Sunday, October 31, 2010

# Mrityu Ke Doot

Continuing Deepawali bonanza here is the 3rd comic of the festive occasion which is from a lesser known publication 'Sun Comics' about which not much information is available with me except that it began publishing Hindi comics in 1982-83 and mostly published stories featuring Vikram and Insp.Garun.
The current comic is no exception as it contains stories of both Vikram and Garun which are illustrated by Late Pradeep Sathe and Bapu Patil respectively.According to the credits the story of Ins.Garun is illustrated by Bapu Patil but its in exactly same style and shape as of Vikram which suggests the possibility of Sathe and Patil being the same person.
If anybody have more information about Sun Comics i.e how many comics and up till when did it published comics then pl share with us.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

# Deepawali Bonanza

With best wishes for Deepawali i wish to say that from a long time requests for Madhumuskan was being made from comic lovers such as Atul Vishwakarma and others,hence respecting their request not only one but two Madhumuskan are hereby presented for all of you.But it doesn't mean that Deepawali bonanza will stop with Madhumuskans only,in fact more comics are yet to follow this week.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

# महिमाए-जींस

सत्तर के दशक में जब डेनिम जींस का भारत आगमन हुआ तो इसकी महिमा पर कई आलेख,कवितायेँ इत्यादि लिखी गईं थी,ऐसे ही एक आलेख से आपका परिचय करवा रहे हैं जो तब की बहुचर्चित पत्रिका 'दीवाना' में प्रकाशित हुआ था.कृपया गौर फरमाइए और जींस की महिमा से परिचित होकर लाभान्वित होइए.

तो दोस्तों कैसी लगी आपको महिमाए-जींस,अगर पसंद आई तो कुछ अलफ़ाज़ हमारे साथ बाँटने में गुरेज़ न करें.
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