Friday, November 14, 2008

Kiddo Party

Hi Kids...!!! are all of you......first of all a very Happy Children's Day to all of you...!!!

Amazed!!!..surprised.!!!..Aren't we kids yet if talking of pls set free the kid inside you and lets join the 'Kiddo Party'..!!Yeyyy....lets have a party kids...!
For this lets introduce ourself with other comic lover kids by putting our snaps.As a initiative here is my snap of sitting in my father's lap.....

Friends welcome our 2nd guest of the party, Anupam,here he is along with a bouquet which is obviously for me....

Friends pls welcome the 1st guest of the party,Sameer..!! Incidentally today (16th Nov.) is his Birthday pls welcome and cheer him.
A Very Happy and Warm Birthday Wishes Sameer..........So here is 'kid' Sameer along with his parents!!!

So what are you waiting for Kids.....just send your childhood snap and i will be posting them right here in the middle of party against your names so that other comic kids can have a view of our lost childhood...!isn't the idea worth of..!!

Ajay,Chandu,TPH,Sagnik,Anupam,Dr.Ravi,Deb,Ashish,Abdul,Silly Boy,Prabhat,Nadeem,Frank,Col.,Kuldeep,TCP,CC,Pattu,Chandan,MTM(Bala)
,Shobi,Indianmalang,Ruchikar,Ajnabi,Bigfoot, Atma,Sriniwas,
Vijay Kumar Sappatti,Johny Hotwire,
Vijay,Partha Majumdar,The Comic reader,bn_usa,Sunshine,Joshua,The ghost who goggles,Obi Wan,Manthiram,
Wildmagic,Ranjit,Ajit,Ravi Gokhle,Chatur Cheeta,Anonymous-Male-India,
Simply Complicated,Shyam,Rake,Purvesh,Manoj Kamath,Mozz,Ubermann,Sudeep,Gamingdude,Fazal,Rajpal,Obelix,
Adibud34,Dr Luaga,
Aditya Simha,Amit Nath,Darth Seid,Ag,Nithish,
Orpheus,Nithish,Comic60,Prabhat,Vineet,Abdul S,Deb,
Mozz,Masayo and other
Pls join the party by sending your childhood snaps at

(Waiting for all of you to join the party.......yours sincerely CW :o) )

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#Comic No.97:Atul Comics

This comic is posted specially on Anupam's request,hope he will like it.It is one of the comic among many of the lesser know Indian comic series,it is the very 1st issue of its publication which was started somewhere in mid 90's.How many issues was published and up till when its information is not available.If someone is having any information about it please share for the sake of Anupams's project on Indian comic history.
The storyline of this comic is very much similar to Tantri-Mantri of Tinkle where a courtier of King is always busy in hatching plans to dethrone the King and take his place,but his plans used to get failed every time due to circumstances without revealing his true intentions to the King.

Download comic

Anupam Sinha,the illustrator and creator of Super Commando Dhruv of Raj Comics, tasted his first fame of success with Private Detective Kapil of Chitra Bharti comics. Kapil investigative stories were used to be very interesting and the illustrations were also of high quality, one such story from 'Chocolate' series of Chitra Bharti,presented here, will prove it right.So enjoy it and don't forget to discuss about it.

Now enjoy few covers also...........

And finally a Popat-Chaupat from this Mashumuskan (you will be more than happy now Abdul)...isn't it :o)

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

#Comic No.96:The Two Headed Bull

Sacred idol of Llongo tribe has been stolen by Loka,nephew of the Llongo chief,Phantom was deputed to find the thief and the idol.How Phantom finds the idol and thief forms the matter of the comic.It was reprinted back in 1987 as "Curse of the Sacred Idol".Vol.24.No.49.
Scans are again from Ajay Misra for which all credit and thanks goes to him.

Download comic

This time a comic article from "Bal Bharti" is presented.Do anyone remember Bal Bharti..!!!!!

and finally some more vintage covers.....enjoy.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

#Comic No.95:Blood Sucker

Presented here is the 2nd issue of Bahadur:The Blood Sucker.Again a gripping story in which Bahadur combats Kabli Khan and wins Police Chief Vishal confidence for providing guns for C.S.F.Its Hindi version is already available on net,English reading visitors can download it from here.The scans are from Ajay Misra,for which all thanks goes to him.

Download comic

Malik Sahab orders Kalamdas to interview a brave Filmy hero and Kalamdas went in search of a real brave hero.What happens next,find out yourself....

Enjoy a Popat-Chaupat feature also from the MadhuMuskan given below....

And finally enjoy these beautiful covers...........

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