Tuesday, January 26, 2010

# Republic Day Post

Today morning i received this sms from a dear friend Anupam,
"Why do we Indians eagerly wish valentine day,rose day,friendship day,etc. before 6 or 8 days,and feel proud that we have done a very great job.But why do things change when it comes to our nation's 'Republic Day or Independence Day'.Do we have the same eagerness?Answer is "NO".So come lets change our view towards our nation and stop giving priority to the western culture.
Lets be INDIANS first.
Yes,completely agree with it.Why its so that we are very eager to wish for individual cause but not for national cause!!Its so because we are losing faith and believe on nationalism and moving towards individualism.We prefer to think on regional or individual basis rather than on national basis.Nation is been taken as granted,we are proud to adopt western culture at every step of life,may it be clothes or living standards or live-in relationship or deteriorating inter-family relations.
Anyway,not in mood to give any lecture,all of us are mature enough to understand in what way we are going.
Presented herewith is a pure desi comic for all of you on this auspicious occasion of our 60th Republic Day.Enjoy it and say "Jai Hind" if you like it.
One more thing,Feb.1st week will be the 3rd b'day of CW,many new things have been planned this time.Hope all of you will like them,till then 'Jai Hind'.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

# Rehasmaye Doosra Vetal

After a long period an Indrajal is being posted on this blog as the very first post of year 2010.Though this blog came into existence because of passion for Indrajal comics only but as time elapsed and quota of IJC went on depleting it steered its focus towards other comics in order to keep alive healthy and nostalgic discussion over comics.Mere comic posting was never been a motive of this blog,rather discussions about comics and nostalgia attached with comics was the main cherished objective of this blog.
In 1st week of February Comic World will be celebrating 3rd year of its existence,yes,a whole three year..how fast time passes..seems its just a few days back when Comic World came into picture.With all of you i will be celebrating 3rd b'day of Comic World with quite a few gifts for all of you which shall obviously be comics and comics.
Coming to present post,its a Hindi Indrajal version of Sunday No.44,'The Jungle Tourneys' which ran from 19th Feb. to 20th March 1956.It was published as 4th issue of Indrajal with superb cover art by late Govind Ji.Initially transcription was just ok and not much thought was given into it to capture the essence of script but later on in early 80's transcription improved a lot and perhaps was the best of the Indrajal history.It remained unknown till end that who used to transcript Hindi versions of Indrajal.
In this 4th issue its of very ordinary standard,have a look yourself on this panel what Vetal says in Hindi,"....उसने सिर्फ मेरे कपड़े ही नहीं,मेरी इज़्ज़त भी लूट ली!" ha..ha...ha....ha...see,how improper transcription strips of Phantom dignity.

Front and back cover scans of this comic has been provided by Mr.Binay Pandey through Ajay Misra for which thanks to both of them.

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