Friday, November 23, 2007

#Miscellaneous Covers

This time i thought to put up some of the covers of different comics together from my collection.If you like some of them then let me know and i will posting them though some of the series of the following is/was already being posted on other comic blogs.

These are the Manoj Chitra Katha,one of my favorite and earliest to read...

These are the Madhumuskans,among one of the finest comedy series comics....

Characters like Jasoos Bablu,Paupat-Chaupat,Chustram-Sustram,Daddy Ji,Kalamdas were the main attraction of it.

Did you know that in his peak a total comic series was dedicated to Amitabh Bachchan of which he was the Super Hero...

Gold Key has published comics of different series apart from Phantom,here are some of them....

of Tarzan too.....

Indian Publication 'Star Comics' published few Super Man comics....

Did you thought that the discussion can be concluded with out "Phantom"..!!!!.Naaah....

Let us start with Charlton Comics....

Followed by the strips published by the 'introductor' of Phantom in India, "The Illustrated Weekly"
These two strips are with their original inking,see and admire the classic vintage look....

Can anyone help me in knowing the strip no. of this one....was this published by Indrajal....?

Finally two more IW strips...admire the classic look/inking in the left hand side one and the high quality inking of the right hand one.....

So Col. I hope you must be glad.........:o))
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#Comic No.57:The Invisible Saviour

Update:Download Link has been provided

The only thing which i liked in this comic is its cover...the story,i am afraid is not much gripping and convincing in my view,it is a typical Indian treasure hunt story type,cobra guarding the treasure and lets its genuine owner to take over it...a bit far away from logic....lets see whether you like it...

Here are few glimpses of it.....

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Friday, November 16, 2007

#Comic No.56:The Avenger

Update:The download link for this one is provided as well as for The Missing Prince:Part 3 also,and yeah, there is no need to request for d/l as at the moment i don't feel to force anybody for requests or comments but i would happy to know your reactions about the quality of this very comic as personally i quite enjoyed reading this one.If possible kindly drop few lines describing why you liked or why you didn't...!!!

Initially my thought was to post a non P/M/B one but when i happen to read this one i felt that you should also read this superb thriller without a wait.

Here is a brief trailer also...

1.Once again its a story time from Phantom Chronicles...our Phantom reads about 1st Phantoms very first adventure...

2.First Phantom watches his father being killed,catches a glimpse of the pirate leader...

3.Find whereabouts of the gang,.....challenges the leader but loses the battle.....

4.Embarrassed with the humiliating defeat trains himself in fighting skills to get prepared for the final combat with Singh Pirates.....

5.And the moment for which he waited like mad man has came finally....will he succeed or fail again......

Find out yourself ........

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

#Whats in the name!!!!

Shakespeare said that "whats in the name..", but this quote doesn't applies on our bollywood nomenclature.Mohd.Yusuf Khan becomes Dilip Kumar, Rajiv Bhatia becomes Akshay Kumar and Ravi Kapoor becomes Jitendra.

Name change culture normally prevails in Bollywood because of reasons based on purely astrological and numerological believes of the stars; Aditya Pancholi adds extra 's' in the name and becomes Aditya Panscholi in order to get most thrived success,Sunil Shetty adds extra 'e' and becomes Suneil Shetty for the same purpose.
It would be interesting to know the pre and post names of some of the popular stars of Bollywood for visitors having interest in Hindi Films and their actors/actresses.

