Saturday, June 27, 2009

# Its Party time

As promised in last post here is that 'party' for all of you,today we won't discuss much and will throw comics for you,just grab them and enjoy!! I want to thank and congratulate once again all of Comic World fans,friends,readers and visitors for Comic World being appreciated by a National Daily,"Hindustan".You can read that article published on Comic World by clicking this Link.
Coming back to party,the hosts of today's party are 'Deep,Ajay Misra' & yours truly. Starting with our beloved Indrajal comics,here is presented HQ version of IJC no.31,'The Deadly Swamp'.It has already been posted at net before but its a high resolution and cleaner version,been contributed by Ajay Misra,hence credit+thanks to him.

The 2nd comic of today's is one of vintage Fauladi Singh comic contributed by Deep,who is a proud owner of a good collection of vintage FS comics.

Between comics lets have a look at covers of some of the super hit novels of VPS.Can anyone forget 'Ek Aur Abhinamyu' and 'Qaidi No.100'!!

Can anyone tell that which actress image is on the cover of Qaidi No.100!!

Another early Fauladi Singh comics from Deep's treasure for FS lovers,Kuldeep have you read this one...!!

Friends a quiz for movie lovers.Here is a youtube link of a video of a song from the Film "Qurbani"(1981,Firoz Khan,Vinod Khanna,Zeenat Aman).Watch this video and you will see that when the song starts its very first stanza is filmed on a man in a boat,that man was a popular Hero of the 60's and have acted in quite a few films as hero as well as in main lead also.

Can any one identify that Hero!!!

The fourth comic of today's party is again from Ajay Misra,its a vintage MCK.

For Madhumuskan lovers here is also something,check it out.....

Enjoy Daddy Ji also....

Lastly something for 'Deewana' lovers also.......

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#Comic World Draws Attention & Recent Hunt

Friends,first of all a good news for all of you.Your favorite blog Comic World has been mentioned today in Hindi edition of "Hindustan Times".Congrats and thanks to all supporters,friends,readers and visitor as without your support it was not possible for Comic World to attain this status.
The post over Novels,Sushma & Ved Prakash Sharma was discussed in detail in that article.Readers can read that article through this link
"Article in 'Hindustan' on Comic World"
Here is a screen shot of that article for easy reference.

Friends,i was out of station last weekend to attend wedding reception of one of my colleague,taking advantage of this opportunity i carried on with my usual comic hunt and found some good old comics.
Many of times i am asked by many of you that how and where to find old comics/novels.Well,
the best way to find these is to search at the old book shops as i use to do.Whenever i find chance to visit any city,i try to find addresses of old book shops of that city and try hard to visit those shops,same as i did this time.

Whereas my other friends,who were with me during this trip,were busy in utilizing their free time in marketing and shopping & i was searching religiously for comics in the fiercely scorching heat.Sweat was dripping like a open tap from my body but i was working hard to cover as many shops as possible within the available time frame.
Here are the scans of some of those comics/novels which i found during this hunt.This time i was searching for novels of Surendra Mohan Pathak,found none except this old one.I still haven't read it,can anyone throw some light over this particular novel!!

Found a bunch of 1975's Chandamama sewed together,seems interesting read,will read and let you know.

Do anyone remember this vintage ad of Poppins....

Got a couple of Fauladi Singh,but in English......

Also got these novels with eye catching covers.

Normally i don't use to take Diamond comics of other than selected heroes but this time took few of these...

Found this rare and early Manoj Chitra Katha,see the ad of 'Bahu Mange Insaaf' over its back cover page.

Anupam,this last one is for your project,found a comic from this publication for the very first time.See if it can help you,for details pls drop a mail.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

#Comic No.128 & 129 and 1st Indian Super Hero

Almost all the Indrajal comics are posted on net except very few.This
No.209,'RamCharitManas' was among one of them.
Indrajal comics also published some issues based on indigenous stories same as Amar Chitra Katha. This present comic is based on Tulsidas Ramayan and shlokas from the original text are taken and translated in English along with,making this comic in prose form.
Friends same as this comic one movie of 'Rajkumar' was in prose form,means,that the total dialogues of that movie were in prose.Can anyone tell which was that movie.

