Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can any one help me!!!!!!

Today when i was sorting out my collection i find this cover less comic, i tried to find out its issue no. but couldn't ...can any one help me in tracing its issue no.!!!!!!


Chatur Cheeta said...

Dear CW
this is Indrajal comics#160 published in 15/06/1972

The stories are from Charlton Comics# 46 & 47 published in Oct & Dec 1971.

Ajay said...

as correctly pointed out by Chatur Cheeta, it # 160 published in Indrajal. I have it front cover, if u want, can send to you

The Phantom Head said...

Yes, this is IJC #160. All three story titles are given in IOB.

You already have its cover. Posted in one of your cover posts.

Comic World said...
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Comic World said...

CC: Thanks for the information.Since i was not having this comic scans hence was unable to trace it.
I am having a couple of cover less indrajal more to be traced down of issue no.s,will be putting here to let you people help me.. :o)

Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks for the offer,i already have its cover which was sent by you only..:o)

Comic World said...

TPH: Rightly pointed out,i am having its cover.Recently i had been offered this comic at a price of Rs.200/- (yes,Two Hundred) but i denied as the Charlton Phantom stories are not of that worth.

Ajay said...

I will search this comic with me , perhaps I am having this, I will give this comic or keep for you. I have with cover & in good condition.

bahadur said...

Glad u found the missing link,CW.
With likes of Ajay who is a master of scanning,u need not worry too much about losing any names of ics.
By the way u seem to have forgotten my request of THE BANK HEIST---Bahadur comic.Is it round the corner?

Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks a lot in advance,if i gets its cover version then i will be giving this cover less one to some needy fan.

Comic World said...

Bahadur: Your request is very much in my mind,the only thing is that at the moment i am exhausting/enjoying the 'contribution pool' as there are few more comics in the CP (Contribution pool) to be posted.

Grouchy's Comics said...

These Charltons were available in Free comic Books earlier. Now these rapdishare links are dead. Btw the Free comics site hosts a new look which is not very great!

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