Monday, October 19, 2009

# Tarzan with Heere Ka Chirag

Col.Worobu and Kuldeep,here are your requested comics,scanned,cleaned,compressed and posted in result of your cordial requests.
Col. this Tarzan is not a Indian Edition but its appearance is quite similar to Indian 'Kiran Comics'.Its illustrations are of high quality as well as story too.
Kuldeep,'Heere Ka Chirag' is the reprinted version of its original in 'Old is Gold' series in which Manoj Comics use to republish old hit issues but without their original covers which took away the charm from them as covers by C.M.Vitankar were a joy to watch.Anyway the inside story by Chatterji is same and is quite entertaining.Hope you will enjoy it once again.

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Story:Bimal Chatterji
Illustrations:Jitendra Bedi

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Chalte-chalte once again wants to remind you about these two rare Tintin comics which are available for sale with Ajay Misra on some shopkeeper behalf.Their offer price is Rs.3000/-(Three Thousand) each.Interested persons can contact Ajay Misra via his mail id

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

# Mahabharata-01

*****Happy Deepawali to All Of You******
Friends for all of you the Mahabharata series will be posted,and here is its first part out of total 42.
Last post was the result of ample hard work and research,i hope it was liked by all of you but perhaps its being in Hindi barred it from reach of our English readers.Anyway i enjoyed very much writing about one of my favorite movie,will be presenting more such write ups along with quiz in future on more of my favorite movies.

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Here are few covers of comics also which i found recently.Any taker of any comic here,if yes let me know,would be posting them.

Anyone remember this '3D' comic published by Diamond comics....

Friends here are two rare Tintin comics available with Mr.Ajay Misra,which he intend to sale on some shopkeeper behalf,at a fixed price of Rs.3000/- each.Interested comic lovers can contact Ajay via his mail id

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