its required to sustain the job.
Now considering Indianism first of all i want to tell that i am very proud of my Indian roots and culture,i am proud that we don't drive our parents out when they become old and helpless to look after them,i am proud that we don't change our spouses as calender,i am proud that we address somebody
unknown elder as 'chacha/taya' and younger ones as 'Beti/Beta' not as 'Mr./Old man' or 'babe/gal',
i am proud that India has much lesser no. of Aids/STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) deaths compared to those 'First' world countries,i am proud that we behaves like humans not like bird kids which leave their nest as soon as they learn to fly,i am proud that in India a 18 year old girl doesn't becomes a unwed "Grandmother" and i am proud of my rich culture which teaches to respect and to control.
You mentioned that 'famed' crab mentality but i am unable to understand what this mentality
has to do with a comic blog and how you ever sensed a tinge of such mentality over here!!!!!!
Finally again repeating that anybody is not compelled to comment over the blog in order to get
D/L,a simple mail for this will do.

Comic World said...

#Aditya:Thanks for visiting and apprecitaion,i don't know how you got the impression that this is a Hindi blog as here mainly both English and Hindi versions of a comic are posted,kindly go through to the archives and you will be finding lots of dual version comics.
Your idea is a nice one but there is no such facility provided by the blogger currently,yeah,workload will certainly increase but this one would be something different and interesting for the time being.
D/L is being mailed to you...enjoy Bahadur comic on this Diwali.

Comic World said...

#Dr:Thanks for appreciation.
Nobody is being forced to comment,one can only just drop a single line mail asking for D/L, this too much ask for you guys!!!!!
TMP part 3 will soon be surfacing.
#Chintan:Unfortunately only English version has been scanned and uploaded..Hindi one will also be coming in near future.Link is being sent to you.Thanks for coming.

Comic World said...

#Mohd.Fazlur-rehman:Aapke us taqreer ka betaabi se intezar rahega hum sab ko....TMP ka 3rd part jald hi deed-e-yaab hoga aapko.:o)

Dr Luaga said...

Hi CW.. No, its not too much to ask. In fact, its a shame on us all if you have to ASK for appreciation of the great work that you are doing for us.


ruchi said...


I do not feel the need to justify my being irresponsible enough, not to put a simple thank-you for each comic I read online so far on various blogs - TCP, Comic World, Mandrake the Magician, Anupam, The Phantom Head.

Neither would I feel particularly inconvenienced by receiving a few more spams at one of my many yahoo ids, just by dropping my mail id in the comment.

So, I resolve to rectify this by saying thank you Mr Comic World for this comic. I intend to say that again the next time I read anything off your blog, with same sentiment.

Please feel free to send me this comic and other mails to: ruchi DOT paris AT yahoo DOT com

Dr Luaga said...

And also, could you please mail me the link for The Child Lifters on - Thanks

ranjit said...

pls. send me the link at and yes we defintely appreciate the effort being put into this...a lot tht too!!

Comic World said...

Dr Luaga:Personally i am also not in favour of getting 'forced' appreciation but the practical point here is in the absence of adequate inspiring and satisfying feed back from all of you i am afraid the joy of posting will not last longer and will eventually lead to abandonment of the blog as in case of TCP (most probably).
I honestly and desperately wish to post the remaining IJCs out of its total count of 803 issues plus the Hindi ones too and for that the enthusiasm in me should be kept alive.
D/L has been mailed to you..enjoy.
#Ruchi:Thanks for the appreciation,well,to avoid exposing of your mail id you can directly mail to asking for the link rather.
Link has been mailed to you.
#Ranjit:Link has already been mailed,thanks for your appreciative words.Keep coming.

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Comic Guy,

First of all thanks to you for delivering another nice comic in line with many previous gems. I've downloaded it and will go through it soon. Your idea of access restriction is highly appreciable. A lot of effort is required to scan these comics and you certainly deserve all the praise for this.

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Fellow comic lovers,

Today we have witnessed another supreme example of thanklessness in form of an 'anonymous' comment. It has arrived from a gentleman(?) who though claim to be a "fan" of CW (till now at least) but put on display all sorts of his "literary genius" to bawl out against a simple turn of course in pursue of some well deserved acknowledgement/praise.

