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#Comic No.128 & 129 and 1st Indian Super Hero

Almost all the Indrajal comics are posted on net except very few.This
No.209,'RamCharitManas' was among one of them.
Indrajal comics also published some issues based on indigenous stories same as Amar Chitra Katha. This present comic is based on Tulsidas Ramayan and shlokas from the original text are taken and translated in English along with,making this comic in prose form.
Friends same as this comic one movie of 'Rajkumar' was in prose form,means,that the total dialogues of that movie were in prose.Can anyone tell which was that movie.

Download comic

When a friend Alok,asked me for his documentary about the first Indian comic super Hero then the name of 'Bharat Kumar' of Madhumuskan came invariably in my mind.
It was a misconception in some persons mind that Fauladi Singh was the 1st Indian Super Hero,but since 1st comic of FS was published in 1979 whereas this current Bharat Kumar feature is from a 1977 issue of MM,which leaves no doubt that 'Bharat Kumar' was the 1st Indian Super Hero.

Have a look at very early "Daddy Ji" feature by 'Harish M.Sudan' from the same issue. Note that only one page was allotted to Harish Sudan at that time.

Another super hit Fauladi Singh comic is presented here for all of you,and its none other than "Fauladi Singh Aur Karkola Ka Chakravyuh" contributed by Navdeep for which all thanks and credit to him only.


Ashish said...


Another marvelous post.

Another splendid info.

Zaheer Bhai aajkal diet mein kyaa le rahe ho :-)

DIVISH said...

Dear Zaheer , thanx a lot . This has been eluding us since a very long time .

Thanx once again , bumper issue , indeed


deep said...

Hi Zaheer..

Thanx a lot for this info as i also think that FS is first indian super hero.

First time heard about Bharat Kumar.

Once again a very good info & a splendid post.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Welcome Ashish.Its my pleasure that you liked it.Aise hi diet me apni pyar bhari comments dete rahiye aur dekhte rahiye jalwa.

Comic World said...

Divish: Welcome Ajay.Yes,indeed its a bumper issue.

Comic World said...

Deep: Welcome Deep.Bharat Kumar was inspired by Superman but was given a justified Indian touch.It was a regular feature of early MM issues but began irregular in later issues when other Jagdish's features such as Sustram-Chustram,Popat-Chaupat,Jasoos Chakram etc began to gain popularity.

kuldeepjain said...

Hi CW..

(the rajkumar movie was 'heer-ranjha')

here it is morning 8 AM ... i wokeup and checked the comics forums..
at MCM some people are angry with me and i was composing the post..
then i opened your blog and spell binded with FS uplaod..
so stopped everything and started writing to you..
indeed a great upload..
thanks to you and navdeep..

CW.. it gives me immense pleasure that still we have such a great comic lover who preserved this treasure and now sharing with all.. making them to remember the old good days..

(more later as i have to post a quick comment at MCM as well)

aboy BK..

yes BK could be the the first indian supar hero..

as i recall there was comics of BK published name was 'sukshma grah ke log' ( planet of small people or similar name) there it was explained that earlier scienties Vikram and BK were simple peasents .. one day there was an alien ship landed .. the wounded alien transfered all his mental power to Vikarm and his physical power to BK.. and then gave birth to BK and scienties Vikram..

I hope.. someone recalls it..

about FS..

is comics ko dekh ke yar aank me aansu aa gaye.. what a charisma this comics has ..bringing back so many memories..

CW and all.. you may have all the good stuff of the world but some time open your old trunk and you find a rusted 'gun' of your childhood , or a very old toy and your heart melts like anything..

the same feeling i have..

thansk a lot to you all..

I again owe you this one ..

kuldeepjain said...

Hi Cw..

about madhu muskan..

not sure about the very first madhu muskans but courtesy my friend late Sr dinesh Moda i read some very early madhu muskan (number < 50) and that time MM was fully color..
( i recall one story 'holi visesank where shaitan singh and Prof Rambharose has a fight of colours in their scientific way)

I do have mm 11X , 13X which has coloring like you posted here..

then it was no 2XX, 3XX where MM was black and white , yellow sort of coloring

that time MM was also featuring brick bradford, tim taylor ( some english character comic strip)

later on madhu muskan again become full colour ( from issue 332 i believe)

and with this they are also giving comic strip of Superman, spiderman ..

do u recall characetr 'headache' with dady jee who was introduced in issues of 3xx and there were some very good stories..

one heart touching story was when dady jee was sure that 'god of hasya vyanga' will make him famous in the story line but in the whole story dady jee faced the trouble..
lastly he cried to god that why again.. and god of hasya comes and explains him that his this troble facing gives smile to lots of kids and that is in real sense his 'jai jai kar'

daddy jee last frame in that story was dadyjee jee singing 'kehta hai joker sara jamana'

( sorry if this post if bore but belive me written with full emotions)

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

the movie was heer ranjha

good o know that foladi singh was fist super hero.

please send me links of all hindi indrajaal comice in .doc .xls format

if possible


deep said...

