Thursday, May 28, 2009

#Comic No.123-25 & Silbil-Pilpil

Friends the following two Fauladi Singh comics are contributed by Deep for which all thanks and credit to him only. Since the comics were coverless hence the cover are missing.

After a long time a ACK has appeared on ACK site.Enjoy..

This comic can be downloaded from ACK ( site.

As you know Silbil-Pilpil were quite humorous characters of Deewana,their silly and funny acts in Haryanvi language was quite fun to read.Here is one such very funny act of this duo,pls let me know how you find it.
It was not mentioned anywhere in magazine that who was the write/illustrator of these characters,if anyone has any information about writer/illustrator of Silbil-Pilpil then pls do share with us.


kk said...


kk said...

Ok more seriously, I remember reading Akbar Birbal ACK comics in the age range 3-5 and being very very very impressed with Akbar. (more than Birbal)

For very simple reason - Akbar being great and powerful emperor - he still didn't mind being made a fool of by a Hindu subject in front of his court. :)

kuldeep said...

Hi Comic world/ Deep..

today you made my day..

my search for this 2 comics for the last 25 years finished today..

I am indebted to you both..

many many thanks ...

i am a great fan of fauladi singh series and these two comics were in my collection back in Raigarh Chattisgarh in 198X and one day my mother gave this set to someone and then it was lost forever..

and from that day i am searching them..

o ma.. i am gonna cry today..

thanks friends..


मोहम्मद कासिम said...

deevana ho gaya

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

Zaheer Bhai ,

mujhe badi shiddat se aapke posts ka intjaar rahta hai .. bus chapte hi yahan chala aata hoon..

aur apne aap ko refresh kar leta hoon .. wah bhai... jeete raho yaar..

aapki posts padha hoon to aapki dosti , aapka pyaar , aapka ghar yaad aa jaata hai mere bhai ..

khuda aapko aur aapki family ko hamesha mahfooz rakhe , salamat rakhe..

aur aap to jaante hi ho ki main deewana hoon deewana ka ..
to is post ke liye aapko salaam .

meri nayi poem padhiyenga ..


Rafiq Raja said...

Zaheer Bhai, Offlate your posts have gone in the trend of revitalizing childhood memories.... thanks for that...

Remember reading this Birbal story in a Tamil Magazine called Siruvar Malar in serialized format.... Least to say it was one of my favorite.

Thanks for sharing, this and other Fauladi & Deewana pages.


kuldeep said...

hi Deep

I just read the comments in 'mahatama of space ' and saw some post for me..

yes i do have fauladi singh comics but as i said before they are in india..

I am sorry but i am based in Sydney and no way i can access that lot from here..

I am really sorry..

as i go india i will definetly arrange to post some of mine..

I have :

1. Globe ka Antank (1)
2. Dreamland ka Badsah.(2)
3. Antriksh me sangram(3)
4. Antriksh ka bhagwan(1)
5. Sitaro ka yudh.(2)
6. Vinash ke pujari.
7. Karkola ka chakravuah
8.darkland ka shaitan
9. fauladi singh ka shikanja( sequel of atom bomb ke chor)
10.Tarvil se Takkar( sequel of khatarnak tarwil)
11.lauh manav
12. Antriksh ki apsara (1)
13. Swarg ke bhagwan.(2)
14. Pagal Robot. (1)
15. Sitaro ka Dushman(2)
16.antriksh ki Pretatama ( sequel of akhiri sangram)

couple more i am missing the name right now..

विनीता यशस्वी said...

waise to aap humesha hi khjana leke aate ho per is baar Akbar Birbal comic par ke bahut achha laga...

deep said...

hi kuldeep

u have awesome collection dear.u have most of them that i need. when ever u come to india plz post all that u have. i have some more that i post within some days.together we can post almost entire series and save it forever.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Hello Zaheer Bhai and Deep

Thanks for the Fauladi Singh's posting. Its excellent.It reminds me my childhood.

Comic World said...

KK: Yes,you are the first congrats!
Well,i was very much impressed by Birbal right from my childhood just because of his wits, loyalty and humbleness.I use to read comics and story books featuring Akbar-Birbal with great interest and never find a single story of them boring.
This present comic deals with some of the finest/famous stories of them very well supported by 'Ram Waeerkar' classic art.
Nice to know about the reason behind your liking of Akbar.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Buddy its very satisfying for us to know that we were able to bring at least tears of joy on a comic lover face and this is our most precious and prized renumeration.
A million words of thanks can't take place of that single drop of tear which drops down from eye while reading a most cherished comic of childhood after a long-long time.
I love comics and love more to see that people love them too.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Kuldeep can you drop me a mail!!I need to communicate with you over some topic.

Comic World said...

Qasim: Deewana padhenge to deewane hi hoenge.

Comic World said...

Vijay Kumar Sappatti: Vijay Bhai,bahut shukriya is rehmat bhari haunsla-afzaai aur duaaon k liye.
Aapki dosti aur aapke ye narm alfaaz hi meri chhoti si koshishon ka wajib mehantana hain.
Aap jaise doston ki aisi pur-narm andaz me haunsla-afzaai saari dimagi thakaan door kar deti hai aur agli post k liye zaroori josh muhaiyya karati hai.
Duaaon me hamesha yaad rakhiyega.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Rafiq Bhai many thanks for kind words.Yes,i do like to roam in the galleries of lost world of childhood as the nostalgic feeling generated there are unmatched against any carnal pleasure.
I seriously wish time machine to be invented during my life time so that i can be able to visit and live once again all those left behind and lost moments of childhood.