Filmy Name Vs Real Name

1.Ashok Kumar----Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly
2.Kishore Kumar----Aabhas Kumar

3.Pradip Kumar-----SheetalDas Batvyal

4.Sunil Dutt---------Balraj Dutt
5.Sanjeev Kumar----Harihar Bhai Jariwala Jethawala


7.Shakti Kapoor-----Sunil Kapoor
8.Ranjit-------------Gopal Bedi

9.Gulzar (Lyricist)-------------Sardar Sampuran Singh

10.Rajesh Khanna--------------Jatin Khanna

11.Manna Dey (Singer)---------Probodh Chandra Dey

12.Sanjay Khan-----------------Abbas Khan

13.Nargis-----------------------Fatima Rashid Sheikh

14.Meena Kumari---------------Mehzabeen

15.Madhubala-------------------Mumtaz Jahan

16.Manoj Kumar-----------------HariKrishna Goswami

17.Anajan (Lyricist)--------------Gopal Pandey

18.Sahir Ludhianvi (Lyricist)------Abdul Hui

19.Jayant (Amjad Khan's father)--Zakaria Khan

And many more to list on........

Now for my visitors here is a small quiz based on Hindi Movies and personalties associated with it,lets see how many of you gets it correct.

1.Identify the person (left) in the image below standing with Sunil Dutt,he was a fast friend of Sunil Dutt and has played a very significant role in a trend setter Hindi movie,a major block buster of 70's which is still one of the most profitable movie....still needs hint!!...Ok one of the image among those posted in this post above is of that particular movie:o)

2.Can you name the movie in which Bobby Deol made his very first screen appearance?
3.Name the movie in which Dilip Kumar and Rajendra Kumar shared the screen.
4.By which name Neetu Singh (Wife of Rishi Kapoor,mother of Ranbir Kapoor) was known when she use to act as a child artist in the movies.
5.Which of these renowned lyricist has also worked as Bus Conductor in Mumbai Best Bus Service: Majrooh Sultanpuri,Hasrat Jaipuri or Shailendra.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

#Comic No.55:The Missing Prince:Part 3

Update:The download link for The Child Lifters is now available for all on that very post.

Lots of debate/discussion went on through with the last post which helped me a lot by providing me the most needed dose to recharge my battery.
I am really thankful to Mr.Anon/Male/Indian with whom i enjoyed the debate/discussion quite a lot....frankly speaking these are the punches which are also required like salt in a recipe in order to maintain a balanced and tasty diet.
I was also pleasantly surprised to find out the huge volume of IJC lovers irrespective of age group...i got mails from the peoples of age group 40-55 asking for the link,this is something really encouraging and pleasant.

Friends i am looking for Frews and Indrajal Comics (below no.300,English and/or Hindi) and i am having quite considerable amount of spare Indrajals (Both English/Hindi),Diamond Digests (Phantom/Mandrake both English/Hindi) and Amar Chitra Katha (Both English/Hindi).
So anybody,specially any Australian friend interested in trading/swapping Frews in lieu of Indrajal/Diamond Digest/Amar Chitra Kathas/Tinkles then kindly please contact at for further details.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frews Vs Indrajals/Diamond Digest/Amar Chitra katha :Om Shanti Om

Recently i got a few double copies of Phantom Diamond Digest,the cover of which are being put up here

Friends i am looking for Frews and Indrajal Comics (below no.300,English and/or Hindi) and i am having quite considerable amount of spare Indrajals (Both English/Hindi),Diamond Digests (Phantom/Mandrake both English/Hindi) and Amar Chitra Katha (Both English/Hindi).
So anybody,specially any Australian friend interested in trading/swapping Frews in lieu of Indrajal/Diamond Digest/Amar Chitra Kathas/Tinkles then kindly please contact at for further details.
I also got a Diamond Digest consisting of Mandrake story never published by Indrajal but i am not sure about the serial no. of the strip.Here are the scans of two pages of it..can anybody help in locating the details of the strip...!!..Sagnik...!!!