Just take a look at some of his remarks showing how grateful he is for all the stuff he is amassing from these comic blogs uptill now, and remember neither he has thanked anyone for this so far nor is having any intention:
"...i never bleat about it...but over the years i have made umpteen copies of all the comics that i have d/l and distributed to anyone who has expressed an interest in comics"

What a commendable job he is doing in distributing someone else' effort of scanning and posting these vintage things. He surely is serving the cause of comic culture popularisation because his beneficiaries are probably not having a net connection of their own.
"...asking me to behave like a monkey and jump through hoops to get the reward..."

In his haste to disapprove the new system of link distribution through mails, he fails to realise that possibly this new system is like personally serving you on plate. All you have to do is to leave your id with cw. But his ego won't permit him to do just that.
...if it is to popularise indrajal comics then feel glad that 12000 d/l have occurred

No doubt it is a matter of happiness and proud but we can't ignore the fact that incidents of misuse of these scans are also taking place in several ways. I will not be surprised if some day these comics are seen in local video shops in form of pirated CDs/DVDs. It will be sheer insult of the hard work one has to put in scanning if some thankless buffoon actually do this.

Now even after knowing all these possibilities, if this great man (CW) is taking the pains to make available these classics to us, we should be doubly grateful to him rather than criticising his simple and rightful desire for some input/feedback.
"only indians routinely behave this way"

Now this is the most disturbing part. The man is stretching the things to the level of ethnic abuse. Possibly we could have adopted few things from his culture to reply in a more fitting manner but alas; that will just not be possible i'm afraid as the learned gentleman is not courteous enough to leave his name with comment, leave aside his nationality.
"very few (indians) seem to want to (do) things for the sheer love of doing things."

He can certainly do us a favour by leading us to few such comic blogs of countries of his choice offering such marvels in english (of course those must be the original scans also).

SagNik said...

over the last 12 years on the internet i have noticed that only indians routinely behave this way and seek constant reassurance and praise for their efforts

Hi Anonymous,
One thing u shud know,it's human nature to seek reassurance & if ur intention is clear then it's very much ok!
Now,CAN I ask u,HOW MUCH MONEY u make by distributing those scanned comics???

Now,b4 abusing Indians,at lst note the point,while THESE Bloggers n Visitors like me r proud as INDIANS....with contrary, now look at Ur identity----U neither leave ur NAME,nor ur NATIONALITY/GENDER!!

Think You are those OriginLESS,NameLESS,RootLESS Idiots ....n SHUD KNOW, there's a 'word' for such Human-being??...Some B-type???

U may b frm some Western country...a real coward!!


obelix said...

Could you please send me the download link to

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
Anon here again.

Dear Sagnik:- i do not make money on making copies of anything. Period.
You may be as proud or prouder as an indian, but that is neither here nor there as to the behaviour of indians that i have seen on the net over the years. i still stand by my words that i have till now seen only indians behave like this on all fora. they will post something and then ask for replies/posts/thanks to continue posting

somehow we as a people seem to need validation from others to prove our worth, in all walks of life. a 12000 d/l count is not enough so CW and TPH seeks more comments, kudos, thanks and holds a stick of passwords and secret links over us. how juvenile!!
a better way of handling this would have been for him to close the blog, start an email group and have the best of both worlds and not say things like "if you don't email me or thank me, i won't let you play with my toys" behaviour that makes immense sense on the KG playground!!!

the rest of it i could not understand so i will ignore it

Dear TPH:
Very true, popularising indian comics by making copies for people with net connections or without the means to so is another way. i for one do not grudge the few hundred rupees it costs me to do so. more people reading your output the merrier. isn't that what all you scanners want...or is it that it should be restricted to people with their own net connections, who collectively d/l it over and over again, who need to thank or email every time to get a link or a password or who are a member of a special clique with secret rituals and handshakes? once you have clarified what you want in your mind maybe you can proceed accordingly.

