Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#Comic World Draws Attention & Recent Hunt

Friends,first of all a good news for all of you.Your favorite blog Comic World has been mentioned today in Hindi edition of "Hindustan Times".Congrats and thanks to all supporters,friends,readers and visitor as without your support it was not possible for Comic World to attain this status.
The post over Novels,Sushma & Ved Prakash Sharma was discussed in detail in that article.Readers can read that article through this link
"Article in 'Hindustan' on Comic World"
Here is a screen shot of that article for easy reference.

Friends,i was out of station last weekend to attend wedding reception of one of my colleague,taking advantage of this opportunity i carried on with my usual comic hunt and found some good old comics.
Many of times i am asked by many of you that how and where to find old comics/novels.Well,
the best way to find these is to search at the old book shops as i use to do.Whenever i find chance to visit any city,i try to find addresses of old book shops of that city and try hard to visit those shops,same as i did this time.

Whereas my other friends,who were with me during this trip,were busy in utilizing their free time in marketing and shopping & i was searching religiously for comics in the fiercely scorching heat.Sweat was dripping like a open tap from my body but i was working hard to cover as many shops as possible within the available time frame.
Here are the scans of some of those comics/novels which i found during this hunt.This time i was searching for novels of Surendra Mohan Pathak,found none except this old one.I still haven't read it,can anyone throw some light over this particular novel!!

Found a bunch of 1975's Chandamama sewed together,seems interesting read,will read and let you know.

Do anyone remember this vintage ad of Poppins....

Got a couple of Fauladi Singh,but in English......

Also got these novels with eye catching covers.

Normally i don't use to take Diamond comics of other than selected heroes but this time took few of these...

Found this rare and early Manoj Chitra Katha,see the ad of 'Bahu Mange Insaaf' over its back cover page.

Anupam,this last one is for your project,found a comic from this publication for the very first time.See if it can help you,for details pls drop a mail.


ravi said...

its a gr8 achivment of ur blog....i really apreciate ur hard work.......i m sure lots of milestone still has to be achieved...:)

Comic World said...

Ravi: Thanks Ravi.

King Viswa said...

Congrats C.W.

Normally, I Used to Cover all the English and Tamil News About Indian and International Comics once in a month in My Blog. Has never carried an article on comics in Hindi.

Can i use your Article? (Just to Inform my readers that Hindi Bloggers do rock as well).

My Ongoing Series Will be over and Next Month i will be using this scan, If you have no issues with That.

Thanks in Advance.

King Viswa
Carpe Diem.
Tamil Comics Ulagam

Comic World said...

King Viswa: Welcome to Comic World King.Well,from my side you can happily use that article in order to promote Hindi comics and culture.
But for information sake that article is not written by me,rather its a article written on Comic World by a NDTV journalist for The Hindustan Times(Hindi Edition),Ravish Mehta,so better you also inform him about your intentions.
Mr.Ravish Mehta can be contacted at

Rafiq Raja said...

Congrats Zaheer Bhai. Your blog deserves all the mention, and good to know that it was finally given a due credit on a newspaper too.

By the way, love those vintage covers... especially 1975 chandamama.... that was a time....Thanks again for steering up the nostalgic feeling, your blog has offlate become a great source for that.

Wish you many more success.


Rafiq Raja said...

By the forgot to mention, It's first time I am seeing a comic called Bhavani Comics too. :)

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Many thanks for wishes Rafiq Bhai.
I also saw for the first time that issue of 'Bhavani Comics'.

kuldeepjain said...

hi CW..

you deserve these accolades and let me congratulate you again..

when i saw the article in hindustan danik i was so happy that the novels of SMP, VPS , GN, Manoj etc who never got recognition of their contribution in hindi literature atlast got some lime light.

then we have an encouraging comment from king Viswa giving some more loud appalause to your hard efforts.

your this post is very nice.
visiting old book shops is also my routine when i vist to any new city. But i am limited to the shop close to railway station and bus stand.

and some time you hit the jack you did..

SMP novel from Suman pocket , bangla ACK are really rare jems.

what ever collection i have i think my biggest 'jack pot' is SMP famous and first joke book 'deewani dunia'

i found it in one book shop in Rourkela ( orissa).. i wonder if any one got this book with them ?

you mention ad of 'bahu mange insaf' of VPS back of MCK.. i remember that in one of old MCK back i saw ad of one VPS novel which i never saw published..

the novel name was 'taj mahal ko tod do'

i will check my collection in due time but if you see old MCK and see this ad then do confirm pl..

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

बहुत बहुत मुबारक हो. मैने ये लेख पढा था. आप वाकई इसके हकदार थे. बचपन कि यादो और पुरानी पुस्तक संस्कृति को सहेजने को आपका काम काबिले तारीफ़ है.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

बेताल कि हिन्दी कॉमिक्सो का मजा लिजिए. अब भारतीय पत्रिकाए भी नेट पर पर आपका स्वागत है.

Deb said...

Congrats, CW!

You've got your hands on some excellent material. Hats off to you friend!

I remember the Baba Ramdev (MCK). It's been such a long time.

Ashish said...