Hi Zaheer Bhai..

Yaar tumhari baat to bilkul sach ho gaye."CC ka apharan" mil gaye.

Aas to mujhey be thi, par itni jaldi mil jaye ge pata nahi tha.

And now i strongly believe some day may be we got every comics that are missing currently.

Toonfactory said...

Zahir Bhai, BK ke liye shukriya...Jagdeesh ji se is hafte phir Mulaqat hogi and m trying to click sm pics and share it with all of you...

Heer Ranjha ka sahi jawaab maine dekha mujh se pehle bhi bhai logo ne de diya hai...lekin agar aapko yaad ho to Ketan Mehta's Ohh Darling Ye Hai India also had somewhat similar dialogues...

Apne interviews shoot karte waqt mujhe ek aur badi rochak jaankaari mili ki Tauji aur Fauladi Singh ki kuchh comics Anupam Sinha ne bhi draw ki woh mujhe jald hi mail karenge and I'll share those with you.

Iske Alawa I got my hands on real early Pran ji ke rare cartoons..which I'll be sharing in my Docu soon.

Diamond Comics ke storeroom mein mujhe Chacha Chaudhari Ka Apharan bhi mili aur kuchh purani comics bhi jinki talaash mujhe barson se thi...

Kal Uncle Pai se mulaqat huyi (interview abhi shoot hona baaki hai) aur Govind Brahmaniya ji se bhi mulaqat huyi...I hope the Documentary will turn out to be the way I want it to be...A true tribute to Indian Comic Book Creators & a true trippy material for fans like us...where we will see our fav. creators actually talking about the things that made them create characters and develop the language which we still cherish...

Thanks a lot once again :)

(BTW met Bharat Negi ji...will talk about that meet in detail on my Chitrakathaa Blog soon)

Me, Myself & Me!! said...

Kuldeep, yes i read that book long ago. Bharat kumar n his uncle were simple poor farmers who one night saw a star( spaceship) crashing n then went there 2 enquire! plot was taken from Green Lantern!! only diff that it got indianised. & yes, they went to the small planet, where once reached they were made so small to enter that planet..there, they had the fight with cruel king. though, they were much advanced, but modern weapons were banned there! bharat kumar stops king to use atomic weapon to destroy the planet...

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Correct answer Kuldeep,that movie was "Heer Ranjha"(Rajkumar,Priya Rajvansh,Pran),at those time when 'Chetan Anand' cast 'Rajkumar' in the historic role of Raanjha,criticism bombarded on him from his friends & well wishers,quoting that Rajkumar's image is not that of soft lover which can do justice with this Historic role but Chetan Anand was adamant on his choice.
Later film did a average business,but what made it memorable was its ageless music composed by great Madan Mohan.
"Madan Mohan" was a composer who didn't got his deserving fame,he was known as master composer of 'gazals'.
Even after death,his prerecorded tunes were used successfully in Yash Chopra's "Veer-Zaara",thus making him lone composer who was credited a successful movie after decades of his death.
Kuldeep i have very faint memories of that BK comic which you mentioned here,hence can't put up much of my thoughts here about it.
Well,regarding this FS comic our friend,Deep,is equally responsible for making you cry.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: and yes,regarding that particular Daddy Ji story where God of Hasya-vynag appears,i remember very well reading that particular issue,may be having it,have to confirm.
'Headache' was the son of Daddy Ji's American friend and was a funny character due to his American mixed Hindi.Do you remember what he used to call his American accent he use to say "Jojo phaiyya"...many of his adventures along with Jojo are memorable.
Thanks for the information about the very early issues of MM,as i don't remember to read its issues <50.
Lastly,there is no question of being bored with these sort of comments man.This is the 'tonic' for which i use to crave,as this gives me boost for future posts.

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: Qasim bhai i haven't prepared the list of Indrajal comics link in .doc or .xls form

Comic World said...

Deep: Yes bro.Sab milengi bas lage rahiye.
"Itni shiddat se maine comics ko paane ki koshish ki,Ke saari qaaynaat ne mujhe unse milane ki sazish ki"

Ashish said...

This was your 150th post Zaheer Bhai, ab to ek aur party banti hai :-)

kk said...

Zbhai,Medialink phir problem de raha hain. Koi hall?

BTW, it is interesting to see nice subtle messages in these science fiction comics - the 1st fauladi singh you posted had the aliens boasting that they had superior science and technology precisely because they did not fight amongst each other, bharat singh has scientists as far more valuable than mere hirae-moti. :-p

kk said...

One more question - are you differentiating betweeen action hero and super hero? After all Bahadur also started in 1978. Even if you are, Sabu has always been around. :-)

विनीता यशस्वी said...

Ek baar fir aap bachpan ki yaado ke thora aur najdeek le gaye...

bahut achha...

Ashish said...


Na jaane kyon party ki baat karte hi log gaayab kyon ho jate hain


Comic World said...

Ashish: Ashish,yes it was 150th post,and your party is due..:o)

Comic World said...

