Thursday, May 21, 2009

#Comic No.122:Mahatama Of Space

An English Fauladi Singh's comic was requested in last post and here it is right away.This story also deals with fake Gods like a earlier Fauladi Singh comic "Swarg Ke Bhagwan".

Have you heard or read "Saptahik Hindustan"!!It was a weekly news magazine in early 70's.I remember only a comic article "Musibat Hai" from it which use to get published on back of last page.This comic article dealt with day to day problems of a common men in interesting manner,i feel that Pran's 'Raman' may have been inspired by 'Musibat hai'.
Here is that comic page along with other nostalgic ads from Saptahik Hindustan.

A comic article by illustrator of comic page given below is used to publish nowdays in a very famous Indian magazine,can any one tell which is that magazine!!

For Deewana lovers here are few comic pages of it.Enjoy...

You know Phantom was use to appear in Deewana also!!Here is a page from it.

The religious belief of Phantom was generally not mentioned by Lee Falk,it has not been mentioned clearly by Falk that whether Phantom was a believer or Atheist!We never read in Indrajal the name of God being mentioned by Phantom anywhere in any reference.
But there is a story or strip of Falk where Phantom clearly mentions about GOD,can any one tell which is that strip!!


kuldeep said...

seeing saptahik hindustan here took me back to "Raigarh, chattisgarh' where in my childhood I used to read this. I remember my father was buying this magazine and i was not missing the 'musibat hai'..

i think this was the magazine who made me to go through nandan, champak , chandamama , parag later on..

Deewana silibil pilpil was a treat..

it took me some time to read the story and enjoy as the graphics was not so good..

do you remeber there was a 'mouse' with silbil pilpil team..

the other funny reads of Deewana are :

" band karo bakwas"
" madhosh hosh me aa"
" aadim yug"
" swaal ye hai , jawab Hazir hai"

have any of you read 'mela' ?

if yes then u will recall that mela was the one book in which 'tintin ' was published in Hindi in 2 pages..

now one request: any of you has fauladi singh following comics.. if yes then pl upload it..

1. Dhue ki Aurat
2. Chipkali ka pratisodh
3. chakravuah ka maseeha

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaheer bhai , aapki is post ne to mera dil khush kar diya , saptahik hindustaan aur deewana.. waah double ka maza aa gaya ..

meri dil se badhai sweekar kariyenga


Comic World said...

Kuldeep: I also remember to read 'Musibat hai' from SH.Infact i use to read only comic pages from magazines like Parag(Billoo,Chhotu-Lambu),Nandan(Neetu-Chitu),Sarita(Shrimati Ji) etc.
Deewana i started to read very late but its surreal humor soon gripped my interest.The 4 page parody of new released movies,Silbil-Pilpil etc were quite humorous and soon it found place among one of my favorites.
I have heard about 'Mela' but don't remember to read any of its issue.
Am having few Fauldi Singh's issues but they are relatively newer ones.

Comic World said...

Vijay Sappatti: Vijay Bhai bahut shukriya aur meharbani k aapko maujuda post pasand aai.Aise hi karam banaye rakhiye,aap jaise doston ka hi sahara hai.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai,

Thanks for your excellent Fauladi Singh post, You posted this comic very fast. Hope you will continue this.
Sorry to remind you again for a Madhumuskan.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome Abdul.I remember MM.Pls keep visiting.

deep said...

yes i have "chipkali ka pratishodh" & "chakarviuh ka masiha".

and i request following:

1.antrikesh mein sangraam
2.swarag ke bhagwaan
3.antrikesh ka bhagwaan
4.sitaroon ka yudh
5.dreamland ka badshah
6.fauladi singh ka akhri sangram

Rafiq Raja said...

Zaheer Bhai: Thanks for the Fauladi Singh Comic. If my sources are true, Faulad was the first ever superhero of Indian Comics, isn't it... so good to see another adventure of his.

Offlate, you have turned on to uncover old treasures. I haven't read any of the magazines you listed, but looking at it now, I could estimate what kind of nostalgic feeling it would tickle for those who have passed through them during their tender age.

Phantom seem to have been a preferred comic strip for almost all comic magazine publishers. Speaks well of the legend of Phantom. :)

Thanks for sharing another treasure chest.


Comic World said...

Deep: Thanks for the link of those two Fauladi Singh comics.I am not having at the moment the comics requested by you,but hope anybody having them will share them with us.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Welcome Rafiq Bhai.As far as my information is concerned first super hero of Indian comics was Bharat Kumar,an Indianized comic version of Superman by 'Jagdish',used to be published in Madhumuskan.1st Fauladi Singh comic was "Fauladi Singh Aur Lauh Manav" published in March 1979 whereas Madhumuskan was being published from 1972.

deep said...

Dear Zaheer i think kuldeep have some of them. i read an earlier post of his about having and posting some of them. i request him to post what ever he has.

deep said...

and if any one have list of all fauladi singh comics pls post.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai and Deep: where is the link "chipkali ka pratishodh" & "chakarviuh ka masiha".

Comic World said...

Abdul: Thoda sa sabr rakhiye,next post me aane wala hai.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Thank you very much Zaheer Bhai, but dont forget MM.

deep said...

hi zaheer u have fauladi singh aur shaitaan tarwil in english. pls post it.

Toonfactory said...

Wahh zahir Bhai...Lambe waqt se ye update dekhi thi magar research mein pade hone ki wajah se aaj fursat se padh paya...Deewana waqayi mein mazedaar magazine hua karti thi...Mujhe Mela yaad hai..bachpan mein kahin se purane issues miley the....Bharat Kumar mujhe bhi yaad hai uske baad ek aur Superman-numa Superhero Shaktimaan Shuru kiya tha Madhumuskaan ne...agar aapko yaad ho..this was decades before Mukesh Khanna & Shaktimaan became synonyms! Do you have some Madhumuskaans with Shaktimaan?

Comic World said...

Abdul: Abdul bhai i do remember MM,don't worry.

Comic World said...

Deep: I have Shaitan Tarwil in English as well as few Motu-Patlu in English also but frankly speaking these comics are to be enjoyed in Hindi only because the surreal humor of Matu-Patlu can not be equally translated in any other language than Hindi.
Anyway will try to post them.

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Alok bhai i remember very well 'Shaktiman', in fact was a great fan of Shaktiman after its very first issue.Shaktiman picked up successfully but can't sustained its success and ended abruptly.
Written by 'Ansar Akhtar' and illustrated by 'Hussain Zamin' it was a indianized version of Superman which was launched of beautifully but somehow failed abruptly in the end.
Madhumuskan published Shakitiman as a separate comic series,i have to look to ascertain whether i am having its issue or not.

Toonfactory said...

BTW came across Motu Patlu from Deewana on your blog, so the readers who want to have a look at Deewana Motu Patlu can check Zahit Bhai's old post here :

PS. The Cartoonist in question is Alok BHargaw who had 2 strips running in Sarita. One was about a kid, I forgot the character's name & other was Shrimati ji if m not wrong

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: You answered correctly that question.Yeah,the illustrator is Alok Bhargawa and currently his comic article use to appear in 'Sarita' as Shrimati Ji.
Congrats for giving correct answer.

Toonfactory said...

Yaad aaya Alok Bhargawa's Kid Character was called Nanmun! used to get published in Sarita in the late 80s

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Yeah,now i also do remember.It was Nanmun...:o)

atul said...

fauladi sing ke liye dhanyawad motu patlu ki aur comics post karen please

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