Wednesday, June 3, 2009

#Comic No.126 & Vintage Deewana

Friends a devoted comic lover 'Alok' requested to post some pages from the earliest Deewana,which i have,for his documentary project.I searched and found this 1969 Deewana as the earliest one with me.So here are some features from it for Alok.

Illustrations of last two pages seems to be a hand work of very talented and experienced illustrator,unfortunately no information about him is provided in the magazine itself.If anybody have some information about this illustrator then please share with us.

A Madhumuskan was being requested from so long by many MM lovers,a vintage MM is finally scanned from 1st page to the last.Enjoy and don't forget to tell how you find it.

Download comic

Do anyone remember this comic!!Can anyone tell who is the hero of this comic....


मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi badhiya please also post more old manoj and diamond comics

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi badhiya please also post more old manoj and diamond comics

kk said...

nice. So is there a project on now to post all the fauladi singh? Has anyone else apart from you posted fauladi singh?

kk said...

And pilpil-silpil is quite good in fact - withstands the test of time very well despite or rather precisely because it is dealing with topical issues - eg. Yaadi (what does Yaadi mean?) Bhutto. Little did the writer know that Pakistani army is even more khar dimaaki than Bhutto and was going to hang him very soon. :)

विनीता यशस्वी said...

wow wow wow wooooow...

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

Yaadi means 'a friend' KK!

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai
Thanks a lot for posting Madhumuskan. Its a great effort by you. I really appreciate it.

Comic World said...

Qasim: Welcome Qasim.

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

mast blog!

Comic World said...

KK: I am afraid that Fauladi Singh comics are posted also elsewhere except one or two in a community.
The meaning of 'Yaadi' has been explained by Munish Bhai itself.

Comic World said...

Vinita: Thanks Vinita Ji.

Comic World said...

Munish: Munish Bhai many thanks for kind words.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome Abdul.

kk said...

thanks Munish bhai. On a related note, do you or Comic World bhai know why diwana was using that curious shape for the Hindi 'aa' matra? :)

kk said...

thanks Munish bhai. On a related note, do you or Comic World bhai know why diwana was using that curious shape for the Hindi 'aa' matra? :)

Comic World said...

KK: That was just their trademark for Deewana nothing carrying special meaning.

Ashish said...

This MadhuMuskaan looks pretty old, but doesn't have information regarding publishing year. Of which year it is?

Abdul Qureshi said...

Missing Daddyji in Madhumuskan, which is my favorite character.

Ashish said...

@Abdul Qureshi

I guess Dadyji appeared late in Madumuskaan, while this Madhumuskaan is very old one

Can anyone shed some more light here?

Rafiq Raja said...

Another vintage scans, thanks for sharing Zaheer Bhai.

By the way, I agree with you, the last two page illustration, with their color and shades, with simple but yet impressive artwork should be from a master. Pity we couldn't trace the origins of him.

Can anyone help ascertain the artists with the art style ? Pls. help. Alok Toonfactory should have the info at his fingertips :)


Comic World said...

Ashish: Ashish unfortunately publication year was not included in the MM except month,but since its 122nd issue and at that time MM was being published fortnightly hence it should be of around 1977-78 as MM started in 1972.
Daddy Ji was not introduced up till 1977 hence he was missing.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Welcome Rafiq Bhai,yes,the artwork seems to be of some pretty talented illustrator.I have seen more of his work but in Deewana only.Hope if anyone could provide some more information.

Toonfactory said...

Hey Zahir Bhai,

Thanks a lot for this post as it helped me a lot in guessing the exact year when Deewana started (1964)...RR U are over estimating me..even I can't remember the name of that artist but I have seen his work in Shankar's Weekly as well...Will be meeting Bharat Negi ji soon will ask him about this artist...

Toonfactory said...

Space Star..was it by Anupam Sinha??? I remember his lesser known character Manasputra was also published by Chitra Bharati...Space Star Theek Se Yaad nahin aa raha...Zahir Bhai Parda Hatao... :)

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Yeah,Deewana was started in 1964,a year in which Indrajal comics were also introduced.
Well,Space Star is no doubt by Anupam Sinha,but till now nobody has given correct answer,infact you are the 1st one to attempt it.
Anyway,the hero of Space Star was used to be "Captain Gaurav".

Ashish said...

Zaheer Bhai, I was searching for Rajan Iqbal pocket books over net, and I reached your Holi post comments. Are you planning anything regarding them? Or do you know a place where already they are available? I was a big fan of them in pocket books. Though in comic form they never attracted me.

Comic World said...

Ashish: I was also a avid fan and reader of Bal Pocket Books of Rajan Iqbal and other pocket books.I have a handful of them purchased recently,will be posting something about them most probably today only,keep tuned.
You can find these pocket books at old comic/book shops only.

deep said...

Hi Zaheer, good idea to scan and post bal pocket u have any chacha bhateja pocket books.

Comic World said...