Comic World said...

Adul: Welcome Abdul.

deep said...

hi abdul

u r welcome mate. its nice 2 c that we could bring some childhood memories back.

Toonfactory said...

Hi Zahir Bhai,

Silbil Pilpil were brainchild of Bharat Negi, one of the pioneers of spoof comics in India. Later on Bharat ji also did Hunter Sharkforce for King Comics and was an editorial adviser with Raj Comics. He did couple of small series for their magazine Fang! like Anari etc.

I am trying to get in touch with him for sometime, lets see if I can get his contact from Raj Comics.

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Many thanks Alok for the information about 'Bharat Negi',he really was one of protagonist of spoof comics in India.
When you meet those pioneers of Indian comic Industry then do try to include questions about their education,background,first comic strip/character and their other lesser known comic characters along with other regular interview questions.

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

Dear Comic World,
I had the privilege of living in Haryana for a long time and i assure u that Sil & Pil are not at all uttering Haryanvi. It is a dialect closer to Delhi-6 area. Deevana was really very different from other comics and it was surely for bit grown up chaps. Thanx for Fauladi pics. but dear it was this bloody Diamond Comics Factory which replaced quality work away from the market and eventually killed Madhu Muskan , Indrajaal and Amar chitrakatha .

Comic World said...

Munish: Munish Bhai thanks for the information.In my opinion arrival of Diamond comics was not the sole and prime reason behind decline of Mahumuskans,Indrajal and Amar Chitra Katha.All these mentioned comics continued long enough after advent of Diamond comics.
Indrajal stopped publication in 1990,ACK is still going on and Madhumuskan stopped somewhere around year 2000,whereas Diamond comics was launched in 1979,so one can't blame Diamond comics as a decline factor for other comics.
Rather it was changing taste and mood of Indian kids which forced off the retirement of these stalwarts,after mid 80's reading culture suffered deadly due to TV/video and pop culture which eventually suffered more with advent of internet in 90's.
Those comics publishers which weren't able to adjust stories with changing taste vanished in thin air(i.e Manoj Chitra Katha,Tulsi comics etc).Deewana,Madhumuskan,Parag etc sticked to their semi comic format due to which they suffered a lot.Madhumuskan also suffered when their ace writers Jagdish,Ansar Akhtar and H.I.Pasha left Madhumuskan.
So its not so that only Diamond comics was the prime reason behind,rather it was due to many other factors including those mentioned above.

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

Dear Friend,

Whatever might have been the reason , you are doing a great service to the good ,old world of comics.
Do u remember Jasoos Chakram and his faithful dog chakram ,Bharat Kumar the boy astronaut with two rockets stuck on to his sides? They were also characters in Madhumuskan though not very regular.
Madhumuskaan used to have regular prose stories as well . These stories did not follow comic format ,but these were full of bravery and written in very mature, powerful language.
Deewana had a strange ,weired kind of charm which alwayz made fun of cine-personalities.

Comic World said...

Munish: Thanks for the kind words.
Well how can i forgot all the characters of Madhumuskans,you forgot to mention "Bhootnath Aur Jadui Tulika,Vanputra Shalu,Filmy Reporter Kalamdas" apart from those mentioned.
The jungle hunt and bravery stories of MM were mainly written by Abraham Asrarvi,H.I.Pasha etc,and those were used to be quite interesting.Madhumuskan also dealt with parody/fun of cine personality in the form of Filmy Reporter Kalamdas but Deewana was certainly far forward in fun making.
I am ready to post those stories too provided there are many takers of them.

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

come on u must publish at least one adventure story from the oldest issue of Madhu Muskan u have.
Please ..please one Van putra shaloo also. How can i forget him yaar?

vips said...

Hello Everybody... I am new to this site.. excellent work. BTW Jasoos chakram ke kutte ka naam chirkut tha. Sabse best part was, both of them used to have a cigar in their mouths. Filmy reporter kalmdas ka sabse accha movie satire was on "Amiltas Bachpan" when his silsila was flopped. One more thing about Madhumuskan, it published Asterix in hindi during 1984-89. Translation was done by HI Pasha and handwriting by HM Sudan....

Nitin said...

Kuldeep please post Swarg ke bhagwaan as soon as possible. I have read the other part and am dying to know what happened next. Its amazin that the writer intuitively came up with the story so many years back that is being investigated and believed by many scientists these days that Gods came from other planets and pretended as gods thousands of years back.

Anonymous said...

I remembered my olden days after seeing SILBIL and PILPIL.
Rajkumar Akela

Comic World said...

Anon: Welcome

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

Fauladi Singh Aur Chhipkali Ka Pratishodh link is broken, thus can not be downloaded. Can someone send me the link of this comics by e-mail? I will also appreciate if you could provide me the link of Fauladi Singh Aur Antriksh Ke Bhagwan!

My ID is

Anonymous said...

Azam is doing a great job. There are so many comics are missing yet.To name a few are:

(1) Fauladi Singh Aur Antriksh Ke Bhagwan
(2) Fauladi Singh Aur Sitaron Ka Yudh
(3) Fauladi Singh Aur Antriksh Ki Pretatma

Also, I do not see any site contributing comics of Mahabali Shaka. I have seen only a few but written by modern wriers which have shitty story & pictures!

atul said...

Dear kuldeep
when are u coming or give us ur address and we could arrange to get these precious comics scanned.......atul

zx said...

Fauladi Singh Aur Chhipakli Ka pratishodh link is not active for very long time. Can someone please send this comics to me? I will really appreciate. Thanks!

My Email:

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