Saturday, July 26, 2008

#Comic No.90:Luteron Ka Shadyantra

First TCP (though he's back but not in form),then TPH,then ICC and now Anupam....The shutters are being pulled down regularly due to lack of appreciation/motivation via comments.
Comments do provide fuel of motivation and inject fresh enthusiasm in the blogger,which inspires him/her to keep posting comics at a regular interval for a longer period of time.
Comic scanning/posting is a toll taking effort,which a comic blogger takes backed by various reasons.For me the reason,primarily,is to generate nostalgic flashback and then to share these rare comics with other comic lovers who don't have easy/free access to their physical copies.
My get going power is also driven by the oil of appreciative/thoughts sharing comments,scarcity of which often hinders the frequency of posting.Due to same reason from a long time i haven't scanned a Indrajal from my collection and serving the readers/visitors only with the contributions from other comic lovers.I don't know how long could i continue with contributions only,lets wait and watch.....
Anyway presented here is another gem,again contributed by our well known 'Anurag' (all thanks+credit to him) friends enjoy it with or without feedback of comments.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

#Comic No.89:Vetal Ka Karavaas

Again a rare comic contributed by 'Anurag',presented here with all credit and thanks to him.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

#Comic No.88:Narbhakshako Ki Chunauti

This is again a contribution from Anurag,so all thanks and credits goes to him only.It is the Hindi version of Sunday strip No.29 "The Rope People",which spanned from 17-6-51 to 04-11-51.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

#Comic No.87:Bhoot Mahal & Child Dracula

Presented here is the first adventure of Ram-Rahim series in Manoj Chitra Katha.Ram-Rahim duo enjoyed immense popularity and were instant hit.This particular issue triggers pleasant nostalgic memories associated with this issue.
The download link contains scans of both part together,since i am not having the first part in English hence its being provided in Hindi whereas second part is in English.Also the first part is the reprint issue which lacks its original cover,it would be greatly appreciated if anybody having 1st part in original,can provide its cover scan.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hindi Indrajal Covers

Indrajal comics are one of my passion and Hindi Indrajals are its heart beat,previously i use to think that perhaps i may be the most passionate lover of Hindi Indrajals but when i came across with Mr.Anurag Dixit,i was forced to change my opinion.
Anurag Dixit is a die hard passionate lover and collector of Hindi Indrajal comics,he enjoys a voluminous and envious collection which includes rare very early Hindi Indrajal issues too.
The praiseworthy facts about him are that he still possesses a childish eagerness towards any missing Indrajal in his collection,he treats and take care of these comics not less than like kids and takes every measure to preserve them safely.
Cover scans of Hindi Indrajal comics are being provided for all Hindi Indrajal lover with his active support,the motive is to post covers of all Hindi Indrajal comics too in addition to their English counterparts which are readily available at other Indrajal blogs.
In this series available cover scans of Hindi Indrajals spanning from issue No.1-100,excluding those which have already been posted at other blogs,are being posted first which will be later followed by remaining issues in ascending order.
Scans bearing stamp mark of 'Anurag Dixit' are from him,for which all thanks and credit goes to him, and rest are CW original scans.

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