Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frews Vs Indrajals/Diamond Digest/Amar Chitra katha :Om Shanti Om

Recently i got a few double copies of Phantom Diamond Digest,the cover of which are being put up here

Friends i am looking for Frews and Indrajal Comics (below no.300,English and/or Hindi) and i am having quite considerable amount of spare Indrajals (Both English/Hindi),Diamond Digests (Phantom/Mandrake both English/Hindi) and Amar Chitra Katha (Both English/Hindi).
So anybody,specially any Australian friend interested in trading/swapping Frews in lieu of Indrajal/Diamond Digest/Amar Chitra Kathas/Tinkles then kindly please contact at for further details.
I also got a Diamond Digest consisting of Mandrake story never published by Indrajal but i am not sure about the serial no. of the strip.Here are the scans of two pages of it..can anybody help in locating the details of the strip...!!..Sagnik...!!!

OM SHANTI OM:Reincarnation of KARZ

After quite a long time i watched any movie in theater and i enjoyed it quite a bit (not the movie particularly but the environment there,claps,exclamations on the entry of Shahrukh,whistles and sighs on the entry of Deepika,Hangama when the song Dard-e-Disco reels out)....all that was quite enjoyable.
But if talking about the movie itself its a weak reincarnation of Block Buster of 80s,Karz.
The movie opens with the scene where the famous song of movie Karz (Meri Umar ke Naujawano...) was being filmed and Om Prakash (Shahrukh Khan) was in the crowd of Jr.artists,yeah,he plays a Jr.artist who is a die hard fan cum lover of the famous heroine Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone) of that time.
After few incidents in his favour he gets quite well acquainted with her and later came to know that Shanti was married secretly with top notch producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal) who hasn't disclosed the marriage in order to sustain the image of Shanti and ultimately to prevent any adverse effect which might reflect on his dream project 'Om Shanti Om'.
But Shanti was more eager to get a married lady status and to be a mother rather than a top class heroine and presses Mukesh to declare the marriage as she was pregnant..,cunning Mukesh pacify her for the time being and plans to eliminate her in which he was quite successful expect that Shahrukh came to knew about his heinous plans but was unable to save Shanti and in the try, himself gets succumbed to injuries.
30 Years later Shahrukh gets reincarnated as Om Kapoor,a top film star haunted by the memories of his previous he came to find out about his last birth story and how he avenges the death of Shanti forms the rest crunch of the story.
As a remake of KARZ its naturally prone to get compared with the original one,in which it fails quite miserably as its music stands nowhere in the comparison of explosive and evergreen score of KARZ.The most hyped Dard-e-disco,an item song,is a filler which is of no help in smoothing out the flow of movie...also the climax ('inspired' by the classic Madhumati) is quite predictable with no shocking effect in it.
If talking about the positive points of the movie it is good in parts..the scene,inspired by the movie Naseeb,in which a galaxy of stars were congregated for a song ('John johny janardan.....' in Naseeb) provides eye soothing effect to watch so many stars together in a scene,the scene where Shahrukh gets his 1st Filmfare award and gives the speech driven by haunting memories of his rebirth,the scene where the union of mother and son takes place.
Also the positivity about music is the song 'Agar mai kahu...." which feels sweet and poetic to ears.
Shahrukh handles the role with a experts ease and displays his trademark mannerisms more too often,newcomer Deepika Padukone fails to create any sensation and hence seems so-so,but still its too early to pass any solid judgment about of the cast Kirron Kher,Shreyas Talpade,Javed Khan,Bindu etc did justice to their roles.
Vishal-Shekhar score is just ok,Javed Akhtar brilliance glitters in only one song 'Agar mai kahu...'
Overall this Farah Khan movie can prove to be a fair timepass if watched in a cool time sans-ticket in black after the initial Shahrukh euphoria settles down.


The Phantom Head said...

Farah Khan is brilliant as a choreographer but I rate her pretty average as a director. I don't like masala movies which one normally expects from her after her last make, can't even remember the name of that last one. I couldn't get past the initial few reels of that(her debut film) though the songs sequences were nice. As for Deepika Padukone, I still know her better for her "GREAT" father "Prakash". What a man!

Its a good idea to post somewhat different occasionally, or even regularly, thanks to your brilliant knowledge of movies.

Chandan said...

Its ok if u want to exchange,dear CW.
But please,even if u do,make sure u post them here first and then exchange.Hope u don't misunderstand.Iam not getting any personal.And of course,please post that Mandrake,a non indrajal,am so curious about that"mirror"mystery.

SagNik said...

