Monday, February 4, 2008

Anniversary Post:Comic No.72-75


UPDATE:A new Amar Chitra Katha has been posted by ICC on the ACK blog.Enjoy.....
My Dear friends and esteemed visitors today is a special day for CW as exactly 1 year from today the first comic was posted on CW on 4th Feb 2007. There is a long and interesting tale behind the formation of CW which I already had mentioned a couple of times but for the sake of new entrants of CW its being mentioned here once again along with some more interesting unknown facts.
I was/am a avid Indrajal fan right from my childhood but how did I came across the comics for the very first time is still a mystery for me also as in our family there was no tradition of reading books/comics apart from our school course .I remember very well that in those days we even can’t afford the subscription of newspaper which was the only news medium apart from radio hence there was no question of subscribing any type of magazine or comic.
But then how do I got addicted to books/comics if I think more deeply on it then I finds a reason behind my affinity which is since my maternal grandfather was a poet and a renowned literary person of his times then I might inherited the love for books from him.
Nearby my house there was a shop on which platform a old man known by the name of “Pundit Ji’ use to sell old books/comics etc. I remember myself often wandering around his shop and being fascinated by the colorful attractive covers of the comics. Sometimes he was kind enough to allow me to touch, turn and hold the comics in my hand. Soon I was strongly infatuated by these stapled bunches of colorful printed papers and the desire of owning them was getting stronger day by day but to realize this desire in reality for a kid of 6 having pocket money of mere 10 paisa/day was a too much ask.
Initially the demand for comics was fulfilled occasionally by parents but it was difficult also for them to satisfy my ever increasing hunger for comics.
So in order to quench the addiction the little kid got an idea and he use to skip the usual after school ‘chaat-pakodi’ feast in order to save his pocket money for comics. After 5 such days of ‘virtual fasting’ he was able to buy an Indrajal for 50 paisa, half the cover price rate of Rs.1/1.50 from Pundit Ji.
Year passed, my pocket money incremented and so do my collection which was now comprising of Indrajal,Parag,Lotpot,Diamond,Madhumuskan etc.
The story is too long hence friends take a small break here and read these comics until i returns:

The Masked Assassin

(The scans of this comic were not having the ad pages hence the ad pages are scanned by CW keeping in mind the likeness for ad pages of Col.Worobu)