Deep: Deep i am afraid won't be scanning complete pocket books,as don't think considerable amount of readers will be interested in them.
Will just give an overview of them.

deep said...

Zaheer i think those are "chacha bhatija aur talismi gufayen" and "chacha bhatija aur danav desh". this one is a three pocket books series. third's name i don't remember.a very good story written by rajiv just like chander kanta the way do u remember comics "ankur aur chacha chowdhary ka apharan" in which kush aliens chcha ka apharan kar latee hain and sabi diamond comics hero usey churane jate hain dusre garh par.

kuldeep said...

hi ..
good atlest mention of bal pocket books came in light..

other than comics i have read lot of bal pockets with lots of good story..
i recall some of the notable publishers were..

harish pocket books
( both for rajan iqbal writer SC bedi)
Vichtra katha mala

and so many more..

for rajan iqbal i have read books from so many publishers and only in harish and Raja SC bedi photo was there with a note of saying only this is genuine..

all will recall that Suraj ( a jeb katra) was one more character in Rajan Iqbal series)

Fing-he , janet jackson were Villan names..

'lauren' was name of Russian Jasus
( Girl)

with same name lauren onr girl was part of villan Fing-he

one of the most hyped ( but poor story line) bal pocket of Sc bedi from harish pocket books was 'kahar ki devi'

does any one recalls this characters othre than rajan iqbal in bal pocket..

Sanjay salim
ram-raheem ( writer Raijada)
Shiv Shakti ( raj Bharti)
gautam Javed
Bhart-Mumtaz- ( Plus one Sikh character)
mahabali Dingo
chandu deepu
Vindo Hamid

( i have not read any bal pocket based on amar-akbar)

deep mentioned "chacha bhatija aur talismi gufayen".. that reminds me..

money was a constrained that time for me but i had read ( rented /buy) few of bal pockets from Dimond and the story was awesome..such as

1. fauladi singh aur upgrah A-1
2. fauladi singh aur red boss se takkar
3.fauladi singh aur bramhand ki rajkumari
4..fauladi singh aur lal grah

from chacha bhateeja

1. chacha bhateeja aur danwo se takkar ( sequel of book i am missing the name right now)

dimond even publised bal pocket on anderam danderam, aaltu tram faltu ram , motu patlu, the monkey Chimpu ( who apeared in ankur)

once i started reading novels of Ved prakash sharma ( 1983) i lost my touch and interest on bal pocket books and form that time i started reading novels only..

but story line of most of this bal pockets are still in my memories..

Comic World/Anupam..

Anupam created 'manasputra' was part of chocklate magazine but mansputra also has one comics of its own.. that was 'mahamaya ki talwar'..

thanks for u guys wonderful work and posting..

Ashish said...

Found one online, not one of the best; still.

Ashish said...

Hi Kuldeep,

Your mentioning of Fing-He reminded me how similar he was to Fomanchu of Ram Rahim in Manoj Comics. Also the sweet little fights Iqbal used to have with with Rajan's GF; off-course that wasn't the time when the word GF was invented.

I only remember a few stories, one is when Rajan impersonate a boss of a office. The best part was his use of "alham..." which used to scare people around. There were a few very good sci-fi stories also but I don't recall the details.

Thanks for reminding me a bit more. :-)

And Zahir Bhai, thanks to you also for building this interactive place. Will wait for your post on pocket books.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Thanks Kuldeep for mentioning such details on Bal Pocket Books.I was also a avid novel reader as well as of bal pocket books too,but mainly i have read only Rajan-Iqbal S.C.Bedi series.
I remember due to popularity of S.C.Bedi many fake publications were grown up each claiming itself to be the original,and adding to the situation all were carrying a letter by S.C.Bedi on back of novel claiming to be original.I was confused which one to believe,hence use to read all of them and consider original that publication only of which i find interesting read.
Apart from S.C.Bedi i read Manoj Pocket books but not pocket books from Diamond as i use to like their characters in comic form only.
Alike you Kuldeep,around 83',84' i also got addicted to Ved Prakash Sharma,became a avid fan of him,still use to read his new novels but his oldies were far superior than his new novels.
Do yo remember "Sabhi Deewane Daulat Ke,Keshav Pandit,Kanoon Ka Beta,Alfanse Ki Shaadi,Kafan Tere Bete Ka,Dharmyudh,Insaf Ka Suraj,Teen Tilange,Aag Lage Daulat Ko,Naseeb Mera Dushman,Bahu Mange Insaf,Dulhan Mange Dahez,Sulag Utha Sindoor..."

Comic World said...

Ashish: Ashish thanks for initiating discussion on pocket books and novels.My new post will be based on them only,most probably will be appearing today only.Keep checking.

kuldeep said...

