Thursday, November 1, 2007

#Comic No.52:The Missing Prince:Part 1

This one was a long time request of Chandan,i am sure now his joy will have no bounds....isn't it Chandan!!!!
A serious thought which was rightly pointed out by TPH...the mammoth rate at which only Phantom/Mandrake IJCs are being posted at major blogs will soon lead to depletion of Phantom/Mandrake ones thus leaving behind only non-P/M comics,will this be a healthy situation for blog's taste and life!!!!
Keeping this in mind i am giving a serious thought to post all IJCs heroes remaining comic in alternate fashion and requests will be entertained accordingly.
Also giving a thought to start a separate blog for Amar Chitra Katha,Manoj Chitra Katha and Tinkles etc,kindly let me know about your sincere and honest views.

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Grouchy Smurf said...

I claim 1st. I cant you are thinking about exhausting all phantom and mandrake IJCs. Someday I hope all 803 IJCs would be blogged. Wow! That would be something.

Thanks a bunch

Grouchy Smurf said...

Sorry. I meant I cant believe you are thinking about exhausting all mandrake and phantom IJCs. What a day that would be!

Comic Guy said...

#GF:What about Bahadur,Flash,Kirby,Drek and other hero IJCs...don't you like them also to be surfaced along with P/M!!!!

sAg_NiK said...

Someday I hope all 803 IJCs would be blogged

Pattu,NOT being a gr8 fan of other heroes,said it!!!!

I think this simply indicates,how much we love ap'cular character,under the banner of"Indrajal Comics" ,everything is ok :-))

Even I,not fond of those GK/K Phantom OR those ACK-type Indrajals,wish to buy these....just for that nostalgic banner!! (though Charlton-Phantom is strickly no-no,they r shame of this GWW!!)

sAg_NiK said...

Now abt this Missing Prince,I'm sorry BUT thing's never like it!Rather the story where Phantom had to re-visit that Drur-casino or so.... 'Queen shiba's necklace'Vol.22 No.33/34/35' was much MORE xciting!!

CW,do ya remember,how Vetal handled that deadly Python!! Those r amazing script/art-work n moments!!

P.S.- By the way,CW,plse save some money from buying IJCs n plse have a lil' dose of Brainolia!!
I think u understand what i mean ! ;-))

Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear CW,

I like Bhadur a lot. Its obviously very Indian and I feel happy that we too could come up quality graphic novels. Its a pity it died with IJCs.

If I am not wrong Missing prince appeared as a sunday strip and I remember having read it in the Illustrated Weekly of India.
Its a pity that also died soon after IJc. I remember they tried everything to boost its sales. Even print nude/wet women in the centre page. Didnt work though.

ranjit said...

a big thumbs up for the AMAR CHITRA KATHAS and TINKLE...i think these need to be out soon.!!

The Phantom Head said...

I am sorry but my display adapter is constantly giving trouble. Will read the story in the morning and then comment.

Chandan said...

Iam v.v.v.sorry,Iam late to comment.Infact i have just returned home and well......What do i see?TMP......i've always wanted to see it.
CW,I won't thank u because my words will fall short.Incredible,awesome,fantastic comic from my dear friend.
Great effort.
So take care.MCK is fine(no pub'n now)but ACK and Tinkle.....I have my doubts.Although I wud love to see them as well.
As for other heroes,yes,u can post Bahadur,Flash and Rip.I think Bahadur needs to be exposed more often.He brings out the true Indian in him.

Colonel Worobu said...

Maybe some of the poorly scanned IJCs can be rescanned properly at leisure when all the IJCs are posted. With ads hopefully :)

CW: Do you have the ad pages for "Mandrake and the Goldman"?

Grouchy Smurf said...

starting a blog on Amar Chitra Katha,Manoj Chitra Katha and Tinkles:

Dear CW beware of copyright issues. Since these books are still alive. If you do start I suggest you start with the ones which are out of print or not being recirculated. Somebody might flag your blog.

The Phantom Head said...

Excellent post. Buz Sawyer story is nice as well.

All IJC heroes will receive same welcome from me. As for other comics, a separate blog may be a good idea. Although I am not particularly keen on having all those mentioned but a few ACKs will be good for me.

Comic Guy said...

#Sagnik:I agree with you that everything under Indrajal Banner is Ok.Queen's Sheeba necklace is another exiting story but this one is also not less than any other..infact all stories where Phantom moves out of the jungle are a bit more exiting ones..aren't they..'coz the very presence of the caption "There r times when Phantom moves out of jungle and walks the streets of town as an ordinary man..this is one of those times" adds to the thrill.
Also all my this month salary has been exhausted..let the next month salary comes so that i can buy Brainolia..;-)
#GF:Yeah this one did appeared in IW.
#Ranjit:Lets hope the conditions set favorably for these to be surfaced.
#Chandan:Agree Bahadur should be posted...will you mind if i post a Bahadur in between of the remaining 2 parts of TMP!!!!
#Col.:Unfortunately i am not having its old English version,what i am having is its reprint issue in Hindi and without cover:-(
#GF:Your concern is very much thinkable...i will be giving more incubation period before germinating anything of such sort.
#TPH:I also didn't liked all ACK except few titles and some good series like Mahabharata etc..

Indrajal Comics Club said...

CW: thanks for the scans, wanted to scan and post at icc,, but my scanner is under repair, and most important is all these blogs are mine, so it makes no difference to me whether it has been posted at icc or any other blogs..
just a question : have u decided to post a single front cover and give the link?

Comic Guy said...

Yeah all these are Indrajal community (ours) blogs and a collective collaborative effort of all of us.
Not exactly but sometimes its necessary just to accommodate in the tight schedule and also for a change.

Chandan said...

I value your words as much as u value mine.Yes,u can post Bahadur.
Anything for u.
U have come a long way,i missed u and also TMP.But after TMP is finished with ,someone'll still wonder if it was the only thing i was after.Or no,all blogs mean much more to Chandan than a handful of comics.

Anonymous said...

Your thought of uploading, ACK and Tinkle in sepearate blog is too gud. Pls implement your thought. Waiting for your upload. Thnks.

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