Tuesday, April 19, 2011

# Nandan

Yesterday while fiddling through some old magazines of my collection i came across with some early issues of Nandan,a children magazine,which i hope many of you must be remembering to have had read in your childhood as do i.
Nandan was a Hindustan Times publication which was started in November 1964 in fond memory of India's very first prime minister Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and hence its very first issue was dedicated to this late prime minister.

Nandan was a monthly magazine consisting of textual stories,poems,interviews,comic features,articles,quizzes and many other features suiting to the taste of children of above age group of six to eight years.Nandan became quite popular quickly and established its place soon among the Indian child readership. 
My favorite features of Nandan were Cheetu-Neetu,a one page comic feature by P.D.Chopra(Minni of Madhumuskan fame),Tenaliram,आप कितने बुद्धिमान हैं(a quiz where one has to find 10 dissimilarities between two identical looking images),नंदन ज्ञान पहेली and its interesting stories which were a mix of traditional and cultural themes as well as of stories taken from popular foreign literature too. 

Cheetu-Neetu was illustrated by P.D.Chopra for a long time during which occasionally it was also drawn by Sushil Kalra who later took on completely after Chopra left off and currently it is illustrated by Mukul Kalra,son of Sushil Kalra.
Here are cover scans of some of 70's issues of Nandan along with its back cover page which i hope all of you will like.

Nandan is still in publication and quite popular as it has coped up quite successfully with taste of modern readership with changing times.Here are some of latest issues cover scans of Nandan.

Interested person can download a latest issue of Nandan from this link which i found while searching its latest issues cover images.


Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai,
Thank you for sharing information regarding Nandan.

Comic World said...

Abdul Qureshi: You are welcome bro.

akfunworld said...

ज़हीर भाई मुझे भी नंदन पढ़ना वाकई बहुत पसंद था. आपकी इस पोस्ट ने मुझे वापस उसी दुनिया में वापस भेज दिया. पर मुझे आपसे एक गिला है, अगर आपने एक दो पुराने इशुस अपलोड भी कर दिए होते तो बस सोने पे सुहागा हो जाता. आशा करता हूँ आप कुछ पुराने इशु अपलोड करने का प्रयास करेंगे.

Comic World said...

AKF: आनंद भाई आजकल कॉमिक्स की दुनिया में मेरी सरगर्मी कुछ धीमी पड़ गईं है जिसके चलते कॉमिक्स स्कैन/अपलोड करने का कुछ ख़ास मन नहीं करता और इसी वजह से मैंने नंदन के ८०-९० पृष्ठों वाले अंक को स्कैन नहीं किया.जैसे ही कॉमिक्स को लेकर जोश में कुछ इज़ाफा होगा पूरा अंक तुरंत स्कैन करूँगा.

akfunworld said...

अरे नहीं नहीं भाई भूल के भी कॉमिक्स पे प्रति अपने उत्साह में कमी ना आने दीजियेगा वरना मेरे जैसे कॉमिक्स के प्रेमियों का क्या होगा ? तब तो मुझे आपका कलेक्शन लेने आपके घर आना पड़ेगा... हा...हा...

Comic World said...

आनंद भाई चिंता न कीजिये कॉमिक्स के प्रति उत्साह में कमी सिर्फ रुचियों के सामायिक परिवर्तन की उपज है जो मुस्तकिल(स्थायी) कतई नहीं है,जल्द ही नए जोशो-खरोश के साथ बन्दे की वापसी होगी.

sarathi19 said...

Arey Bhai Mazaa Aa Gaya !!
Main Nandan ka bahut bada fan raha hoon. Abhi bhi mere ghar ki parchatti mein 200-250 nandan hongi !
Ek baar mein ek kahani (Baja bansuri) bhi nandan mein puraskrit hokar chapi thi (under kahani likho section)! I had received Rs100.00 cash via money order (which I have still treasured).

Jaisa ki baaki fans bhi keh rahey hain please koi poorana 'Hasya Katha Visheshank' ya phir 'vishva kritian visheshank' bhi upload karein !!

Comic World said...

Sarathi19: Its nice to know about your Nandan love and collection.if you are having some earlier issues then can you scan them for other Nandan lovers!

The Devil said...

Seen It after such a long time was not aware it's still under publication. Thanks mate

Comic World said...

The Devil: Welcome.

sarathi19 said...

@ Comic World

Sure, will definitely do so when I go to India next time !!

By the way, I am a very regular visitor of this site and have downloaded almost all Madhu Muskan. Though I was bored for so long after seeing 'Naveen Nishchol' every time I open this website.
Word 'NANDAN' just sparked my day and couldn't help thanking u for the first time.
Keep up the good work. . .And please post more retro 'Madhu Muskan'

Comic World said...