Download this Comic

The Plant Attack

Download this Comic

Ok here i am back lets get back to the story;
During my summer vacations along with my similar liking friend I use to run a library in which we use to give comics of our collection on rent and from the earnings use to buy new comics which I myself read first before putting them in library.
A major event happened in 1983; India won the cricket world cup, the cricket culture in the country rose to new heights and I was also not remaining unaffected by the new rage. Cricket now became my new prime hobby and comics took a backseat.
In mid of 1985 we shifted to our new house and in this transition a major portion of my collection got lost, my negligence was also a major cause behind it as I was paying more attention toward cricket rather than comics.
From 85’ to early 90s’ I was busy in cricket though reading was also being continued at parallel but now the place of comics were taken by novels, film magazines and other teenage stuff ;o).
By the mid of 90s’ due to pressure of career shaping compulsions all my hobbies were forced to hibernate though occasional buying of Indrajals, whenever I find and able to buy, was continued.
Wheel of time rotated further, I completed my B.Tech than M.Tech before finally settling down to a satisfactory career. It was the later half of 2006 when during searching Indrajal on net TCP was discovered unfolding a huge comic mass in digital form. That was the triggering moment which woke the hibernated comic lover in me.
Since I always prefer to read comics/books on paper than on PC monitor hence the ‘comic quest’ begun. Fortunately I was able to collect a considerable volume of comics within few months with my ‘no stone left unturned’ approach. After maintaining a sizable collection of Indrajal Comics naturally I thought of contributing the scans to TCP but from comments thread I came to know that there was a waiting line (!!!) even for contributing comics……..reluctant of being in any queue and at least in a comic queue the idea of starting a new blog was cropped up considering the huge volume of crazy online Indrajal lovers.
Hence on 4th Feb CW was born with a motive behind to share the comics with similar liking comic lovers who don’t have access to these timeless gems.
During this one year journey a whole new multi dimensional world of comic lovers was unfolded before me, interaction, sharing thoughts with these comic fans was really a divine, knowledgeable and unforgettable experience for me.
I am very much grateful to all comic lovers who visited CW and shared their precious thought with me. I am highly indebted especially to Mr.Ajay Misra, Mr.Vineeth Abraham and other persons behind the master project of scanning Indrajal Comics and making them available to us so that we were able to post them here for all of you.
I am also very much thankful to a person without whose support it was not possible for CW to live up to this stage and that person is my wife as it was only because of her patience and support that I was able to devote continuously the required length of time in scanning, compressing and then uploading the comics one after another for the whole year.
Last but not least I am heartily thankful and indebted to Comic Crazy from whom I got the very first anniversary gift i.e. the CW anniversary special banner; he is such a talent along with a good helping human.
At this occasion I wish to list the names of all those known persons who did left an impact on CW during its 1st year journey.
Frank,Sagnik,Shobi,Indianmalang,Ruchikar,Ajnabi(Where and how are you friend!!!),Bigfoot, Atma,Sriniwas, Vijay Kumar Sappatti,Johny Hotwire,
Vijay,Partha Majumdar,The Comic Reader,bn_usa,Sunshine,Joshua,
The ghost who goggles,Obi Wan,Manthiram,Kit,Vitesh, Walker,Shreya,
Achala,Priyanka,Work,Pradeep,Manjula,Sagar,Wildmagic,Ranjit,Ajit,Ravi Gokhle,Chatur Cheeta,Anonymous-Male-India,Desh,Satish,Praveen,
Simply Complicated,Shyam,Rake,Purvesh,Manoj Kamath,Mozz,
Ubermann,Sudeep,Gamingdude,Fazal,Rajpal,Obelix,Adibud34,Dr Luaga,
Aditya Simha,Amit Nath,Darth Seid,Ag,Nithish,Subhro,Krishna,Alfred,
Orpheus,Nithish,Comic60,Prabhat,Vineet,Abdul S,Deb,Mozz,Masayo.
I Love you all…………………..
Some names might have been missed unintentionally but it does not mean that I don’t admire them.
I hope you all will keep your love and support intact for CW which is the pillar behind its motivation and strength.
I was in fix to decide the comic to be posted on this gala occasion hence keeping in mind the feelings of our major 4 popular heroes fan for the 1st time a comic each of all 4 Heroes is being posted to satisfy the thirst of fans of all 4 Heroes.Except "Nag Kanya Ka Jadu" rest 3 comics scan are again from Ajay/Vineeth combo;"Shukriya,Karam,Meharbani"
Hope you will like it if yes then kindly do leave your precious inputs.
Happy Reading…………..
The Wonder Child

Download This Comic

Naag Kanya Ka Jadu

Download this comic


Colonel Worobu said...

Wow! Huge posts for the anniversary!

Congrats on your 1st anniversary! May you celebrate many such anniversaries for the years to come.

Thank you for remembering me in your posts as always.


comic60 said...

Congrats on ur 1st anniversary. Hope you continue for many more years :)

Anonymous said...

Hearty Congratulations on your first anniversary!!!*****

Thank you for the great and generous service you are providing to the comic lovers.

May your blog continue for many, many, more years to come.

Best Wishes!!!!!!!!

Grouchy's Comics said...

Congrats on your 1st anniversary! What a great post! Best wishes and may your blog march forward with all success.

For the the first time a Hindi comic needed no introduction to me! I rushed through the snake chambers bait looking only at the top left frame. For therein I remember seeing a picture which excited me a lot when I was young. I am still young enough to be excited by it! This is a long awaited post in the IJcs blog and a fitting occasion to release it.
Many thanks CW.
I do hope I have not offended Ruchi and Aachala! Sorry! Its a guy thing!

Deb said...

What a way to celebrate an anniversary!!! Great going, CW!! You've chosen excellent comics for the occasion. Posting a comic of all 4 major Indrajal characters was a nice touch. Keep it up, dear!

Frank said...

congrats on your first anniversary!

and i think i have read the the wonder child (mandrake) somewhere else! ( i mean in paper) it was not indrajal as far as i remember maybe in a diamond comic!
[isnt that the one where a child comes from the future , doesnt speaks their language at first and then someone comes from future to save them from 2 villans (probably), and in the end she talks in english & narda was surprised & i remember mandrake saying this is wat ur future child have become!]
forgive me if i am correct & have posted a spoiler!