Ego permitting or not: Dear TPH, we go round and round in circles. i totally resent the carrot and stick approach being used to demand gratitude. is it that i am any more grateful if i express it or any less grateful if i don't? the whole idea of blog culture is for the blogger to express his views/ideas or in this case post comice because he wants to!!! and not to solicit votes of thanks!!! when people put passwords or insist on emails it demeans the concept of freedom esp. on the internet for the blogger and the viewer.

as i mentioned earlier, i have seen this behaviour only from indians and i simply can't fathom as to why it happens. over the years i have been an OP on IRC, moderator on email lists, chat groups, listowner of email lists and it has been my experience that after some time it is always some indians who baulk at sharing without getting some validation/appreciation in return.
i have never come across Hawaiians, canadians, french, chinese, pakistani, sri lankan, thai, taiwanese or germans behave that way. i really don't know why this happens only with us. somehow sooner or later we regress back to the KG :-(

i am a member of many email lists, with hundreds to thousands of fellow professionals sharing knowledge and technique selflessly and unreservedly. world renowned authorities post there openly. and even there recently an ugly shameful public spat broke out between some indians and shamed our country terribly. why is it that only we manage to do this over and over again??
regarding misuse: how naive are all of you as to how the internet works? if any of you release anything over the ethernet it is prone to misuse. fact of life and there is nothing anyone can do about it. the only other thing to do would be not to scan at all and that would be sad.

so i still reiterate that i am a fan of all the bloggers who scan and post comics but guys we seriously need to grow up!!


ruchi said...


This last conversation between Anon and others is one reason why I never posted comments earlier in IJC blogs.

At the expense of joining the band, I must say to everyone:

Dear all, you have made your points. Each of you had a point of view which is correct in its own way. Now, having expressed it, would you please stop saying it and justifying it over and over again.

It's very difficult for anyone to say - "I was wrong" - even to themselves. To quote AD, the greatest wizard that ever lived: "people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right".

Please, let us move on.

- Ruchi.

comic60 said...

I stumbled onto the mandrake blog sometime this week, and from there came here. Its murphy's laws that when i come here i find u have stopped posting d/w links. Sigh! cant do anything. my id is my name as in the comment 'at' gmail. Hope u dont expect me to comment for the older comics which im going to start downloading now ;). the argument here now seems to be heading towards the type of OSS vs rest, and i definitely support OSS. Anyway's before i forget, thanx for these wonderful comics.

PS: Just out of curiosity, what do u plan to do for guys who are unfortunate enough to find this blog say a couple of months later. u going to give them all the d/w links then?

Chandan said...

Anon,i just want to know one thing.
(Your) ratio of words spoken today to the words spoken before is.....
1000000(WHO KNOWS HOW MANY)to A BIG ZER0.Isn't it a shame....
Let me tell u something also...
Its Indian culture(for some people)to forget a thousand good things but remember a bad incident and move about it.Your ratio of words proves that.U couldn't spare a few words of gratitude but are ready to pounce and waste time offering a barrage of ugly words just because u have been made to realise a good thing.My dear,I believe in RECTIFY NOT JUSTIFY.u ARE SIMPLY WASTING UR TIME.
We Indians are backward for many of them being ungrateful.THIS IS ONE OF THOSE REASONS.
Iam grateful to CW for whatever he has done and will be with him throughout.
In ancient days, a KING used to roam incognito to find the real state of his kingdom.For all good reasons.
This is just being done to ascertain the true status of viewers.Has anyone been denied of D/L? NO,NO,NO....
Its our warmth and affection,dear Anon,that these blogs demand.If u were a true fan, u wud have understood.U didn't but i alongwith many, have.
Hope u have something nice to say in ur next comment.

Aditya Simha said...

Hey thanks so much for the D/L link. Wow! I never knew there were so many English ones too on your blog; I guess I got the impression that it was a Hindi blog coz of the first page which had a lot of hindi covers. But awesome! :)

Do you have the one Bahadur where they get engaged? If you do, could you please post that. It would be really amazing if you did. :)

Amith Nag said...

Hi Comic World,
I really appreciate your efforts to bring us back the nostalgia of Indrajal comics. I have been visiting your site very often to check up on your latest posts. Kudos to you - keep up the great job.
However, plz let the comments funda aside - its more fun the original way. But be assured all the thanks and appreciations are always there - even if they are not present in the form of comments :-)
Waiting for the download link ...

Comic World said...

