Friday, April 30, 2010

# Dharamyug

'Times of India' group have been a renowned name among the oldest major publication houses of India.It has produced a wide variety of magazines and comics suiting to the taste of all age groups such as Indrajal comics and Parag for children,Filmfare and Madhuri for movie buffs,Sarika for younger generation,Femina for women,The Illustrated Weekly of India for English literary loving readership and Dharamyug for Hindi readership.
IWI and Dharamyug both magazines use to deal with current affairs along with fine articles on other popular topics such as sports,cinema,T.V. etc.
In this post i will be talking something about Dharamyug which came in publication in the year 1950 to target the Hindi readership as after independence reading culture and specially Hindi/Urdu reading culture was all set to become the prime time pass of Indian mass in parallel with Hindi cinema.

It was surprising to find that no formal and relevant information about Dharamyug was available anywhere over net,hence in this respect Comic World is the first site to throw at-least some light on this fabulous but extincted magazine of yesteryear. 

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

# Tribute To Shehab Ji

From a long time i was longing for a snap and other details about Shehab Ji as about him very less information is available even with his close associates such as Pran,Hussain Zamin etc.
Though in a previous post Alok Bhai has already given some precious information about Shehab Ji but after coming across his first snap of any kind i felt to dedicate one more post on him along with some more details about him.
Recently Anupam Bhai provided some of the rare information about Shehab Ji as well as other artists in this post,from this very post we at least got an opportunity to view Shehab Ji's lone snap up till now and some more information about him that he was from Allahabad and his famous creation Chotu-Lambu was being published in Parag from 1958.
We also came to know that Shehab Ji's lived a very struggled life and even worked as a carpenter to earn his living in his childhood as his parents died when he was a child only and due to poor condition he wasn't able to study after 10th.This struggle and poverty clearly reflects in his cartoons and characters very well.
Shehab Ji started his career with 1/2 page cartoon space and later on he was assigned by Diamond comics publication to create a full 32 page comic of Chotu-Lambu.
Shehab Ji holds some of the glorious creations like Manglu Madari-Bandar Bihari,Chimpu,
Chaman Charlie behind him.His cartoon used to be a simple characters which uses the day-to-day happenings to turn in humorous situations.Though Shehab Ji excelled in both 1/2 page and 32 page comic format but personally i felt that he was better in 1 or 2 page space rather than a full 32 page comic.

His USP was to portray a full humorous situation without the use of dialogues,he excellently generated sharp humor in his creation Chimpu(Indrajal comics)in the absence of any sort of dialogues using only the sign language,here one can easily find a striking similarity with Charlie Chaplin's mute comedy.
Perhaps Shehab Ji was greatly inspired by Chaplin's methodology as later on he created a character called 'Chaman Charlie',clearly inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

(Image courtesy:Anupam Bhai,Atul Vishwakarma)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

# April 13,1919-The Massacre

13th April 1919 is a historic day in Indian History as on this day scores of innocent peoples were butchered in cold blood by Gen.Dwyer,the then General of British Raj.
Following comic post is a humble dedication for the martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh.

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