Ajay said...

Congrats on first anniversary of Comic World so nicely travelled full year.


Simply Complicated said...

Whoo!!! This is indeed a long post. And one of the much awaited ones too... Heartiest congratulations to CW on its first anniversary. May it celebrate many more anniversaries.
And yes, 1983 was one defining year for Indian cricket. But was it the Reliance cup or the Prudential Cup? I think it was the Prudential Cup... But whatever, the win brought Indian cricket into spotlight.

Heartiest Congratulations once again!!!

The Phantom Head said...

Many congratulations on your first anniversary. It has been a glorious journey so far. I am confident that it will continue in the same fashion.

Thanks a lot for all the effort and hard work you have put into scanning and in making these gems available to us. It is a highly commendable job. Not many have survived to see their anniversary date. Many others who started with a similar intention finally bowed down before the huge and difficult demands of this profit-less, even thankless job. kudos to you.

The anniversary post write up is interesting too. The idea of putting fantastic four is also good.

Many thanks to all others who have made this possible in one way or the other.

Prabhat said...

Thank you for the great work for the comic lovers.

Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment,
Dont lose your confidence
Go always ahead.

Happy Birthday

Chatur Cheeta said...

Congratulations on the First Anniversary.
I wanted to be the first one to wish you but quite a few have bested me at that.
So without even going through the post let me wish you first.

Now I am going back to read the post.

adibud34 said...

Wow!!!! This was such a mind-blowing post! Fabulous!!! Congratulations on your anniversary!

By the way - you thanked me twice! :) I'm adibud34 and Aditya Simha.

Say, a request from me - could you please post the English version of the Bahadur sometime in the future. I remember hearing that this was the last Bahadur comic, and Bela and Bahadur almost get engaged in this! I'm so eager to read that! :)

Have a blast today! A fabulous day!

achala said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary!

You sure know how to celebrate - Four comics in one post! Yay! :)

I always like reading/hearing how people got started on the reading habit. Yours is one of the best stories I've heard. Keep it up man!

It's so sweet that you acknowledged your wife's support. Does she also read?

Best wishes for your blog, and I hope that it continues the way it has for a long time.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for the wonderful time u have given to us, when we were hungry for comics, tcp was only source we had, but u came and opened a new platform for us, comics in both langauge!!! that was a treat for us...

i wish u shud continue in this manner, and celebrate ur 5th/10th anniversary..

i wish u all the best for ur future projects.. if u want any help from me, just ask me...

btw, the world cup which india won wasnt reliance world cup, it was prudential cup in england, reliance cup was held in 1987

achala said...

Grouchy: If you hadn't named me and Ruchi, I'd have read your comment and not given it a second thought. Now that you've brought it to my attention, I do find it distasteful.
I'm aware that in a guy-dominated domain, I'm likely to see/hear things I may not totally agree with, and even if I find something distasteful, I'm not gonna quibble over it online. People who know me personally are careful what they say in front of me, that's enough for me. :)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

Achala: come on yaar. he didnt mean it.. what he meant... hahhaha ? can i tell u?...
i know what he was saying.. infact i have stated that in the past about this comic...
i didnt have this comic on my collection, but when Chandan sent me, i opened it and "saw" it....


Indrajal Comics Club said...

i meant, "in " my collection, not "on" my collection..

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Thanks Col.,you are and will remain a integral part of Indrajal community.
Please read the post again,there is something quoted to you.:o)

Comic World said...

Comic60: Thanks to you.Yeah,i also hope to see many such anniversaries more.

Comic World said...

Anon: Many thanks for your wishes.I wish you should have left a name so that you could be addressed better.

Comic World said...

Grouchy: Thanks Pattu.This Bahadur one was posted keeping in mind your special interest in it.This was the last Bahadur comic on IJC and a bit bold too,1st four pages of its were devoted in Bahadur-Bela chuhalbaziyaan,perhaps the prevailing open culture of that time was also showing its affect on comics too.

Comic World said...

Deb: Many thanks for the wishes.Keep visiting friend.

achala said...