Hi CW/Ashish

it was summer 1983 i believe and i was in my village .. one of my relative was so much annoyed with my request of comics all the time that finally he gave me one novel ( top cover missing) with last sentence from him " mere pass aur kuch nahi hai .. bas ye bacha hai.. ye he pad le"

in the comic reading age, novel reading was taboo to me as, my father was quite linient to me for comics ,but thick 400 pg novels were out of question.. in fact seeing that time james hadley chase cover i always had a mind set that novels are bad for mind where as comics gives a healthy mind..

but that novel changed my interest and life completely..

that novel was ved prakash sharma " alphanse ki shadi"

Frinds so far i have read so many books from quantum physics to mathematics to sydney sheldon to lotpot but the magic what that novel did to me never happened again..

i have read that novel more than 150 times and still read it when i touch it any time..

after reading that novel i become mad to read its sequel and after that in summary " maine ved saheb ki sare novel chat dali"

( i only knew how i counted the days to finish the holidays so that i can go back to my place to search the sequel "kafan tere bete ka")

I was known as master databse of VPS novel in the libray i was member of..

All novels story of VPS was in my memory always..( still i belive)

CW you said it very correctly that VPS old novels are far superior then the current one.. a seperate forum is there to discuss this topic ( in orkut) so i will not go in detail of VPS..

except few I do have all novel of VPS in my collection you listed above..

i do have most of VPS good novel collection..

if you have read VPS novel .. i am writing last line of one novel..

can u gess that VPS novel..

" Trigger dabaya atthas band"


Rajan Iqbal.. inspector Balbir..

Iqbal favourite .. omlet

what ever bal pocket of Rajan iqbal i read only in one novel Iqbal has a GF and Rajan was more like a serious guy..

in the same novel Rajan was secrete chief of bal secret service..

But again different publisher.. different characterization..

Thanks again for bringing this topic and it is a great sharing..

( more in due time)

Ashish said...


I have forgotten about omlet :-)

Waise mein bhi VPS ke purane novels kaa fan hoon, vaise mujhe sirf "Dehakte Shahar" yadd hai. Jisme Alfanse Vikaas ko training deta hai; shayad uskaa sequel bhi tha.

Mind is a strange place :-)

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Thanks for sharing the nostalgic moments with us,these are the bytes which provides the necessary kick to prepare next post.
Well,Alfanse Ki Shaadi and Kafan Tere Bete Ka are no doubt among the best novels of VPS,i have read umpteen times these both novels and still read whenever went into that mood.There seems to be striking similarities between your and mine reading habit,more about it i have mentioned in my latest post.
Particularly i am admirer of old VPS up till Kanoon Ka Beta or around and remember story line of only those novels up till 'Kokh Ka Moti' or so.I believe VPS was at his best when he was being published by Manoj Pocket Books,later he shifted paradigm to his home firm Tulsi Pocket Books or Tulsi Paper Books.
I use to collect good novels of VPS and have quite a few collection of 1st edition novels.
Kuldeep i checked that orkut forum but find it quite silent and inactive.Also i am not able to recall that novel consisting of those lines asked by you.Pls reveal the answer.

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaheer bhai ,

ye aapki bahut nainsaafi hai ,ki aapke paas itna purana khazaana rakha hai ... aur aap itni deri se ise bata rahe hai ..

yaar ,main kya kahun ....

bus aap to kamaal ho


Abhishek Mishra said...

Badhai is prastuti ke liye.

Comic World said...

Vijay K.Sappatti: Vijay Bhai bahut shukriya.

Comic World said...

Abhishek Mishra: Shukriya Abhishek.

shersingh said...

please post more MADHU MUSKAN

Prateek said...

Sir, please post some comics of 'DEEWANA' to download. Thanks.

Comic World said...

Shersingh,Prateek: They all will be keep on checking.

The Devil said...

Thanks for Madhu Muskan. I had read a lot when I was a kid. Please keep up the good work and upload more. Also if you have Rajan Iqbal pocket books, can you upload the same?

Thanks again

Comic World said...

The Devil: Welcome.You can find many Bal Pocket Books in this community.

Piyush said...

sir i want to read the full story teen tilange n aag lage daulat ko where can i read n download this
can u tell me plzz

Comic World said...

Piyush: Teen Tilange and Aag Lage Daulat Ko are available in mkt as these novels are being reprinted every now and then.So,pl search your nearest railway/Bus stand book stall and if not able to find then write me and i will try to find out it for you.

a said...

bhai do characters hote the motu patlu, patlu ganja with choti , motu adhganja..nam shayd kuch or ho pr ye dono main the..inki comic strips ati thi...vo upload kr skte ho?

Comic World said...

a: Mote Patlu features have been posted at this blog many times,pl search into labels.

nautysati said...

madhu muskaan dekh kar muskarahat aa gayi, chust ram or sustram ko zamane baad dekha. is book k liye meri behan se jhagda ho gaya tha. isme sustram sone k liye ek taapu me chala gaya tha or sustram hamesh ki tarah use pareshan karne pahucha tha

saleem saifi said...

Bhai Ab jinke pass manoj comic big size dijest h vah
Bhai mere no per missed call kare

saleem saifi said...

Bhai Ab jinke pass manoj comic big size dijest h vah
Bhai mere no per missed call kare

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