Saturday, November 3, 2007

#Comic No.53:The Missing Prince:Part 2

2nd Part of The Missing Prince is herewith,was able to post so quick due to a off today.Also was thinking to follow path of TPH of P/W protection...but let it be somehow just like that,might be seen in near future.
Chalte chalte....ICC i have relinquished my pants for the time being,you are free to use them if you wish so..;o)

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Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear CW,
Me 1st.
Many many thanks for the TMP-2 and covers.

Just curious. I wonder if the IJc blogs have any teenage vistor. If I am not wrong all ofus are in our mid-30s some married and some with children. I just wonder who the yougest vistor here is.
If these blogs do manage to attarct someone who is between 10-15 or so then there is some hope for the print medium. Otherwise I'm afraid Dr. Sagniks dream would remain a dream.

Grouchy Smurf said...

As for your plans of using a password like TPH. You may have seen an ourburst of sorts by someone called James. ICC responded strongly in support of TPH and so did Sagnik I think.

I am curious to know two things
(a) What is the individual opinion of blog regulars like Chandan Col. Wor. and others reg. password

(b) I would also like to ask TPH if he thinks password have achived their objective ? Have more people commented in the blog?

As for my personal opinion I am in favour of it. But if the blog owner feels it is necessary then so be it.

Grouchy Smurf said...

I meant
As for my personal opinion I am not in favour of it. But if the blog owner feels it is necessary then so be it.

Comic Guy said...

GF,yes you are 1st as most of the times...congrats.
Yeah,you have raised a very practical point as sometimes i also used to wonder that are there some comparatively young comic lover too in the hunt of these ageless gems!!!
If there are some i request them please to let us know about them as then only is there some hope of getting these comics revived by some profit-oriented publications.

Comic Guy said...

GF honestly speaking me too is not in favour of getting 'forced appreciation/comment' as what i feel admiration should come from heart without any force.
But I get hurt sometimes when i come to witness some very mean incidents such as people selling these scans or posting them on their pages without even asking them for it...though these scans are posted here for all but would it not be a nice gesture to drop a single line informing that they wish to use them!!!!
P/W protection might not curb that practice but somehow can provide a very bleak chance of tracing somebody of that nature.

Grouchy Smurf said...

Yes CW. What that person who tied to sell scans from these blogs is absolutly wrong and unethical.
However as you have yourself pointed out password protection is not the way out.

Take for instance downloads from TPH. TPH provides very difficult passwords. If I want to reread any comic it would be painful to navigate to that particular mail get the password and open the comic. When I download the comic I extract the images using the password and rezip them in another file without the password.
Thus the file is now free

However I can assure I will never ever misuse the scans from these blogs. I have too mcuh respect and devotion to all of you.

Chandan said...

Why take permission from u?Its a theft,its criminal to steal these gems.Believe me,all the blogs have become very popular and sooner or later,IC's will be known as follows.......
Hey,mate..who had posted X comic?
Hi..did u visit CW/ICC.Have a new post arrived?
HEY,I wonder whether this comic will be posted..
No,iam not free...I wanna go blogging for IC's/strips today.
Believe me,in time these comics will be known by virtue of these blogs only.Someone will ever wonder..Were the comics posted or published?
This is the fact we have gone a step further to witness some rare strips of which IC'S publication wud not have been aware of.
So,even if someone tries to play"FOUL"....THE CONSEQUENCES COULD BE DRASTIC.U don't need the password,its the common sense of the public that will save the day.

As far as comments are concerned,its a major worry...I request each blog ,sincerely to mention no. of downloads against comments.And if things continue the way they do,I won't hesitate to ask all blogs for password even if its some a bit of trouble.Atleast sanity will prevail
and we will understand to respect the blogs that do so much for all.
If a simple comment(about a minute it takes) can't follow a download(about 30 mins)then we don't deserve these priceless comics.
Iam also a viewer and I sincerely urge all viewers(there wud be min.500)at least to drop a line of hello or thanks.Bye.