ICC: I know grouchy meant no harm. I see I didn't make myself clear earlier. Let me elaborate: I don't read Hindi comics. I didn't download this one either. But because of his last two sentences, I downloaded it to see what he was talking about, found it, didn't like it, and said so.
I've come across such 'guy-talk' before (not necessarily on these blogs but on the net), and ignored it completely because it's obviously directed at other guys, not at girls.
Ironically, because he was nice enough to apologise in advance, my attention was drawn to it and I decided to put my two cents in on the matter.

Anyway, today is a day to celebrate, not to get into a gender-debate, so let's just end it here and get back to reading comics. What do you say? :)

Comic World said...

Frank: Thanks Frank.Yeah,you are correct about the synopsis of the story,this was later republished by Indrajal as "The Maddening Mystery" Vol.24.No.7.You must have read its Diamond Digest version.

Comic World said...

Ajay: Thank you Big Brother.Yours is a milestone support for CW in reaching up to here.Kudos to you!!!!

Comic World said...

Simply Complicated: Lots of thanks.Yeah,that was Prudential cup indeed instead of Reliance World Cup..since i have started to watch cricket like a crazy fan from Reliance Cup itself hence it was in backdrop of my mind while writing this post and unconsciously i went on quoting Reliance in place of Prudential.The error has been rectified.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Many Thanks CW! Thanks ICC for springing to my defense!
I felt you and Ruchi were mature enough to ignore what you dont like. Your comments reflect your maturity.

I showed 'it' to my wife. She stared at it for a few moments and said: "Sorry she looks clothed! much to my irritation.
Of course I dont wish to believe that! Anyway I dont expect women to understand. Its a guy thing as I wrote earlier.

My wife spends her free time reading Mill & Boon romances on the net and I get irritated by those books. Just cant see what see sees in them. She tell me the same thing: Its a women thing!

Grouchy's Comics said...

Oops! The first part of the previous comment was adressed to Achala. Forget to mention it!
I meant:
"I felt Achala and Ruchi were mature enough to ignore what you dont like. Your comments reflect your maturity"

The Skull Cave Treasures said...



AMAZING, OUTSTANDING AND SIMPLY GREAT! what a post! yaar, you consumed 4 posts, i.e. a 15-20 day's job in a day! I hope to receive the comics u sent me, today!

Thanks a lot, i owe you my childhood!

Ruchi said...

This is great. Congratulations.

I remember reading the mandrake story when I was a child. Wow, what memories. Thanks CW.

- Ruchi.

Colonel Worobu said...

"hence the ad pages are scanned by CW keeping in mind the likeness for ad pages of Col.Worobu)"

Thank you CW! I missed this because it is a bit hard to browse your page today as my PC becomes very slow and uses 100%CPU when the page gets loaded.


Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Col. this quote was not in the post initially as i forgot to mention this before,it was only added later hence i thought to remind you to check it.:o)

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks for all the appreciative words.Yeah,rightly said its only because of the inner driving force that one can go so long for this profit less job.
I will be keeping this up until i enjoy posting comics.

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Your lines are inspiring,thanks for them.Keep visiting.
Chatur Cheeta: Its better late than never.Thanks and welcome.By the way until now i have heard only about "Cheeta bhi peeta hai..",for the first i have came across with Chatur Cheeta (clever cheeta) :o)

Comic World said...

Adibud34: Thanks for the wishes.You all deserves thanks more than once for your fantastic support...:o)
The Bahadur comic about which you mentioned is indeed the last of Bahadur comic,its Hindi version (Naag Kanya Ka Jadu) is posted itself in this very post if you can read Hindi then enjoy it otherwise i would have to ask ICC to post its English version as i think he is having the English version.

Comic World said...

Achala: Thanks Achala.I too like to mention and hear about the inside story behind the comic love.I would also like you to mention your inside story too here.
My wife do reads also but not comics particularly rather than she is more fond of women/cooking/interior decorative magazines.

Comic World said...

ICC: Thanks buddy for the appreciative and supportive words,yeah,you are the best helping hand which i can think of and i will be promptly asking for any needed help.
Indeed that World Cup was Prudential Cup rather than Reliance Cup.The 1st three world cups(1975,1979 and 1983) were sponsored by a British company named as Prudential hence the title of the tournament.Unconsciously i went on mentioning it as Reliance Cup as true cricket fever gripped me during Reliance Cup only,the error has been rectified.