OM SHANTI OM:Reincarnation of KARZ

After quite a long time i watched any movie in theater and i enjoyed it quite a bit (not the movie particularly but the environment there,claps,exclamations on the entry of Shahrukh,whistles and sighs on the entry of Deepika,Hangama when the song Dard-e-Disco reels out)....all that was quite enjoyable.
But if talking about the movie itself its a weak reincarnation of Block Buster of 80s,Karz.
The movie opens with the scene where the famous song of movie Karz (Meri Umar ke Naujawano...) was being filmed and Om Prakash (Shahrukh Khan) was in the crowd of Jr.artists,yeah,he plays a Jr.artist who is a die hard fan cum lover of the famous heroine Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone) of that time.
After few incidents in his favour he gets quite well acquainted with her and later came to know that Shanti was married secretly with top notch producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal) who hasn't disclosed the marriage in order to sustain the image of Shanti and ultimately to prevent any adverse effect which might reflect on his dream project 'Om Shanti Om'.
But Shanti was more eager to get a married lady status and to be a mother rather than a top class heroine and presses Mukesh to declare the marriage as she was pregnant..,cunning Mukesh pacify her for the time being and plans to eliminate her in which he was quite successful expect that Shahrukh came to knew about his heinous plans but was unable to save Shanti and in the try, himself gets succumbed to injuries.
30 Years later Shahrukh gets reincarnated as Om Kapoor,a top film star haunted by the memories of his previous he came to find out about his last birth story and how he avenges the death of Shanti forms the rest crunch of the story.
As a remake of KARZ its naturally prone to get compared with the original one,in which it fails quite miserably as its music stands nowhere in the comparison of explosive and evergreen score of KARZ.The most hyped Dard-e-disco,an item song,is a filler which is of no help in smoothing out the flow of movie...also the climax ('inspired' by the classic Madhumati) is quite predictable with no shocking effect in it.
If talking about the positive points of the movie it is good in parts..the scene,inspired by the movie Naseeb,in which a galaxy of stars were congregated for a song ('John johny janardan.....' in Naseeb) provides eye soothing effect to watch so many stars together in a scene,the scene where Shahrukh gets his 1st Filmfare award and gives the speech driven by haunting memories of his rebirth,the scene where the union of mother and son takes place.
Also the positivity about music is the song 'Agar mai kahu...." which feels sweet and poetic to ears.
Shahrukh handles the role with a experts ease and displays his trademark mannerisms more too often,newcomer Deepika Padukone fails to create any sensation and hence seems so-so,but still its too early to pass any solid judgment about of the cast Kirron Kher,Shreyas Talpade,Javed Khan,Bindu etc did justice to their roles.
Vishal-Shekhar score is just ok,Javed Akhtar brilliance glitters in only one song 'Agar mai kahu...'
Overall this Farah Khan movie can prove to be a fair timepass if watched in a cool time sans-ticket in black after the initial Shahrukh euphoria settles down.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

#Comic No.54:The Child Lifters

A Warm and Heartiest Wishes for a Very Happy Dipawali to my Visitors,Friends and their Families
Total Downloads=12,000 (Rounded off)
Total Comments/Inputs/Reactions=700 (Rounded off)
Comment to Download Ratio=6% (Approx.)

The above data also includes multiple comments made by regulars and replies made by blog author hence real C/D ratio is still more less. If we consider 6% into picture that means only 6 downloaders out of 100 leaving their inputs!!!! it fair?
I know nobody is forcing us to post the comics and hence why we should force anybody to comment/react ...Ok,alright,but one can't ignore the fact behind also,which is,although posting comics was initiated only to share with fellow comic lover what we have and doesn't have any intention of any sort of monetary gains but how long it can be continued without any real feed of moral boosting and admiration!!!
The day when the joy of posting dries up the blog dies....most recent example is TCP.
So to preserve and nourish the joy of posting we only need some regular and meaty inputs/reactions (appreciation,demands,criticism,discussion) from the majority among you.Few regulars only commenting/discussing/demanding will certainly won't do for a long time...
Therefore in order to make the things change a bit from now onwards on a experimental basis for some time the d/l will be provided via mail to those who leave their mail id either in comments or mails directly to me at
Col.Worobu,Pattu,Dr.Ravi Gokhle please mail me your mail id so that d/l can be mailed to you.

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