Comic Guy said...

"If a simple comment(about a minute it takes) can't follow a download(about 30 mins)then we don't deserve these priceless comics."
Chandan's this point is very notable and really thinkable.....
Well,i again want to clear that if anybody gives any credit or appreciation i will be accepting those showers of admiration also on the behalf of the pioneers of our blogs namely Ajay Mishra and Vineeth Abraham.If these two hadn't been shown such a selfless service i am afraid none of the IJC blog would have been surfaced after TCP,these two worked as a catalysts for me thus initiating the reaction in me to share something of such sort with all of you and provided the necessary dose to keep the reaction going on.
Ajay Mishra is the person who kept on scanning and scanning these ageless gems without any real intention of name or fame and on the other hand Vineeth is the initial supplier of all those comics which were scanned by Ajay,though later CW was started with a motive to share all Hindi IJCs with all of you but it was/is also using a majority of English scans provided by Ajay-Vineeth combo.
Hence if somebody misuses(steals/sells without permission) such a hard labor and effort of these two selfless persons it really hurts.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks CW for giving us back our lost childhhod passion, Thanks a lot

Chandan said...

Ajay and Vineeth,thanks a ton.
Iam sorry many a time we tend to overlook ur efforts but no longer.
Thank u so much,hope ur reading this.
CW/ICC/MTM/ANUPAM/KIT/TCP/TPH---its needless to say,love u all.

Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear CW,

Would missing prince-3 be posted after the Bhadur comic?


chandan said...

Glad to see someone showing interest in TMP,OTHER THAN ME.
Its a sublime idea to sandwich a comic of different taste in bet'n a thriller.

Satish said...

Dear CG,great story,great scans.
All in all,a perfect episode.
Thank you very much.

Vitesh said...

Hi CW,

Putting this comment to re-emphasise my appreciation for the efforts you have put in creating this blog.

best regards

Comic Guy said...

#GF:Yes,the current plan is to post the last part of TMP after the Bahdur one just to avoid excess of Phantom dose.
#Chandan:Posting a 3 part comic somehow takes away the joy of posting as there remains no element of choice,also to elongate the posting of remaining P/M comics this step is taken,though i am not really sure whether they will last long as other blogs are delivering them thick and fast.
But if you people insists then the final part will be coming sequentially in the series but in near future i think i will have to refrain from posting a multiple part comic in a quick succession to preserve the joy of posting.
#Vitesh,Satish:Thanks to you also,pls keep coming thick and quick.

Chandan said...

Hey,u sound angry,CW.In fact if u see i have said that "Its a sublime(noble,great) idea to sandwich a comic of different taste in bet'n a thriller."I mean it.
I don't mind waiting,i was just pleased to see That someone like G.S also liked TMP.
Is that OK?

The Phantom Head said...

I am still indecisive of the future of password protection on TPH blog. As I earlier declared, I am only putting this on an experimental basis. So far it has produced both +ve and -ve effects.

The Phantom Head said...

#CG: The Hindi covers that you added later are equally excellent. I thouroughly enjoyed them. Many-many thanks.

You have put these covers under the label "covers" but there is a "Hindi.Covers" label also in the list. Please rectify.

Thanks also for this nice second part of TMP. Thanks to Chandan also for a good request.

Comic Guy said...

#Chandan:Aisi koi baat nahi hai,don't take toll...
#TPH:That was resulted due to my fascination about Hindi Indrajals.You know today i read the Hindi Editions of 'The Third Phantom',IJC-179,'The Master of Disguise',IJC-153,'The Bandit of Magna',IJC-257,'Slave Traders',IJC-285 and 'A Dead Man's Promise',IJC-264 for the 1st time and Oh Boy the joy experienced was certainly far greater than which i felt when i read their English counterparts for the very first time.
Also keen to know those +ve and -ve effects,thanks for pointing out the error,will be rectified...

