Friday, November 14, 2008

Kiddo Party

Hi Kids...!!! are all of you......first of all a very Happy Children's Day to all of you...!!!

Amazed!!!..surprised.!!!..Aren't we kids yet if talking of pls set free the kid inside you and lets join the 'Kiddo Party'..!!Yeyyy....lets have a party kids...!
For this lets introduce ourself with other comic lover kids by putting our snaps.As a initiative here is my snap of sitting in my father's lap.....

Friends welcome our 2nd guest of the party, Anupam,here he is along with a bouquet which is obviously for me....

Friends pls welcome the 1st guest of the party,Sameer..!! Incidentally today (16th Nov.) is his Birthday pls welcome and cheer him.
A Very Happy and Warm Birthday Wishes Sameer..........So here is 'kid' Sameer along with his parents!!!

So what are you waiting for Kids.....just send your childhood snap and i will be posting them right here in the middle of party against your names so that other comic kids can have a view of our lost childhood...!isn't the idea worth of..!!

Ajay,Chandu,TPH,Sagnik,Anupam,Dr.Ravi,Deb,Ashish,Abdul,Silly Boy,Prabhat,Nadeem,Frank,Col.,Kuldeep,TCP,CC,Pattu,Chandan,MTM(Bala)
,Shobi,Indianmalang,Ruchikar,Ajnabi,Bigfoot, Atma,Sriniwas,
Vijay Kumar Sappatti,Johny Hotwire,
Vijay,Partha Majumdar,The Comic reader,bn_usa,Sunshine,Joshua,The ghost who goggles,Obi Wan,Manthiram,
Wildmagic,Ranjit,Ajit,Ravi Gokhle,Chatur Cheeta,Anonymous-Male-India,
Simply Complicated,Shyam,Rake,Purvesh,Manoj Kamath,Mozz,Ubermann,Sudeep,Gamingdude,Fazal,Rajpal,Obelix,
Adibud34,Dr Luaga,
Aditya Simha,Amit Nath,Darth Seid,Ag,Nithish,
Orpheus,Nithish,Comic60,Prabhat,Vineet,Abdul S,Deb,
Mozz,Masayo and other
Pls join the party by sending your childhood snaps at

(Waiting for all of you to join the party.......yours sincerely CW :o) )


The Skull Cave Treasures said...

This is the greatest birthday celebration for me since 1971....

THank you dear, you made my day!

Comic World said...

Sameer: Welcome Sameer.Many Happy returns of the day....Enjoy it.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Hi CW,
Unfortunately I am not having my child hood's pics, so could not send it to you.

Comic World said...

Abdul: No problem Abdul,thanks for responding at least.
I wonder where all other 'kids' have been...the party is for all of them,all are cordially invited,they should participate.

Colonel Worobu said...

The only childhood memories that I have are already on this blog. Indrajal comics! :o) No photos I have though. Good to see the other babies though!

Colonel Worobu said...

Sameer's dad looks like the cricketer Srikkanth :o)

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

col. now i know, why my dad used to hit me hard like him when i was ( I still am) naughty....haha

Silly Boy. said...

At present I do not have a scanner. So I could not send my photo. May be on the next children's day I shall send one.

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Never mind col.Well,this was the motive behind the party that all can at least view those 'babies'.

Comic World said...

SB: Never mind boy.Thanks for responding.

Chandan said...

I dont have a scanner,not that i would have sent it(too shy to have done it).....simple reason being,i just wish i looked a little bit of what i looked 3 decades back,its a different story today.
Everyone refuses to believe its me after having a look at my b/w snap.
I feel like iam a Charlton Phantom now against Lee Phantom when i was young.

Comic World said...

Chandan: Common Chandan,don't give excuses...we all want to see your childhood.Arrange the scanned photo or send me your pic,i will scan and return.

comicrazee said...

Hi CW,
Superb thought! I wish I could send mine too... Unfortunately I don't have any idea where it has disappeared.

Comic World said...

CC: Thanks for response.Never mind,you can send it whenever you can find it or if you wish then you can also send your latest snap.We are still kids,aren't we...!!!!!

saurabh said...

please upload alah-udal,khooni jabda and other old horror stuff

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