As Chandan said,It's 'Mirror Mystery' of some Daily published in 1991-92 ,i.e. just AFTER IJC cancelled their....

Another thing,it was Originally a 1944 strip,returned in anothers tory in some '60s, then this...

Abt OSO,I've this feeling that BOTH OSO/Sawariya will flop/average @BO ....I never liked Farha Khan's directn (neither MHN),,,,& SRK is too old for his 6-pack!Really he looked so mis-fit kind :-/ Rather his natural look is better...(he shud tried it during '90s n for now leave it for John etc)

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Chandan, plz read the post carefully. He is only offering the spare ones. So no need for you to worry.

Comic World said...

TPH:Thanks..yeah,Farah is good and 'original' only in choreography,her debutant venture was a well balanced masala mix which proved a tasty n spicy chaat for the front benchers,but this time she again reincarnates the theme of oldies but fails in balancing the proper recipe of chaat.
Chandan:Pyare Chandan as TPH pointed out,man all those are spare/double copies which i intend to exchange,so you need not to worry..all will be surely coming at CW (provided me or my enthu doesn't dies out before):o)
Sagnik:Yes the mirror mystery was originally created in 40's but this one is the revived,elongated and improved sequel of its first part,and is far better in terms of story quality and excitement than its first part.I can say so confidently as i am having both of them in paper form and i was just enthralled after reading this one..the basic concept,the scenes,the punches in it specially the mirror images of Mandrake,Lothar and Narda called as EKARDNAM,RAHTOL and ADRAN (Mandrake,Lothar and Narda pronounced in reverse like a mirror does) are just opposite in nature to their original counterparts..i.e. EKARDNAM is a evil magician,RAHTOL is a white friend of EKARDNAM and ADRAN is a witchy gf of EKARDNAM..Narda is abducted by EKARDNAM and Mandrake with Lothar enters into the world of mirror to save Narda..what they see there,their battle with their mirror images and how they returns to their original world....all that is so divine to read..Ooohh....Hats and everything off for the great Magician of the pen Mr.FALK.

Chandan said...

I was too hasty not to observe your comments properly.Sorry.
CW--please reply to my mail.
Enth..dying?For what,lack of visitors?
So u're ready to abandon all of us for some people who never valued u?
Or is it because of our demands or is it because of our similar comments that angers u?
Tell us so that we know where we stand.I can understand ur disgust regarding lack of comments but the constant talk of your blog--dying irritates me,that only means viewers like us have been very mean and annoying if few of us can't propell u to move ahead.
Its OK its ur blog,but,over a period of time we have developed a sort of relationship which shud be good enough for u to continue.What say?
U got a long way to go yaar....
Be optimistic.

Comic World said...

#Chandan:Because of regulars like you i find my inspiration survived hence there is no such question of your comments angering me or anything of such sort,also i respect your feelings you have for don't think anything can see that because of rejuvenated spirits i am intending to write more than i usually do..!
and yeah,your mail has been replied pls check.

Chandan said...


Grouchy Smurf said...

Nice article and nice covers. Your movie reviews make a good read. Its useful info to people like me who dont intend to watch OSO and Saawariya!


Comic World said...

#GS:Thanks.I also don't intend to watch Saawariya, going on with its mouth publicity.
OSO i just have to watch so as to kill my time during a trip to nearby the way there also was a time when i use to watch 35 movies in a month and all in theaters..;o)

Grouchy Smurf said...

35 theater movies in a month!! I too am a movie buff. I cant be without watching a dvd every 3/4 days. I prefer english plus the occasional Tamil movies. Have watched some good Hindi ones also.

frank said...

the mandrake digest u are speaking of is digest no. 59.
and have the english version of it. will post soon.

Comic World said...

#Frank:Thanks for the info,..waiting for the post.

Rafiq Raja said...

Dear Zaheer Bhai,

Thanks for that Diamond Comic scans featuring Mandrake the Mirror People, which I was able to use to complete my blog post on the recent Mandrake comic released in tamil by Muthu Comics. It features the 2nd episode of Mirror people. Here is the direct link to that blog post:

Kudos to the creativity of Lee Falk, we continue to admire even today.

Anonymous said...

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जितेन्द्र माथुर said...

Good review Hasan Bhai. This movie should not be called a remake of or inspired from the classic movie - Karz (1980). It's a combination of several pieces picked up from several different movies and minus the hype around it, just an average potboiler.

Comic World said...

Jitendra Mathur: Thanks and welcome to CW Jitendra Ji.Yeah,though this movie is a mixture of pieces taken from different-different movies but the basic theme,reincarnation for vengeance,has been taken from 'Qarz' which in turn was inspired by Madhumati.

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