#Obelix:Link has been mailed to you.Pls check
#Anon:Dear Anon/Male/Indian thanks for your outburst,the purpose of protecting links is being justified as peoples like you are coming forward with their inputs.
There is not much to react upon your words as i agree with Ruchi words "people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong (in their opinion) than being right"
Also i want to quote Chandan words that 'lot of words poured out by you on something you disapproved but not a single word was uttered by you on something you liked'..doesn't it seems like defending negativity!!!
Anyway this debate is unending if it goes like that.
#Ruchi:Yeah,i also wish that we should move on now.
#Comic60:Thanks for showing up.The D/L for future posted comics will be provided in a bunch of 20 or 25 comics together so that later coming visitors may also have them.
#Chandan:Thanks for your strong inputs.
#Aditya Simha:Bahadur proposed Bela in the last published Bahadur comic
(Vol.27.No.5),i think you are talking about that will also be coming soon to ICC/CW/TPH.Keep visiting.
#Amith nag:Its not at all necessary to comment in order to have access to D/L,just drop a mail to asking it and it will be right in your mailbox.Keep coming with your inputs.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this.

Could you please e-mail the link for downloading to

Thank you.

Übermann said...

Great Effort... much appreciated...

I am also big Phanton/Vetaal freak...

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Anon, I must admit that I feel impressed by some of your points of argument and broad-minded thinking. Even more by your powerful writing style. But dear friend I find myself not convinced enough to consort with your approach about comic blogs.

Talking of blog culture and freedom, are there any written rules for them? No. Everyone is free to use it in his own way. If you find pleasure in distributing/sharing your stuff with the whole world, just do that but if one feels that peoples feedback is required to fuel his enthusiasm to continue the job, then you must respect his desire also. I don't feel there is anything wrong with that.
"i am a member of many email lists, with hundreds to thousands of fellow professionals sharing knowledge and technique selflessly and unreservedly. world renowned authorities post there openly."

1) Are you absolutely sure, whenever people share anything worth (in form of knowledge or technique), they are totally doing so out of generosity for the benefit of the others, without having slightest of intention in showing off their own knowledge and expertise on the subject? In fact 99.9% users create a blog for their own interest or after drawn by compulsion to express their views which normally nobody heeds to.
2) Innumberable blogs exist which seem like having some useful content but are closed for outside world, i.e., can be accessed by certain people only to whom the owner approves. Do you have any intention of writing a protest mail to their authors too? And mind you, I find all of them are by "non-indians".
3) A comic blog is somewhat different from a blog showing someone's personal knowledge. If I have a blog related to my professional skills (which I am going to create soon), I would just love to share all that I have learned with the blessings of my gurus. But this man is doing something else by delivering these vintage comics to help us revive our sweet childhood memories. I think he deserves kudos for his efforts.
"i have never come across Hawaiians, canadians, french, chinese, pakistani, sri lankan, thai, taiwanese or germans behave that way. i really don't know why this happens only with us."

You may tag me as myopic, but as I said in my earlier comment, it would be great if you can share with us any similar effort of scanning and posting done by any of these countrymen. Or do you prefer distributing the work only in form of DVDs?

As for us Indians, it is not us who try to claim every worthwhile entity as our own. You must be having an idea of how many claims are received by US Patent office per week. They are even claiming haldi, neem and even yoga and surprisingly successful in some of their efforts. Now what to say about an Indian mentality which sees this as professional wisdom and a similar effort by any indian discardable and rueful.
"recently an ugly shameful public spat broke out between some indians and shamed our country terribly"

So, my best guess is that you have become kind of prejudiced against indians behaviour, from your past experience, which is no doubt very regretful (both the ugly incidence and its effect on you). You got an opportunity here to condemn all at once and grabbed it with both hands. Is it so?
"the only other thing to do would be not to scan at all and that would be sad."

Although you have fired this one in conncection with security concerns, but I feel it also convery your overall advice. Either make if easily accessible for all or forget about scanning. Right? Going by the same precept can't a blogger say "access it through a link in mail or delete the bookmark".

I think you are a nice person that holds a wish to see us indians excel in all walks of life. I can even sense that your bitterness has its origin in not been able to see as much as you would have liked. I have no doubt over your sincerity and knowledge and your love for the country and I love you for that.



Comic World said...

#Anon:Welcome,link has been mailed to you.
#Ubermann:Thanks,pls mail your id to get the D/L.

col. weeks said...

my friend don't get disheartened. i fully agree with you. if all of us can download the comics from your site, we can certainly send a message of thanks to you even if not every time.

Chandan said...