KK: Mediafire sometimes give problem but its periodic only.Otherwise rapidhshare is more troublesome.
Well,superhero is certainly other than action hero.Super hero possesses those power which a ordinary human can't hold i.e. flying etc.
Sabu can't be fitted into super hero category as he haves strength only which is quite justified because of his giant body.

Comic World said...

Vinita Yashaswi: Thanks Vinita Ji.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Bhai,mai kahin gayab nahi hua tha bas kuch dino k liye out of station tha.Party milegi aur zarur milegi...:o)

deep said...

Hi Zaheer..

Lagta hai ab har bar party hua karege. wow!!!

Is bar party mai kya milega?

Comic World said...

Deep: Batao kya chahiye....

deep said...


i think u know what i want.

Comic World said...

Deep: ..aur good news hai k recent comic hunt me ek badiya shikar hath laga hai FS ka...:o)

deep said...


i can't believe this.

pls tell the name.

hu.. isi karan choice punch rahe thi.

Comic World said...

Deep: Abhi se naam puch k suspense khatm kar dena chahte ho ya suspense k sath agli post me dekhoge...:o)

deep said...

@Zaheer Bahi

theak hai theak hai.

suspense ke sath aglee post mai hi dekhunga.

lakin aab yeh to batado aglee post kab kar rahe ho ?


Comic World said...

Deep: Aaj ya kal me pesh-e-khidmat hogi agli post....:o)

deep said...

Phir to theak hai.

ek aad din to nikal hi jayega.

vaise mainey be ek aur scan tayar kar rakhi hai.

Comic World said...

Deep:...konsi..mail se bata do..kahi aisa na ho mai bhi usi ko scan karne wala houn.

deep said...

Ok ok.

kuldeepjain said...


today is great day..

Hindustan danik just published one article on your blog,00830001.htm

the article discuss our old post about VPS, SMP and S c bedi, sri pran..

Frineds /CW ..your efforts are on national news ..


Ashish said...

@Zaheer Bhai

Was just kidding bhai:-)


That guy Ravish is from NDTV, just saw his pic on his blog and recognized him.

Congratulations Zaheer Bhai !!!

Ashish said...

Zaheer Bhai ab to "mega party" banati hai :-)

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Dear Kuldeep thanks for giving information and congrats to you also for this as it is also your blog,without the contributions from you peoples it was not possible to carry out the discussions and posts in the same spirit.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Ashish congrats to you also and thanks for all support and motivation.
Its our blog and i am satisfied that our discussions and efforts have been duly appreciated.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Yes,all of us deserves mega party.

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaher bhai


deri se aane ke liye maafi chahunga ....

aha ..bharat kumar ... mujhe yaad aa rha hai ki main iski drawing banayi thhi aur mujhse iske rockets nahi ban pa rahe the...

aha wo din ..wo comics.. wo baaten... wo bachpan... yaar , bachpan itne jaldi kyon khatm ho jaata hai ....

lekin ek baat to kahunga mere dost ki bachpan ab bhi zinda hai aapki is blog ke kaaran , aapke kaaran ..

meri dua aur salaam kabul kare aapke is nek kaam ke liye....



Ashish said...


"Badhiya Shikar", kahin ye baaten "antarikh" mein "bhagwan" pe to nahin ho rahi?


Comic World said...

Vijay Kumar Sappatti: विजय भाई देर आये पर दुरुस्त आये.
बिलकुल ठीक कहा आपने,बचपन अभी जिंदा है आप जैसे लोगों के नर्म दिलों में.
साथ मिलके उस चमकीले बचपन की यादों में डूबकर थोडी देर के लिए सारे रंजो-गम भुला देना ही इस ब्लॉग का मकसद है.
आप जैसे कद्र-दानों के साथ से सफ़र बड़ा ही अलमस्त कट रहा है इसे बस ऐसे ही कायम रखियेगा.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Kaun to Bhagwan hi bata sakta hai...;o)

hansie said...

Regarding the first Indian Super Hero, I remember one comic strip, 'Junior Phantom', which used to be published in the magazine 'Loatpoat' by the Mayapuri group, Delhi. This 'Junior Phantom' character was a poor caricature of the original super hero 'Phantom', but there was no doubt, that he was Indian. And since I read these strips in 1973-1974, I think he predated Bhaarat Kumar of MM.

Regards to all.

This is indeed an incredible blog!!!

Comic World said...

Hansie: Welcome to comic world Hansie and thanks for the information.
Well,Phantom was never been a superhero and this quality of him differentiates and places him far ahead then his contemporary super heroes(Batman,Superman etc..)
What makes Phantom special and adorable to us is without having any super power he utilizes his limited energy and wits to maximum against crime and cruelty.
Bhaarat Kumar on the other hand was a super hero using rockets and other scientific gadgets for performing actions beyond human power.

amar said...

bhai maja aa gaya yaro....

bachpan mein le gaye...



rohit said...

bhai koi fouladi singh aur joker series ke digest provide kar sakata hai...plz

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