Friday, July 23, 2010

# Chhotu-Lambu Aur Spider Den

Friends i was out of station for last 1 week,or better to say that i was on a visit to my home town for some personal work.
So here is a vintage comic for all of you by a classic artist late Mr.Shehaab ji,i got few other comics by him too which i will be posting subsequently.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

# Space Star

This comics is posted to show my respect and appreciation toward one fellow blogger who himself is a connoisseur in the field of Indian comics.This comic was a long time request of our Anupam Bhai,who is a great fan of illustrator and write Anupam Sinha, and was asking to scan this particular comic from a long time.
Since i was not able to locate this comic from heap of bags in my house hence was unable to fulfill Anupam Bhai's request before today.

Now,when Anupam Bhai's long time request has been fulfilled i hope that he will be more than happy to find it here.The best thing i like about Anupam Bhai is his devotion towards Indian comics which is simply unmatched,not only this but his devotion towards those persons whom he like/admire is also unmatched as he promptly use to create and dedicate a blog to those persons whom he likes(burning examples,blogs created by him on Anupam Sinha and Sonal Chahuhan).
I really wish that someday he too may like and admire me up to that extent where he can dedicate a blog in my name also :)

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Monday, July 5, 2010

# Vintage Articles

Readers like Silly Boy,Lalit and many others were requesting from long time to post selected vintage articles from old film magazines.I too like much to read quality film magazines of bygone era specially of 80's and 90's,and in this space magazines like Madhuri,Sushama,Filmfare,Priya,Movie Jagat etc are of worth mentioning.
Nowadays there are no quality magazine left except Filmfare(English) which up to some extent still has maintained at least some quality though it also has deteriorated much with the changing taste of readers and culture,rest all magazines have already lost in mist of time much before.

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