Indrajal Comics Club said...

ur pants are difficult to use, but no prob, thinking of use them more

The Phantom Head said...

cg: i'll be mailing you my experience with p/p soon.

such a treasure you are having in form of these classics. i sincerely hope to see every hindi indrajal posted on blogs some day. the main achievement of these blogs is to revive the sweet memory of those wonderful days. so reading them in the language of first read is always having special effect. reading them in same language produces enchanting effect. i read 'sagar putra' after some 20 years and the experience is beyond explanation. i felt like a child again. no word of thank can be enough for this.

to me 'whispering grove' and 'jade palace' cannot produce the effect of 'fusfusata kunj' and 'mani mahal'. so many in the list.

thanks for providing so many hindi ones.

Comic Guy said...

#TPH:Very well explained,yeah,comics in first read language mean something special which can only be recreated/revived through that language only,I remember when enquiring about the 2nd hand Indrajals from shop vendors i used to describe about them by asking 'Vetal's Comic'.
Also when i started reading their English version initially i was unable to cope with names such as 'Devil','Hero','Eden'etc in place of 'Shera','Toofan' and 'Mitra Dweep'..hope for displaying all IJCs in Hindi also....

Colonel Worobu said...


I do not have any opinion on the blog owners using passwords to protect their files. If they want to do so I respect their choice. Scanning these comics is itself a tough job and so I do not want to give the blog owners a hard time by saying I want this and I want that. But I do not want to criticize anyone who does so either.

That said, TPH files are usually Hindi and so I just skip them except when a English file is posted. So it has not been a source of worry for me so far. When a Hindi or Gujju indrajal is posted without password I normally download them just to look at the pictures. But when password protected, I do not bother downloading them most of the time. If I am really interested in any particular Hindi Issue, then I send out an email asking for the password.

Grouchy Smurf said...

Well said Col. Wor. reg. passwords. It is the blog owners prerogative. As for requests a harmless request by a fellow comic fan is fine I guess. As long as there is no pestering and no demands.

CW: my mother toungue is Tamil. I read your comment about Hindi IJCs and am pleasantly surprised. I could take your comment replace 'Hindi' everywhere by 'English' and that would be my feeling towards Tamil IJcs. I am quite prejudiced against them and prefer Engligh. I dont think Tamil IJcs capture the spirit of Falk. A fellow Tamilian could please comment on this

SATISH said...


Comic Guy said...

#GF:Its a bit strange that Tamil IJCs were not capable of capturing the true essence of their theme..any tamil IJC fan could throw a better light over it.
Regarding p/w protection i am giving serious thought over providing d/l rather then p/w protecting them through mail to those who comments/asks for it.
#Satish:Sabr karo pyare,,,,sabr bahut badi cheez hai.

Colonel Worobu said...

I loved the Tamil IJCs. In fact my first few Indrajals were in Tamil and later when I found out that they were available in English also started reading them in English.

Until I read the first English IJC, I used to think Phantom was called "Vetalan". I was surprised to see him referred to as "Phantom" and not "Vetalan" when I read the first English IJC :o)

Chandan said...

Hi,CW.I think 4 days is good enough time to post another.So please consider and give us something to cheer.
1st day--patient
2nd day--understandable
3rd day--a little angry
4th day--can't wait.
So,please if u don't mind.I know everyone is busy in hectic preparations.But i guess there is always a little room for "dessert"
after a heavy meal.
As for passwords,the trauma continues.I can feel the pain of bloggers.It is actually mandatory for viewers to drop in a line of thanks.But then who will "bell the cat"?
And,by the way,where is the cat?
Viewers,take this as a serious note,the future of all blogs is in our hands,either this way or that.

Wish everyone a very happy DEEPAVALI

Anonymous said...

Is there a Part 3 for The Missing Prince?

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