Comic World said...

Sameer: Dear Sameer you complemented the anniversary celebrations by saying the formal words,many thanks :o)
The joy in vibrating ones childhood memory chords is a unmatched one;i am glad if i can struck a similar chord in you.

Comic World said...

Ruchi: Welcome and thanks on making appearance on this joyous occasion.

CHANDAN said...

CW.....what can i say?
You are one of those people i remember whose life i made JEENA MUSHKIL....Yes,iam referring to all those requests and troubling mails for comics,comics and comics.....Actually i dont even remember how many times i said a HELLO to u but asked comics....hahhaha
But thats the way iam...but of late iam trying to improve myself,trust me but its very difficult to go back on nature.Trust me i may look very good on blog but there are times when i have literally fought with my wife for PC to view scans even though she had more important business.Thats the way iam.Iam selfish,a bit arrogant at times but then in the end I LOVE YOU ALL.

iam sorry iam a bit late here,but in the office i cant browse the net(literally prohibited for personal use)and so the moment i came home,began blogging.
Iam happy that you have disclosed the chapter on your life and related concern for comics.It is a touching episode.
... one thing...We all wud have been most unhappy had u abandoned your blog for MOVIE WORLD.I know its your fond interest but then i always wanted that u continue your great blog CW.It was so heartening to see u change accordingly and here u are amidst your celebrations and love of all people.
Had u shifted,wud u have seen this day?It wud have been,trust me and pardon,the most foolish decision.
So continue in the same vein,with the likes of ICC and Ajay and evrybody else,u need not fear anyone,trust me.
Celebrate many a anniversary like this and i promise to stay with u throughout.
About comics,well..great great great effort.Keep it up.
Its a treat for everyone.
Thanks a lot.

Comic World said...

Chandan: "Bus aapki hi kami thhi,party me der se hi sahi per chandan ji aakar aapne char chand laga diye". Many thanks for the wishes.
Everything depends upon the joy which one extracts from something so as long as i am getting joy in posting comics i will continue to do so and honestly speaking i am drawing much more joy from CW than ever before.
Movie World is temporarily shelved until when i would be able to devote the required time for it.
Also why and which fear!!!!all are mine so with whom to fear!!

dArA said...

Many congratulations on your first anniversary!!!!!

I can remember,when I discovered TCP & CW in last Feb.,it was a thrilling experince.....I first read one IJC in TCP was 'The Veiled Lady(No.41)' & in CW it was 'Mritunjay(No.295)'.....since then it was a gr8 experince!

And 4-in-1 is BEST to suit this 'special' occasion....specially when ALL of "AMAZING FOUR" are present!!:o)

Btwn,as expected,ALL had discussed MORE eagerly 'that' Bahadur comic over P/M! ;-))) Well,it's a secial 'cos wid this one(Snane Charmer's Bait; Vol.27 No.5),the glorious journey of our Indian Super-hero ended...but he's still pretty close to us(even closer!) & hopefully will remain for ever!!!!!!

Continue your great project!:))

Comic World said...

Dara: Thanks and welcome to the party,with your awaited entry i think party is near to completion.
Yeah,its really pleasing to see that a Bahadur comic is more in discussion rather than Phantom/Mandrake but we all know whats the 'reason' behind ;o)

comic.crazy said...

Hey, wait a minute,

Just happened to get a chance to see your Anniversary posts and a huge celebration in comments from your crazy comic fans who are equally comic-crazy like me!

Happy Anniversary!!!


Grouchy's Comics said...

Dear CW,

For some reason you blog is loading very slowly and I am not abel to freely browse down as Col. Wor.pointed out. I think is has something to do with the animation. Can you please check?

comic.crazy said...

Even I felt it.... it's because, as you said, too many animations are loaded in one post, and it takes time to cache them. But the header banner is loading faster in my test site. (Pls check ur mail)


obelix said...

Dear CW, congratulations on the anniversary and heartfelt thanks for the superb effort all this time on the blog.