Iam glad people are pouring in with their comments.Actually many more can,but are a little hesitant.
Wonder why.
Anyway,continue your good effort,CW.You have gained some friends for lifetime.

Darth Seid said...

I used to be a long time fan of TCP, almost since the time it was started. Then when I saw these other comic sites come up, I was overjoyed, since nothing really gives me greater pleasure than reading these great comics.

CW, I must confess, I am rather lazy to go and comment on any website. Perhaps this technique of yours will help me come out of my laziness, and give you some joy also.

Thank you for posting these comics, and sharing the joy with the world.

Please do send the link to

AG said...

Apologies are due to you in full for being insensitive - i have grown up with comics but they had become harder to come by as libraries closed, fewer publications made it to bookshelves, etc etc etc and was left to browse thru 2nd hand book depots, footpaths of flora fountain etc to snag the odd copy. When i discovered TCP it was a dream come true particularly since amogst all comics nothing holds a more special place than Indrajal - Phantoms (dad used to recite stories of Phantoms to my brother and me as kids either from old comics or at times from his own imagination). That was our initiation into this fabulous world and thankfully we never fully stepped out of it. Comics opened our minds and allowed our imagination and fanatasies to flow and i am sure that i would have been the poorer without them.

Given this i think TCP and now you as well as the others (anupam, blue comics, etc) are doing an absolutely fabulous job to keep this window to the other world open. I am sure i speak for so many others also when i say that we might appear a bit selfish in not replying but the appreciation is no less - its just that like small kids who get their hands on comics or chocolates or anything else which drives us, all real world mannerisms and etiquettes take leave of us so that we can singularly focus on the job at hand (in this case to dld and read away into the night). Reminds me of days gone by (no tv - DD does not count/no radio - AIR does not count/no ipods - LP records do not count)when dad and mum would be shouting at us to just put down our comics for a few minutes and reenter the real? world to eat, sleep, talk, walk ....... all to now avail!!!!

nothing has changed today!!!.


Anonymous said...

Dear CW & TCP,

This will be my last post here and probably i will follow the advice given to delete this bookmark after this.

Let me see if i can marshall my thoughts a little better and explain why i found the whole chain of events frustrating.

This blog started with Comic Guy stating this as his mission statement "This is a blog site specially for all comic lover of INDRAJAL and other comics.The motive of this blog is to cherish and revive the blissful moments of 'Lost World' of childhood in specific and to promote the suppressed 'Comic Culture'in the modern era of T.V.,Internet and video games in general. This blog doesn't have any slightest intention to pirate these timeless comics as the scans provided here also serve the dual purpose of promoting the degrading comic culture as well as comic industry."

As you can see, i felt, there was a missionary zeal to promote comic culture in india elsewhere and for indian comics.

At least then he was not out to try and feel good about his efforts in terms of plaudits received, he just wanted to promote comic culture and he succeeded remarkably.

but as i am wont to mention...the indianness in us always surfaces sooner or later...for external validation. i have seen this happen umpteen times over the years, mainly on india dominated sites, IRC groups etc. if we as a people are not constantly told how good we are..we become disheartened and sulky and throw tantrums...very kindergartenish and which is why i said we need to grow up. and i bet all of you have come across this behaviour before too

so unlike any industrial tycoon who would measure his success in terms of tangibles like sales, turnover, brand his case..hits...downloads...popularity...tangibles that he can and did measure. he wanted customer feedback...which are intangibles and unfortunately got it in my form :-). no successful businessman would ever hold his buyers to ransom...saying tell me how good my product is or tell me that you want to buy and only then i will sell it. you will just laugh at him and walk away...but a blogger can do it and half of them praise him for putting obstacles and restrictions in his avowed path of popularising comics. a 12000/700 ratio for any fan would be preferable to 1000/900 if he is really in it to popularise comics and not for self praise. hence my outburst :-)

now as i mentioned before i look upon this more as a way to promote reading itself and not only as collecting comics.

since i own a large selection of IJC and ACks anyway, having them in jpgs is no big deal for me, as i prefer to read them on paper, in hand.

but when i first came across TCP and later the others i was quite excited and started downloading these partly for me, as i got titles that i did have, but mainly so that i could give them to my nephew.

as is with most children nowadays, the reading habit is non existent in kids and he just would not get interested as the playstation and PC games were more inviting.

but somehow putting comics on the monitor at last made him interested in reading and he now the reads ACKs that i gave him.