Download comic

When a friend Alok,asked me for his documentary about the first Indian comic super Hero then the name of 'Bharat Kumar' of Madhumuskan came invariably in my mind.
It was a misconception in some persons mind that Fauladi Singh was the 1st Indian Super Hero,but since 1st comic of FS was published in 1979 whereas this current Bharat Kumar feature is from a 1977 issue of MM,which leaves no doubt that 'Bharat Kumar' was the 1st Indian Super Hero.

Have a look at very early "Daddy Ji" feature by 'Harish M.Sudan' from the same issue. Note that only one page was allotted to Harish Sudan at that time.

Another super hit Fauladi Singh comic is presented here for all of you,and its none other than "Fauladi Singh Aur Karkola Ka Chakravyuh" contributed by Navdeep for which all thanks and credit to him only.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

#Comic No.127 & Sushma

Friends,last post was talked and appreciated quite a lot,thanks to all of you and specially 'Kuldeep,Deep & Ashish' for making out such a thick and long discussion.
My friend Alok,who is making a documentary over Indian comic industry sent these fresh pics of cartoonist "Pran",which he clicked during his interview a few days back.
The name of 'Pran' is taken with great respect in the name of comic industry,his creations "Chacha Chaudhry,Raman,Billoo,Pinky" etc doesn't require any introduction.
So rightly here are the few snaps of Pran in action,its very 1st time to see a Indian illustrator in action,all thanks to Alok only.

Alok with master craftsman...

Something about him...

His famous creations....

In last post we discussed about Bal Pocket Books and popular Hindi novelists.In this post we will discuss in very brief about some of the popular Hindi film magazines and some other left out novels.
Kuldeep,you may be remembering i mentioned about 'Sushma' in last post.
'Shama(Urdu) & Sushma(Hindi)' were a pioneer and very popular film magazine of Indian Hindi movies.I remember reading lots of Sushma and a few Shamas.The editorial article and stories were used to be very entertaining including other articles from veteran film industry personalities.

Here are the few vintage Sushma covers of 80's.

Shama/Sushma were at the peak of popularity in 70's and 80's as they were the first magazine to start highly prized quizzes based on Indian Hindi movies.The cross-word puzzle of Shama and questioner quiz of Sushma were highly popular among Indian masses,in late 80's and early 90's Sushma was the lone magazine to give Televisions as reward for its quizzes.I too have won a audio cassette from one such quiz from Sushma.
One such article popular article was 'Sushma Sabha' in which witty/funny/light questions of readers were answered by the magazine in a very interesting and entertaining manner. Here is the image of one such page from Sushma.Read them yourself to find the quality of those answers.

Has anyone seen a better pic than this of cute and innocent beauty of Dimple Kapadia...

Deep,the next one is for you,have you ever seen Dharam paji's such a young picture....this one is from the 'Muhurat' of his movie "Shola Aur Shabnam"

A vintage ad and Sushma of 90's....

Coming back to novels,here are some covers of novels contributed by Deep,have a look and say thanks to him.

Also some novel covers from my side of the likes of 'Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya' and 'Devkinandan Khatri' who wrote 'Chandrakanta & Bhutnath',and VPS on the similar lines also wrote up 'Devkanta Santati'.I read few parts of Devkanta Santati and find them just ok,what you think about them Kuldeep!

In the last,finally comic for this post.Its a Fauladi Singh comic,sorry for missing cover,if anyone have its cover then pls send so that it can be included here.

(P.S:Indrajal comics and Phantom lovers,from a long time i strayed away from posting Indrajal comics and other Phantom/Mandrake stuff,but don't worry will be coming back soon with Indrajal comics.)
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