Congratulation once more Zaheer Bhai

Nice haul you got, specially MCK

I do like to read a lot, but nothing else give me trill and joy as reading a old MCK

Also recalled reading Anderam Danderam, but I guess the cover shows Lambu Motu on the front of that digest.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Dear Kuldeep,once again thanks for your kind wishes.
Its also satisfying for me to see that this so called 'pulp' fiction at least got some deserving spotlight.
Correctly mentioned by Ravish that there is tradition to dismiss pulp fiction when it come to pure literature but the popularity of pulp fiction can not be overlooked by any means.
Today at my company library i found quite a few novels of SMP out of which issued two novels 'Dus Lakh' & 'Tadi-Paar'.Let me know if they are worth reading so that i can go forward with reading them.
I will keep in mind about "Taj mahal ko tod do" and let you know whenever i can find its ad.

Comic World said...

Qasim: Thanks Qasim Bhai.

Comic World said...

Deb: Thanks bro,sometime hard work gets paid.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Thanks Ashish bro.Yes,correctly recognized,cover is of Lambu-Motu but inside story is of Anderam-Danderam.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi CW,

Congratulations on the article...I do look forward to your posts of Fauladi Singh comics in English

kk said...

Congrats. Great to see your efforts in giving recognition to our comic and pulp writers being recognized by the media as well!

kk said...

Magar bilkul aap ki tarah, mujhe bhi ye baat ne amuse kiya ki lekhak ne aap ki jagah aapke comic contributors ko iss blog ke malik samajh rakha hain. :)

kuldeepjain said...

Hi CW..

Dus lakh is a good read..
( donot read the last page first)

Tadipar is OK..

Comic World said...

Old Man Mozz: Thanks for the kind wishes.Soon it will be coming over here,but you did not mentioned which FS comic you want!

Comic World said...

KK: Thanks KK for wishes.Well,since there are no traces of my identity on the blog hence the writer considered the pioneers as the blog owner,but nevertheless my contributors also do hold a high value for me.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Thanks for info.,well,i never read last page of any novel first.:o)

deep said...

Hi Zaheer...


So ur hard work is appreciated by a leading national daily. u really deserve it.

I m really very happy today.

Sorry bro as m very late to comment on such a nice post as m out of station for a couple of days.

U really got some very good stuff specially old FS. i think its name in hindi was "Vinash ke pujari"

In between SMP'S "Das lakh" & "Tarripar" "Das lakh" is better one.

And one request pls don't buy FS after D-350 as those worth not reading.

Once again congrats on this achievement.

kk said...

my contributors also do hold a high value for me

Yes. I understood this and knew therefore you will not be angry. :)

Ashish said...

Waiting for the mega party Zaheer Bhai

Hoping for the MCK gems whose covers you shared some time back in community.

Comic World said...

Deep: Dear friend Deep,congrats to you also & many many thanks for your warm wishes,really i was waiting for your comment.
Its not only my appreciation but of all of us as you all also deserve equal applauds for your interest,devotion and intensive thought sharing process at the blog.
I hope that you will keep your support intact and together we will make our voice and thoughts for comics/novels reach to a more wider audience.
Yes,now i remember that FS Hindi version was 'Vinash Ke Pujari'.
After you and Kuldeep backed for 'Dus Lakh',am going to munch it soon.

Comic World said...

KK: :o)

Comic World said...

Ashish: Yeas,party is due,and i hope to make it big.

deep said...


Party mai mujhe be sareek kar lenna. lol!!!

Comic World said...

Deep: Can party be arranged without you!!

deep said...

Thanx Dosto.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai,

COngrats for your success. I also use to visit old book shops earlier but now a days not getting time. I think that old book shop visit is now fulfill by visiting your blog. :-)

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaheer bhai ..
badhai ..badhai ..badhai aur sirf badhai.........

you deserve it boss....bhai , mujhe to bahut khushi hui hai aapki is uplabdi se....

aap yun hi apne khazaane se heere -moti ke darshan hamen karwaate rahe ..

once again badhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Old Man Mozz said...

Hi CW, no particular favorites...only greedy. I will lap up all the comics you dish out...

Comic World said...

Abdul Quereshi: Abdul Bhai,many thanks for your warm wishes and kind words.

Comic World said...

Vijay K.Sappatti: विजय भाई,तहे-दिल से शुक्रिया आपकी शुभकामनाओं का.ये सब आप जैसे ही कद्र-दानों की दिलचस्पी की वजह से ही हो सका है,वरना मैं तो कभी-कभी सार्थक पाठकों की कमी के कारण मायूस भी हो जाता था,लेकिन जब से आप और आप जैसे दुसरे दोस्तों ने जम के दिलचस्पी के साथ अपने-अपने विचार बांटना शुरू किये हैं ब्लॉग पर तभी से और अच्छा करने का जज़्बा और जोश पैदा हो सका है.
इस साथ को यूँ ही बनाये रखने की गुजारिश है.

Anonymous said...

Why post covers ? Give us comics yaar.

Anonymous said...


can't find links to download teh two fauladi singh comics !

please let me konw the links.

keep sharing ! keep up the good work. :)


Comic World said...

Anon: Only cover are posted in this post,no comic,that's why you are unable to find the d/l.These comics will be posted in later posts,pls keep checking.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Thanks for uploading them. Please continue the great work...!

Roshmi Sinha said...

I am a follower already! :)

Shraddha said...

pls can u post the pocket book novels :)

Comic World said...

Roshmi Sinha: Welcome and thanks Roshmi.

Comic World said...

Shraddha: A friend Anupam has already started to post bal pocket books at his blog.You can get those from his blog.
Check this link

cialis said...

Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

Comic World said...

Cialis: Thanks and welcome.

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