which is why i make copies for anyone who would like a copy...or has/knows children who don't read but would like to inculcate a reading habits in kids. plus of course to fellow fans or people who can't afford or don't have broadband.

again another indian trait as exemplified by sagnik...i was accused of selling them and making money!!! as if money is the be all and end all of existence.

nowhere else have i ever been denied permission or asked if i am going to sell disks of things downloaded. other nationalities on my other lists encourage and actually send disks of stuff to each other, across continents, for further propagation. more the merrier should always be the motto of any fan club

i still request all the scanners to introspect and decide for themselves why they are scanning...and put up mission statements open blog in the spirit of GNU should be the ideal that you are aiming for and not ghettoisation. the fact that your scans can promote a reading culture again is something that all of you seem to miss.

a culture that many adults need to inculcate, a cursory glance at any discussion board will be proof enough by the sheer lack of grammar and spelling mistakes galore!!

The Phantom Head said...

CW: I am the 1st.
To comment on the comic that is.
I know sagnik and chandan would like to kill me for this but I am sorry to say that the story is not good at all. It has so many, so many lapses, can't really count them. Real example why I never counted this character in list of my favourites though some of the stories are good. And what the hell Bahadur is doing by asking for a donation for CSF before helping the needful? Not a heroic gesture at all. Sorry.

Thanks CW for effort.

Chandan said...

For once viewers,this is all done to gain more and more friends.

Remember,if a student is naughty,he deserves a stick from his teacher,only to get better.Tell me,in a classroom,if there are a 50 students and out of them only few answer the questions,how will the teacher know if the others have learnt the lesson properly?
Don’t they need to nod their heads atleast to confirm their learning?
Does that mean if a teacher expects that from a student,he should rebuke or hold grudge against them?Little do they know that the teacher only wants them to get better.
Come on Anon,I think u still don’t try to evaluate the things properly.Because he is a Indian he expects u to comment,not all people from outside are that generous.
Poor fellows(I mean all blogs),they feel let down yaar. Try to understand that.We have,I should say,forced these wonderful people to do something, they would have never liked to do.
Sometimes I do get a little emotional,a little more demandy and at times I trouble them for my choices.But I feel at ease and at times get annoyed if the demands are met/not met.That is where u can argue although believe me ,no one has the right to do that.
But they have kept pace and tried to post whatever they can.Doesn’t that prove their generousity?What do we give them?
You know what,listen to this …all viewers…
Anon,u got to say something?

Comic World said...

#Col.Weeks:Yes,only this much is required to keep the fire of enthu burning.
#darth seid:Atleast some positive result of this technique is now being reflected on visitors like you:o)
#ag:Sharing nostalgic experience and inputs like this are very much welcome as they are among the real moral booster.
#Dear Anon/Male/Indian:
This will be my last post here and probably i will follow the advice given to delete this bookmark after this..
Among the other many advices (rather 'forced' requests) its strange you opted for this negative one seems you are specially fond of filters out only negative aspect of Indian mentality,comments,reacts heavy n thick only to point out and to dissaprove the negative(?) edge of the forced reaction the way to extract only negative aspects also comes under batton of our 'famous' Indian mentality.
Now as far as the very mission of the blog stated by you,it was already being accomplished in form of reviving those blissed moment of 'Lost World' of childhood,the other mission of promoting comic culture was also being accomplished up to some extent as already stated by you being making paper copies of comics and distributing them.
We came to know about the accomplishment of 2nd mission from you when you were 'forced' to react..there may be many more who haven't put up their similar feelings/inputs like you and might not probably be thinking to follow the 'advice' which you are...hence the mission of such blogs will be going on no matter if one blog dies out of malnutrition (here lack of enthusiasm) or if one visitor walks out to justify his ego(?).