It was nice to read the 'down memory lane' story of a comic lover. The story is so very similar for a good number of us comic lovers. Back when we were school kids, we the enchantment of those colorful Indrajal Comics started and still has not faded much. Those were the days when most of us had a few paise as allowance for snacks from roadside stalls on the way to or back from school. There was the thrill of saving the money to get a colorful copy of the Indrajal from old-book stalls.

Now that we grew up and can probably afford more money, we do not have many such simple and sweet goals to look forward to. We can only relive old memories. It's sad. But still it s sweet.

Thanks again for all the effort and specially for bunch on occasion of the anniversary.

Keep it up.

WildMagic said...

Comic World!! It is said of truly exceptional endeavours that they benefit not only those who undertake them, but also that people who are touched by tehm are no longer the same.

And so it is with CW. Sure, you enjoy putting up these comics, but your bring a gift to untold number of your readers..that of re-connecting them to their childhood. That is priceless!

With all my heart my friend, I thank you for what you are doing. If you are ever in or around Stockholm in the next 1,5 years..remember you have a home here!


bhotla said...

Kudos to you CW and Happy one year anniversary. Definitely make me check your site at least once a day! For the love of comics, for the love of Indrajals and for the love of Phantom/Mandrake and Lee Falk.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations CW!!

Your 1st anniversary post has been so great, now I am waiting for your 2nd anniversary.


The Phantom Head said...

Possible causes for slow page loading: Two annimations.

I think the slide show one is the one causing the problem. Reason -
(i) number of pictures in the slide-show is very high.
(ii) cw probably loaded the full cover pages to make rockyou slideshow. So each page is about 180 KB and total file size is huge. It is making the browsers to crawl. please confirm cw.

How I avoid such problems: This is another reason I love opera. You can allow/dis-allow loading flash animations very easily.

Tools => Quick Preferences => Enable Plug-ins.

I always keep it disabled so as to avoid flash advertisements on pages. Saves a lot of unneedd data download.

But I viewed CWs annimation and yes it was a bit slow but a nice one. Display of many posted comics was very good to look at.

Comic World said...

Comic.Crazy: Thanks and Welcome to the party,you are also a active part of CW hence also deserves all the praises.
Well,here amidst of anniversary party celebrations i am remembering a particular scene from the movie "Om Shanti Om" where Shahrukh gets a Filmfare Awards and all stars make pleasing appearance to his party and adds to the joy;i am seeing a similar analogy here with that scene.:o)

Comic World said...

GC: Dear Grouchy,yeah,the page is slower to load because of the higher file size animation particularly "The Journey so Far".
As rightly pointed out by TPH if you are using Opera then you can disable the "plug in" option so avoid the flash data.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

so you are shahrukh khan? :))))))))

"salman" has already commented on ur blog.. i didnt expect that!!!! got the link?

Comic World said...

Obelix: You displayed the theme of our story in a simple and lucid manner.Rightly said now we can afford them easily but the sweet goals are no more,the thrill which we get of putting hand on the comics in those times is no more,fascination of a kids mind with those colorful pages of comics is not really same now.
But the vibration of memories by going through the same comic is still there and sweet too.

Comic World said...

Wildmagic: Who says that comic posting is a profit less job!!!See what i have got..a Friend and a home too,wo bhi in foriegn,wow.. :o)
Sagar heartiest thanks for this sweet offer,i will remember this.

Comic World said...

Bhotla: Thanks for the wishes.
Uday: Thanks for the wishes,there is lot more interesting to come in between too.Just wait for that too.

Comic World said...

TPH: your analysis is correct,though my XP browser is not that much slow but still sometimes i find a delay in scrolling it down with the current post page.
Yeah,after disabling plug in option in Opera the problem vanishes.

Comic World said...

ICC: Let me be Shahrukh for at least some days ;o)
Yeah,Salman already commented but you know i was expecting him...;o)

nithish said...

Great 1st Anniversary post.

Anonymous said...

Dear CW
Happy anniversary. Well deserved. I am sorry, not been a regular visitor as have been stuck here in Iraq with the Multi-national forces with the British contingent as a Physician. Dangerous bur safe mission so far. Have very limited and incredibaly slow net access hence have not been able to down load anything so far but I am patient and hope to be home in England in few weeks.
Admire hard work of all you boys dedicating your free time for the benefit of all comic lovers.
What more can i say.
Ravi Gokhale

Anonymous said...