Sarathi19: Thanks for the appreciation of this blog,a lot of Madhumuskan have been posted here and a lot are still to come.
Well,comics and movies are two field of hobbies which excites me most and i like to write/share my thoughts over it.
Pl keep sharing your thoughts too as they encourage me to keep going.

Indian Comics said...

मुझे Indrajal कॉमिक की हार्ड कॉपी की ज़रुरत है.
कहीं उपलब्ध हो तो बताओ...??


ZAHEER Brother, I ‘ve been a keen comic lover since the time “SUPER COMMANDO DHRUV YAHOO GROUP” , then raj comics fan club, RCJ group, then RFN community, then MCM, VC, etc. I know all the uploaders though I have met only Kuldeep Kaushik bro and Meraj bro – to hand them 110 comics I purchased from my hometown. But I feel that I know them personally. Latelywhen I visited my hometown , I was saddened that the shopkeeper had sold all the remaining comics to raddiwala. He had a vast collection of novels but as I ‘vent read any novel, I didnt pay any heed to them. But after seeing a vibrant and enlightening discussion on hindi novels , I was driven towards bal pocket books and hindi novels. But there are very few uploadsof novels. I , therefore , fervently urge you, Manoj bhai, Ashutosh bro, Anupam bro, Anuj bro etc to upload more and more novels. Should I buy some novels from my hometown. If so , can you provide the list of missing novels. Eventually, my gratitude for your uploads which light up the world of comic lovers . Can you also upload the old issues of NANDAN, BALHAANS, AND CHANDAMAMA , which are an imp part of childhood nostalgia. No old issue of nandan has been uploaded. Now the nandan magazine has lost the charm of old world and antiquity which only the issues of 80's , 90's and earlier ones had. Please preserve these priceless gems which used to teleport us to the world of fantasy and wonder!!!!!!!!!!
Brother, finally I salute you for the selfless and inspiring work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comic World said...

Anurag Agarwal: Its nice to know about you and your comic love Anurag Bro.Well,all Chandamama in all published languages are already available for online reading on Chandamama official website,i am having few early Nandans which i can upload.
You can take all old novels/comics which you can find in your hometown/locality,it will indeed be a great help on your behalf.

The Soulforged said...

Excellent Blog!

While growing up in the 80s, Nandan used to be my staple along with Lotpot, Madhu Muskan, Indrajal, CW, DC, Mad, Diamond, Commando...well almost all comics and children's magazine of the time.

Nandan has a very special place in my memory for it's amazing stories that always had a theme. And it had to be in Hindi, the English edition somehow just did not click with me. Now that I have a kid of my own, I want her to relive the magic that I experienced. I am hunting for old editions of Nandan (in Hindi and from the 80s). Any pointers/offers would be appreciated.


Ajit Sunder said...

You made me remember my childhood days when i was fond of Nandan during 90's.

manu7duggal said...

Nandan magazine was unique as compared to its counterparts. I have few nandan of 70s, 80s and 90s in my collection.

Another kind of books that I love and have are old russian story books in hindi as well as in english. Is anybody interested?

Hardev Krishan said...

पुरानी नंदन का जवाब नहीं। स्व. जयप्रकाश भारती जी के संपादन में इसने खासा उच्च मुकाम हासिल कर लिया था। उस वक्त दीपावली विशेषांक और परी कथा विशेषांक का अपना ही आकर्षण होता था। कुछ साल पहले तक इसके मध्य में “ नंदन बाल समाचार ” के नाम से एक अखबार भी हुआ करता था। इसमे बालकों की रुचि को ध्यान में रखते हुए देश-विदेश के समाचारों का संकलन कुछ चित्रों सहित होता था। अब यह पत्रिका अपने 50 वें वर्ष में प्रवेश करने जा रही है।
नंदन की पुरानी छटा दिखाने के लिए आपका धन्यवाद
हरदेव कृष्ण
ग्राम – मल्लाह - 9991031089

Bhola Singh said...

क्या नंदन अभी भी प्रकाशित होता है???

sahil srivastva said...

सर कृपया नंदन का कोई पुराण अंक जैसे प्राचीन कथा विशेषांक या 1990 सीरीज का कोई अंक अपलोड करें तो बड़ी ख़ुशी होगी।

sahil srivastva said...

सर कृपया नंदन का कोई पुराण अंक जैसे प्राचीन कथा विशेषांक या 1990 सीरीज का कोई अंक अपलोड करें तो बड़ी ख़ुशी होगी।

Funtoosh Babu bangal wale said...

pl kuch upload bhi karo....koi meri baat sunega kya???

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