Now let me also summarize my point of view:it is quite natural that after settlement of initial euphoria, bloggers such as me who only share their collection of comics (not knowledge or expertise to boast of my talent) with others in order to revive nostalgic moments,the need of fuel to keep the fire of enthusiasm burning and to keep alive the joy of posting inspiration boost up is very necessary at a regular basis and what i feel its due to basic human nature not due to any specific mentality find only in Indians as
It has also been proved that after food,shelter,clothing and sex the next basic desirable human instinct is 'admiration'..and it has its various form to come in.
But for me,honestly speaking the joy of posting was getting lesser and lesser with each upcoming post,if i searches the reason for this within me what i finds out that it was not exactly due to lack of admiration as 12000 dl ratio with the ever increasing no. of page hits was enough to feel admired but the variation were dried up in the whole system....the same tiresome labor of scanning/configuring/posting after which the same regulars coming up with same variety,no new peoples to say about...nothing new of any sort.If this was allowed to be continued in the same fashion i am afraid the day was not far behind when i too would have been abandoned the blog like TCP..mind it TCP has posted majority of comics scanned by someone else thats why and also 'coz of his vibrant visitors/forum probably he stretched for 2 years.
Let me just ask other visitors about their opinion,what would have been better in their view:1)Mine not being taking any initiative for the change and keep on posting in the same fashion till the day when i would also have killed the blog as soon the enthusiasm fire extinguishes or 2)Thought for a change,asked rather forced you people to do something different in order to refill my barrel of enthusiasm so that the show could go on,so that the missions could have been accomplished in far better way.....!!!!

The analogy between business tycoon and a comic blog given by you does not apply here as the motives as well as inputs and outputs of both are totally dissimilar and out of context.

Anyway there is no point in elongating the debate further as we can,t modulate anybody thinking according to our point of view.If the spectrum of thoughts overlaps somewhere then something common is shared and perceived otherwise both set of thoughts are disjoint set and hence free to venture in their respective domains.

Comic World said...

#TPH:Bahadur ko CSF bhi to chalana hai....agar Ghoda ghaas se dosti kar lega to khaega kya....

ravi gokhale said...

Guys guys guys, we all have made our points. People are entitled to their views and we dont need to agree with all. I personally agree with CW's views. Will give u an example. I used to download music from esnips and People have painstakingly posted all types of songs and the website simply asks you to rate the song or post a comment. Loads of people are downloading the songs for free but very few actually have decency to post a comment. Now that stinks. I reckon it takes about 5 mins or so to download a comic or a song and takes only a minite or so to post a comment.I also wondered why there are so many lazy geets who couldn't be bothered to post a comment. Beats me. Talking about Indianess, I am really proud that we are preserving this nostalgia which lets us go down the memory lane and be a kid once again all for free. I garentee you, you won't find such an altruism here in the western world. Like they say here in England, On your bike Mike.
Happy Diwali to all.

Ravi Gokhale

Chandan said...

Iam with you,CW.No doubt about that.

The Phantom Head said...

#CW: I can't accept Ghoda and Ghaas theory here. CSF is not a business organisation. Forcing someone who is already under the state of shock and grief after the kidnapping of her child to pay a so called 'donation'(?) is not something you expect from a hero. It is like blackmailing the unfortunate person, give us this much or give them what they ask. Rubbish. Highly deplorable act. condemnable for Mr. Abid Surti also.

arjun.lnmiit said...

ok if you want this then it's ok but take a thing in mind that it can also decrease ur list of regular visitors as people only want the comics who love them if u force them to leave a comment for every comics then it's very hard for a new use to leave a comment for every comics u can also imagine it ....

Comic World said...

#TPH:Thinkable point raised by you...seems that Bahadur was having some sort of intuition about the real culprit when he asked for the donation.
#arjun.inmiit:Welcome to the blog and thanks for the inputs.
Dear friend i have repeated several time that nobody is being forced to leave comments or have to say something at every post in order to access the d/l...a single line mail asking for the link would suffice.

"people only want the comics..."
Did people really find it too hard to leave/drop one line comment/mail in order to have the comics which they only "love"!!!

Anonymous said...

Please mail the d/l link to


Anonymous said...


thanks for sharing all these comics.

Unfortunately, and due to the fantastic amount of spam I get, I never left my email anywhere anytime.

I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Also, and to give an answer to a previous comment, most of the time, you have to left your eMail to be able to left a comment.

I stopped to try to left comment (I didn't know it was possible to add a comment without leaving my eMail here...).

Comic World said...

Anon:Link has been sent,enjoy..
Anon:Its very much possible to leave comment without disclosing your mail id,also to prevent this one can mail me also asking for d/l.

Subhro said...

Yes, I understand the sentiment. Same thing happens in Open Source Software development. A bit of appreciation goes a long way. Cheers.

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