Dear CW
Happy anniversary. Well deserved. I am sorry, not been a regular visitor as have been stuck here in Iraq with the Multi-national forces with the British contingent as a Physician. Dangerous bur safe mission so far. Have very limited and incredibaly slow net access hence have not been able to down load anything so far but I am patient and hope to be home in England in few weeks.
Admire hard work of all you boys dedicating your free time for the benefit of all comic lovers.
What more can i say.
Ravi Gokhale

Comic World said...

Nithish: Thanks and welcome to the celebration party.
Ravi Gokhle: Many thanks for finding some time for CW even in adverse conditions.You are really a dedicated comic lover,the nostalgic inputs from you is always a joy to read.
Waiting for you to finish your assignment and join fully and acitvely in the forum.

Colonel Worobu said...

Good suggestion from TPH regarding disabling of plug-ins in Opera. Pages load much faster with this option disabled.

Only problem with Opera is that I cannot post comments on this blog via Opera. Also, mediafire cannot be used for downloading via Opera. I know others have successfully used Opera for these, but it never worked for me.

So I still have to load the CW page via firefox to post comments and to download stuff.

Atma said...

Hi CW,

First of all congratulations and sorry to be late.
I saw the huge post and enjoyed reading. However I was not able to do that on time. I have been really busy recently.

You have been doing great job. I should say your are doing better than TCP. No doubt TCP woke up the child in us and because of this we all got the inspiration to start out blogs but I still think you are doing better job. With the ACK blog you have made me 10-12 year kid.
Thanks for running the blog.

Do take some break but keep going.
We all enjoy reading.

Best of luck for the time ahead.

Comic World said...

Col.: Its unfortunate to know that Opera brower is giving you the mentioned troubles.I will be removing the animation from the post once i posts the next post as the high size of animation is make the page slower to load.
Atma: I was wondering that where have you been up till now...
Thanks for the wishes and welcome to the party.
You also keep your fantastic work get going.Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

congratulations CW on your 1st anniversary.You have come a long way, hope to see u all the coming years, All the guys who have indrajal etc. comics blogs must be great people, as they are sharing there treasure with all of us inspite of no profits.
Thanks a lot.Keep up the good work.

Comic World said...

Shobi: Thanks and welcome to the party.We are just simple peoples like others and as far as sharing comics without any profit is concerned i use to share them because i love comics and love more to see that peoples love them too.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Fantastic Post,CW....
Had not seen your site for a while. Wonderful way to celebrate the first anniversary. Many Many Congratulations on your efforts. If not for your blog after TCP stopped posting,Indrajal fans would be very much in the dark. Hope to see many more anniversaries in our lifetimes. Thanks for sharing your amazing collection.

Comic World said...

PAMF: Bala many thanks for your wishes.I also wish to say that you are also doing a fantastic job as comics/information on Phantom is relatively easier to find rather than that on Mandrake,and you being such a devoted fan of this magician is doing a yeoman service in unearthing the rare strips/info on him.I wish all success for such a worthful efforts.

Ashutosh said...

Please let me know how these comic file open.( Not having proper software to open these file)

Comic World said...

Ashutosh: To read these files you need a small software known as CBR(Comic Book Reader) or CBZ.You can download it from net or let me know if unable to find and i will be mailing you it.

Anonymous said...

i still remember that i used to get Rs 10/- as pocket money from my parents and i used to purchase indrajal comics fom our newspaper vendor ramji tewari in allahabad ,the first price which i could faintly recolllect was Rs 1/ or Rs3/-it was used to be once in amonth but during 80s it became weekly when many other characters were included uner the banner of indrajal comics-commander21

Anonymous said...

it seems that inclusion of many characters with whom the readers couldnt identified with proved to be the nemesis of indrajal comics under the TOI publication ,the ripley beleive it or not and camel colour competition was an added incetive for the readers, the names & the brief addresses of the winners were also published ,so was mine in one of such edition, i kept that copy & showed to all my pals as matter of pride i got a consolation prize ,now wwe dont see such type of close relationship between the publishers & the readers ,that era was very cheap but very rich in values-commander21

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