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#Comic No.119 & Sholay Ka Tadka

Sorry for delay in posting friends.My net was down from almost last two weeks,it got revived a few days back only.After that my departmental cricket tournament was/is going on due to which i was a bit busy hence the delay.
Due to net disorder i was out of touch with the recent happenings in the blog world,tried to catch what i missed up.Its really shameful on the act of some 'PM' by posting direct links of comics at his blog,though in cyber world many such hidden/unknown theft are a common thing but these cannot be left without any objection if brought into notice.

That PM calls it a act of bringing all comics together in one roof but for this he can provide links of original sources(blogs) rather than putting direct links.This is a simple and straight example of cyber theft/stealing which can not be tolerated,he alleges us(bloggers) for infringing copyright but forgetting in the course that we are taking pains to scan/upload/compressing for the sake of only sharing,these lost gems otherwise,and nothing else and he simply is lifting and putting direct d/l at his blog thus enjoying at the cost of our hard toll.

Through comments over various blogs its clearly hinted that there is needle of suspicion over a famous and old blogger for being PM.I don't know how much truth is in it but i can only present my view and opinion,and in my view i don't see any benefit which that old blogger can derive by creating fake blog and identity,also such low/cheap and 'ordinary' act doesn't seems to be his creation.He is a quite respectable and talented personality in blog world, i also respect and admire him much and doesn't see any logic in him being behind this cowardly act.

I seriously hope and wish that he comes out to be innocent and is not behind any such act,i also hope that soon he will be wiping out all this fake stains on his image.
Anyway the quiz and winner of last post,many of you guessed correctly about the reason behind the last post which was the April fool's day joke.Persons who guessed it correctly are Rafiq Raja,Ajay,Sameer,Mohd.Qasim,Prabhat,Vijay Sappati,Silly Boy,Anonymous and Indra.
The winner was selected by a random method and he is 'Mohd. Qasim'.I request Qasim to provide his mail id through his blogger account/comment so that i can mail him the details of comics.
Now the comic for this post,its again contributed by Ajay for which due appreciation and thanks goes to him.This comic(Forbidden Beach) is a reprint version of 'The Dare Devils' (IJC-287).

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Friends and specially Indian movie lover would be well aware of the movie Sholay(1975),there is no need to repeat that this movie has reached to a cult status.I have seen this movie umpteen times and still love to see whenever its aired and i find time. Well,not many of movie lovers will be aware of that the original intended climax of Sholay was other than present one.
The original climax was changed on the objection of sensor board,who find the original climax much gory and violent,hence a new climax was filmed and added to the movie.
In original climax Gabbar Singh was killed by Thakur who then broke down into arms of Veeru after taking his revenge.

Many among us must have not got a chance to see the original climax so for them presented here is the original climax scene of Sholay along with a other scene (killing of Sachin) which was edited in the final version.

(courtesy: unknown site for image)

Original Climax of Sholay

Unedited Scene of Sachin's Killing

Can anyone answer the following quiz on Sholay!!
1.What was Gabbar Singh's father name in Sholay?
2.Mausi(Leela Mishra) of Sholay was offered the role of heroine in 1940's which she eventually refused to do.Can anyone point out what was the reason behind her refusal.
3.What was the no. of that bike on which Veeru-Jai sang "Yeh Dosti Ham nahi todenge..."
4.Who played the role of Thakur's elder daughter in law?
5.What was the name of Ahmad's (Sachin) maternal uncle in Sholay?

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