Saturday, February 21, 2009

#Comic No.111-112:Heere Ka Pyala & Sone Ka Mahal

As assured yesterday here is another comic of this very post,its IJC no.16 "Heere Ka Pyala" a Hindi Indrajal version of Sunday Strip No.39 (The Stolen Cup) which spanned from 17th October 1954 to 27th Feburary 1955.
Its Hindi version was never available on line before today,i think its English version has been posted at some blog,though not sure.This comic has been posted with the backing up request from Ajay Misra,yes,Mr Ajay Misra who has become a pioneer in comic scanning and sharing,sometimes i wonder how someone can have a passion of scanning/sharing comics of such a level! one can sustain such enthusiasm for sharing comics for such a long time.
Honestly speaking many of times due to lack of inspiring comments/motivation we bloggers find it difficult to keep our motivation level intact but this guy remains unaffected from all these things..he goes on simply scanning,scanning and scanning.
Ajay also possesses a great helping hand when it comes to extend help for arranging hard copies of comics.Initially due to some misunderstandings i developed a misconception about him that he might be running a 'comic' business but that was soon corrected when i realized the true spirit behind his efforts.
Still sometimes we do fight on some trivial issues due to communication gap but the intentions were/are always positive.
So friends enjoy this vintage IJC in the name of all selfless contributors and Ajay.

(Cover Courtesy:ICC)

Download comic

Friends presented here is another very early Manoj Chitra Katha,which were used to be in big format along with superb cover design by C.M.Vitankar.Here is another such gem "Sone Ka Mahal",which is the concluding part,unfortunately i am not having its 1st part.If anybody having it pls do share.
It will not be a lone comic post,so friends please don't forget to check tomorrow,may be there would be a another comic in it.
This comic is also being posted simultaneously in a Orkut community ,which was created specially for Manoj Chitra Katha/Comics lover by Anupam.So friends also do check there for many other MCKs too.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

#Comic No.109 & 110:Sunehri Rajkumari and Teesmarkhan

Friends as i have already mentioned that this year has been quite productive for me in terms of comics,so on the same note very recently i found some of the rare missing Indrajals of mine such as No.4,5,12,13,15,18 etc...

Indrajal No.18 was not available on the net anywhere in any language up till now,therefore here its Hindi version for all of you.
This is a comic version of Sunday Strip No.12 which spanned from 14th January to 24th June 1945.The strip has been already posted at Prabhat's blog which can be downloaded from there.

Since its cover was missing hence its English version cover(courtesy:ICC) has been posted.I have asked Raj to provide its Hindi version cover(if he is having),hope he will respond positively.

(Cover Courtesy:ICC)

Download comic

Friends and specially lovers of Manoj Chitra Katha,a rare old MCK is being presented here.Enjoy all of you.

Download Teesmarkhan
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2nd Anniversary Post

Dear friends,visitors and comic lovers from all over the world,today on 4th Feb. Comic World completes 2nd year of its existence.Thanks all of you for your love and association with Comic World during this period.
Whole two years have been passed after when a passionate comic lover jumps into a unknown and new field of blogging with a motive in mind to share,discuss,revive and relive the 'lost world' of childhood through the comics.The comics which forms the integral part of his childhood sweet memories.
What made me to form a comic blog has been already mentioned few times before,still if new visitors wish to read the reason behind it they can read it from here.
In these two years much has been changed,with the advent of numerous contributors the quota of 803 Indrajal comics is going to be depleted soon and all Indrajal comics will be available online,which is satisfying and encouraging as after that the platform for discussion on comics will be more solid and wide.Mere comic posting was not my only preference,rather healthy,worthy and thick comic discussions do attract me more,thats why my posting frequency was not very quick as i use to post only when i do have something to tell/discuss over that particular comic/post.
When this blog was started i was having only odd 75+ Indrajal comics along with few other old comic such as Manoj Chitra Katha,Superman etc,but within these 2 years i was able to build up a sizeable collection which currently comprises of Indrajals,Amar Chitra Katha,Tinkles,Manoj Chitra Katha,Madhumuskans,Deewanas,Tulsi Comics,Star comics,Frews,Gold keys and many other comics.In my house comics are lying the book shelf purchased specially for comics,over the book shelf,stuffed in couple of bags as well as on my computer table also.
For me the beginning of 2009 has been proved quite productive regarding comics,as within January itself i got lots of comics consisting of many of my missing Indrajals as well as other comics such as Amar Chitra Kathas and other lesser known comics,which i took intentionally for the purpose of gathering information for Anupam's comic encyclopedia project.
Well,for this special anniversary post its kept in mind to satisfy the likes of the majority of comic lovers,and for that a variety of comics are being presented.
Starting with our favorite Indrajal comics,this particular issue "The Valley Of Living Dead" (Vol.20.No.49) is actually the reprint version of Indrajal No.19,"Moogoo's Dolls",which itself is the comic version of Sunday strip No.21 "The Haunted Castle" (12-09-1948 to 13-02-1949). Ardent Phantom enthusiast can easily find out that this strip actually is the combined work of two illustrator,namely Moore and MCcoy.The first two pages were illustrated by Moore whereas rest strip was taken up by MCcoy.

Download Comic

Ongoing with the Indrajal comics,the following two are contributed by Ajay for CW anniversary post,for which many thanks to him.

For comic lovers of other than Indrajal comics,here is presented for the first time a full Deewana,scanned from 1st page to last page.Enjoy....

Download Deewana

For the lovers of Madhumuskan,here is a full Madhumuskan, scanned from 1st to last page.Abdul are you happy???

Download Madhumuskan

As you all know about the quality and popularity of Manoj Chitra Kathas,specially those very early MCK which were in big page format.So here are the few covers of those very early Manoj Chitra Kathas,infact the comic "Aalha-Udal" is from the very first, ever published, set of MCK.
Any takers of these Manoj Chitra Kathas.....!!! If yes then let me know and these will be right here on your PC monitors.

Anupam,few days back i came across with these comics,about which i did never hear before.Do you require the information regarding these comics?If yes,kindly let me know.

....and yes Anupam here is your requested comic.This is the first comic of 'Shuja' series,i remember reading a few more of them.This one is quite simple with a plain story,illustrations are by Govind Brahmania but nobody is credited as its writer.If anyone can throw some light on details of this comic,pls share with us the information.

Download comic

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

#Comic No.102:Yantrik Manav

Friends 4th Feb. is coming a couple of days after,which is the 2nd anniversary of Comic World.I am planning to post something to satisfy a majority of comic lover and visitors of this blog.
Till then enjoy this comic,contributed by Ajay for which all thanks and crdit goes to him.English version of this comic has already been posted at ICC and Anupam blog.

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