Tuesday, January 26, 2010

# Republic Day Post

Today morning i received this sms from a dear friend Anupam,
"Why do we Indians eagerly wish valentine day,rose day,friendship day,etc. before 6 or 8 days,and feel proud that we have done a very great job.But why do things change when it comes to our nation's 'Republic Day or Independence Day'.Do we have the same eagerness?Answer is "NO".So come lets change our view towards our nation and stop giving priority to the western culture.
Lets be INDIANS first.
Yes,completely agree with it.Why its so that we are very eager to wish for individual cause but not for national cause!!Its so because we are losing faith and believe on nationalism and moving towards individualism.We prefer to think on regional or individual basis rather than on national basis.Nation is been taken as granted,we are proud to adopt western culture at every step of life,may it be clothes or living standards or live-in relationship or deteriorating inter-family relations.
Anyway,not in mood to give any lecture,all of us are mature enough to understand in what way we are going.
Presented herewith is a pure desi comic for all of you on this auspicious occasion of our 60th Republic Day.Enjoy it and say "Jai Hind" if you like it.
One more thing,Feb.1st week will be the 3rd b'day of CW,many new things have been planned this time.Hope all of you will like them,till then 'Jai Hind'.


Abdul Qureshi said...

Happy Republic Day Zaheer Bhai, Jai Hind. Thanks for the post.

Ashish said...

Happy Republic Day :-)

kuldeepjain said...

happy R day friends..

my thoughts on question of celebration of this day will be negative so i won't put them here right now..
i remember my school days when we used to sit hours on the ground to watch the parade , to display our school activities in front of huge gathering..

but later on 26th Jan become only a holiday and now a days it just comes and go..

i donot see that this is going to change.. hope time will bring some miracle..

jai hind

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome Abdul,thanks and same to you.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Same to you buddy.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Kuldeep Bhai in our childhood R-Day was a mean of another holiday but later on i start taking part in R-day march past.I still remember and can imitate the peculiar band stroke which was played that day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Republic Day. thanks for the comic.

AJAY said...

CW : Jai Hind even we do not comic posted . Today is republic Day which is our National Festival .

Comic World said...

Ashish: Welcome and same to you.

Comic World said...


Colonel Worobu said...

Happy Republic Day CW! Eagerly awaiting the 1st week of Feb for your surprise.

Rafiq Raja said...

Zaheer Bhai, wish you a Happy Republic Day too.

Republic Days used to be such fun while at School, now they are occupied by special programmes on the Satellite Channels, which have no meaning whatsoever in relation to the day.

How many still tune in to watch those R Day Prade live telecasts... shldn't the govt. do something more to attract the crowd? I guess they should. That doesn't discount the responsibility we have over celebrating the day, which we could continue do so. Jai Hind !!

1st week of Feb, would indeed be a gala at CW.... I would try to get in the celebrations as soon as possible. Currently held up with few personal cores :)

Comic World said...

Col.: Same to you Col.,yes,i am too waiting for it.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Rafiq Bhai,point is notable,yes,not many tune into R-day parade then why to continue it!There should be some more meaningless celebrations to make this day memorable.
For Feb.1st week,waiting for your contribution for the occasion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) check out that emo boy one at this blog:

kk said...

I am feeling bad I missed the independence day special. Belated greetings. LOL at the "kapade bhi nahin, izzat bhit loota" post. Who knew Phantom had gay villains? :)

Comic World said...

KK: Don't feel bad KK bhai,Comic World's 3rd B'day special post is coming on 3rd Feb night so don't be late to check it in time.

kk said...

P.S. I make it a point to either
a)make it to the community flag hoisting/national anthem singing ceremony or at the very least
b)watch the parade.

Just like daily prayers(which I unfortunately do not do), it is the least I can do to "purify" myself and remind what are the important things in life. :)

kk said...

Wonderful Choppat-Poppat comic. Nice to see the "Hitler" Choppat for a change. And sad to see them return Maaliksaab's measly 100 Rs back to him. :)

kk said...

If you read the 1930s Superman, Shaktimaan story is exactly like that!

Comic World said...

KK: Popat-Chaupat has to remain with Malik Sab,otherwise how would Madhumuskan publish!

Comic World said...

KK: Shaktiman was a cheap copy of Superman only,it was very loosely conceived and developed therefore failed miserably.

kk said...

I always like the self-referential quality in Madhu-muskaan - like how they are suggesting Daddyjee is Harish Sudan's true story. :)
Impressive picture of young Sanjay Dutt - I always thought he started bodybuilding AFTER he became drug free!

CHANDAN said...

Keep it up.
Getting many physical copies has certainly made me change my attitude altogether towards Scans....but nothing can beat the effort,the gentle effort that you have put continuously over the years towards fellow comic lovers in terms of scanning and scanning and posting.
Right from Phantom to Madumuskan,from Mandrake to MCK's,the effort continues and comics are unleashed every now and then.Its a tough job to post a comic,it certainly is,no doubt about it.
Hope you can continue the effort in the days and years to come.There is always something new and exciting here that pushes , nudges and mesmerises many a comic lover to visit this wonderful blog.
Not to mention what i feel......



kk said...

Happy anniversary! Aap post karen ya na karen, aisa lagta hain ki kal hi mulakat huin,

Main akela hi chala tha, janib-e-manzil magar, Log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya

Comic World said...

Chandan: Many thanks bro.

Comic World said...

KK: Thanks for the kind wishes

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