Wednesday, November 14, 2007

#Whats in the name!!!!

Shakespeare said that "whats in the name..", but this quote doesn't applies on our bollywood nomenclature.Mohd.Yusuf Khan becomes Dilip Kumar, Rajiv Bhatia becomes Akshay Kumar and Ravi Kapoor becomes Jitendra.

Name change culture normally prevails in Bollywood because of reasons based on purely astrological and numerological believes of the stars; Aditya Pancholi adds extra 's' in the name and becomes Aditya Panscholi in order to get most thrived success,Sunil Shetty adds extra 'e' and becomes Suneil Shetty for the same purpose.
It would be interesting to know the pre and post names of some of the popular stars of Bollywood for visitors having interest in Hindi Films and their actors/actresses.

Filmy Name Vs Real Name

1.Ashok Kumar----Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly
2.Kishore Kumar----Aabhas Kumar

3.Pradip Kumar-----SheetalDas Batvyal

4.Sunil Dutt---------Balraj Dutt
5.Sanjeev Kumar----Harihar Bhai Jariwala Jethawala


7.Shakti Kapoor-----Sunil Kapoor
8.Ranjit-------------Gopal Bedi

9.Gulzar (Lyricist)-------------Sardar Sampuran Singh

10.Rajesh Khanna--------------Jatin Khanna

11.Manna Dey (Singer)---------Probodh Chandra Dey

12.Sanjay Khan-----------------Abbas Khan

13.Nargis-----------------------Fatima Rashid Sheikh

14.Meena Kumari---------------Mehzabeen

15.Madhubala-------------------Mumtaz Jahan

16.Manoj Kumar-----------------HariKrishna Goswami

17.Anajan (Lyricist)--------------Gopal Pandey

18.Sahir Ludhianvi (Lyricist)------Abdul Hui

19.Jayant (Amjad Khan's father)--Zakaria Khan

And many more to list on........

Now for my visitors here is a small quiz based on Hindi Movies and personalties associated with it,lets see how many of you gets it correct.

1.Identify the person (left) in the image below standing with Sunil Dutt,he was a fast friend of Sunil Dutt and has played a very significant role in a trend setter Hindi movie,a major block buster of 70's which is still one of the most profitable movie....still needs hint!!...Ok one of the image among those posted in this post above is of that particular movie:o)

2.Can you name the movie in which Bobby Deol made his very first screen appearance?
3.Name the movie in which Dilip Kumar and Rajendra Kumar shared the screen.
4.By which name Neetu Singh (Wife of Rishi Kapoor,mother of Ranbir Kapoor) was known when she use to act as a child artist in the movies.
5.Which of these renowned lyricist has also worked as Bus Conductor in Mumbai Best Bus Service: Majrooh Sultanpuri,Hasrat Jaipuri or Shailendra.


Chandan said...

Hey,what a post.Now i can really believe your interest in movies.
I only hope u don't land up posting a full movie here...hahahahahahahhhhahh...oohoohohohh.
Great,i appreciate ur interest in other fields also.
Now one complaint...tell me,it takes 2-3 days for u to display your next comic,how long will it take for u to post?
Come on,its high time,don't make us wait for so long.I'll be so angry that I 'll never visit your blog .. oops,not that ,I'll go and watch movie in the nearest theater.

By the way,what's your real name?
Maybe this quote doesn't apply to our bollywood comic guy.

Chandan said...

1--Was it Mc Mohan?Film--Sholay
Sorry,but iam very poor at films,the know-how.
Hope i have answered atleast one correct.

ComiCrazee:-) said...

There's another guy in bollywood with dual name - the Ghost who walks. He was previously known as phantom!!!!!

ComiCrazee:-) said...

... to be more precise Phantom Kapoor!

Aditya Simha said...

Hmm...interesting quiz... my answers

1) That looks so much like MacMohan. Is it him?
2)Dharam-Veer? He played the young Dharam, didn't he?
3)I know the one where Rajendra and Raj Kapoor are together, but no clue for this one.
4)Baby Neeta?
5)Hasrat Jaipuri?

Atma said...

I peeked into answer given above.

1) As chandan said Nc Mohan
2) Barsaat as main role( I am confident). He has worked as child artist (guest appearance) in one of dharmendra's movie.
3) No Clue
4) baby neetu
5) hasrat jaipuri (wild guess)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

here i go

1 Mc mohan

2 dharam veer

3 jogan-1950 with nargis, music bulo c rani, famous songs" ghoonghat ke pat khol, sundarta ke sabhi shikari

4 baby sonia, as her original name is sonia singh

5 hasarat jaipuri


great u have come up with a nice quiz.. as i have won it,, i need a prize

Comic World said...

#Chandan:I wonder what was so funny here that made you laugh so much !!!! occasional change keeps the things refreshed.
Also comics is not only my sole field of interest.
You got only one right..keep of luck for next one.
#Aditya simha:Very got 3 out of 5 of luck for next one.
#Atma:You got 2 right including wild guess... you are the winner as i was expecting too..but was thinking about also a tough competition,which might be provided by TPH.....but he didn't appeared!!!
By the way this one was only a warm up quiz,would be declaring a prize for the next prepared:o)

Chandan said...

No intentions whatsoever,CW.I found nothing funny.That was just a wild one.
I respect ur liking for movies,specially from the day u mentioned the no. u watch in a month.NO hard feelings please....
Comics..i know is not ur only interest,no doubts.You were on verge,if iam not mistaken,of shifting to MW sometime back,so no doubts about it.
Sometimes i feel u are continuing here solely because of viewers and constant requests not to shift anywhere.I was just wondering why u haven't displayed anything so far?That's it.Again,its ur blog,dear CW.So no issues here also.
take care.

Subhro said...

There is even a bengali song by Kishore Kumar:

Naamti Aamar Kishore Kumar Ganguli

Dara said...

Post these Movie topics in ur other blog n leave a link(update sort) here so that pple will aware of that.....otherwise what's the meaning of ur Movie blog????

Comic World said...

#Subhro:Kishore kumar has sung in many languages such as Bengali,Hindi,Odiya,Bhojpuri etc...
#Dara:Its some sort of marketing strategy like TOI to put up lesser known heroes comics along with Phantom/Mandrake to get them read also;o)

Dara said...

Its some sort of marketing strategy like TOI to put up lesser known .......

oops! tai bolo!!

And I thought marketing policy belongs 2 only profit-hunters like ToI etc n NOT Bloggers!! ;O)

Lalit oberoi said...

Nice blog .. Heyyy .. where you have put up answers ???

And one more thing .. i have realised you put up some old time stuff .. do you have reviews of old movies with you? Like sholey .. I would like to read those reviews ..
Well done !!!

Comic World said...

Lalit Oberoi: Thanks,answers are in the comment section only.

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