Saturday, February 21, 2009

#Comic No.111-112:Heere Ka Pyala & Sone Ka Mahal

As assured yesterday here is another comic of this very post,its IJC no.16 "Heere Ka Pyala" a Hindi Indrajal version of Sunday Strip No.39 (The Stolen Cup) which spanned from 17th October 1954 to 27th Feburary 1955.
Its Hindi version was never available on line before today,i think its English version has been posted at some blog,though not sure.This comic has been posted with the backing up request from Ajay Misra,yes,Mr Ajay Misra who has become a pioneer in comic scanning and sharing,sometimes i wonder how someone can have a passion of scanning/sharing comics of such a level! one can sustain such enthusiasm for sharing comics for such a long time.
Honestly speaking many of times due to lack of inspiring comments/motivation we bloggers find it difficult to keep our motivation level intact but this guy remains unaffected from all these things..he goes on simply scanning,scanning and scanning.
Ajay also possesses a great helping hand when it comes to extend help for arranging hard copies of comics.Initially due to some misunderstandings i developed a misconception about him that he might be running a 'comic' business but that was soon corrected when i realized the true spirit behind his efforts.
Still sometimes we do fight on some trivial issues due to communication gap but the intentions were/are always positive.
So friends enjoy this vintage IJC in the name of all selfless contributors and Ajay.

(Cover Courtesy:ICC)

Download comic

Friends presented here is another very early Manoj Chitra Katha,which were used to be in big format along with superb cover design by C.M.Vitankar.Here is another such gem "Sone Ka Mahal",which is the concluding part,unfortunately i am not having its 1st part.If anybody having it pls do share.
It will not be a lone comic post,so friends please don't forget to check tomorrow,may be there would be a another comic in it.
This comic is also being posted simultaneously in a Orkut community ,which was created specially for Manoj Chitra Katha/Comics lover by Anupam.So friends also do check there for many other MCKs too.

Download Sone Ka Mahal


kuldeep said...

Dear Comic World

hats of to you for such a wonderful posting..

awesome .. great..

I eagerly wait for more gems..


The Phantom Head said...

Appreciate the effort, but honestly speaking, right now I have more than 400 "downloaded comics" on my hard-disk (mostly IJCs/Asterix/ACKs) in wait for their turn to be read.

I'll be able to download other comics only when I have slashed at least half of that backlog.

But I am enjoying the magnificent cover artwork by Vitalkar. Needless to say it is as good as one can imagine and expect. Superb!

Thank you so much.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Thanks and welcome Kuldeep.You along with your informative nostalgic comments were being missed here.Hope you will share more of your memories associated with MCKS also.

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks and Welcome dear.Since i prefer to read on paper rather than on PC monitor hence only downloads those comics for which i lose hope to find them in paper form.
Usually i downloads and reads non IJC/ACK/MCK as many of IJC/ACK/MCKs are still lying with me in hard copies without being read.

AJAY said...

Dear Zaheer,
nice post . It was missing since a very long time . As Vineeth was missing both #16 & 18 , I could not scan these .
You despite having very busy schdule , took out time to scan both #16 , & 18 .
We are still waiting these both comics from Sushanshu so far . So at least one language comics has been scanned .
With your these scans most of Indrajal scans will be over very soon .
Thereafter there will rain of FREW comics stories of which have been not published in Indrajal & Lee Falk .


Colonel Worobu said...

Hi CW:

I checked my copy of the English edition of "The diamond cup" and it is not the same that you have posted here. It was the King comics issue called "The diamond cup". So AFAIK, the English edition of this comic has not been posted yet on any blog.

Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks pal.Waiting for that 'Frew' rain.

Comic World said...

Col. Worobu: Welcome Col.,long time no see from you at CW,which is quite understandable as few of my recent past post were in Hindi.
And thanks for information.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Thanks CW for this wonderful posting. I also appreciate Ajay Misra's work. waiting for more.

Ek Murkh Ladka said...

Maain apse har baar scans mail karne ki request nahi kar sakta par kya aap post ke sath main page par main cover ke sath-sath inside cover post kar sakte hai. Agar apko pareshani naa ho to meharbani kar kar inside covers bhi post kariye main page par. IJC ke please ad pages or side comics pages koshish kariye ke main page of post kar sake. Agar yeh karne main apko kisi pareshani ka abubhav hota ho to bas itna kariye ke comic ke lekhak or chiterkar ka naam inputs main de dijiye. Dhanyavad.

Silly Boy said...

The Kankalnagri post was original posted by you in HIndi. Sometimes you replied comments in Hindi as well. It also inspired me to write to you in Hindi but it is very unfortunate that I do not know how to type in Hindi and moreover I face difficulty to put my thoughts in Hindi. It is unfortunate but it is like that. Though I do not consider English as foreign language (how can you call a langauge which you are reading, writing and learning since your childhood and from which you are earning livelihood) but sometimes we have to read and write or communicate in our langauges also. So I tried to write the above comment in Hindi though in Roman script. What I want to convey is that I am requesting you to please post the inside covers alongwith main cover on your main blog page and if it is not possible then please tell the name of writer and artist of the comic (MCKs and other Indian comics) in the inputs.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome Abdul.More are coming for sure.

Comic World said...

S.B: Because of convent education English was never been a 'foreign' language for me but on the other hand i use to enjoy Hindi very much.Perhaps i was the only boy during my school days who use to read comics in Hindi,my classmates use to take my by surprise because of my affinity towards Hindi.It proved to be beneficial also as i secured 85% marks in Hindi in board exams where the normal average marks of the whole 10th std. were around 75%.
At that time i use to think in English but love to write in Hindi,beside this i was also a frequent 'letter' writer,which helped me a lot in improving my Hindi as well as English skills.
I still sometime do writes letter to my old friends for the sake of keeping a practice of writing by pen.
Initially Comic World posts use to consist of posting of all page but later on due to time saving consideration only link with cover page posting was being done.
Though not promising to post all pages but surely would be trying to post both front and back cover pages along with informations of writer/illustrator.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thank you very much for posting this rare IJC.

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Welcome Prabhat.

CHANDAN said...

CW.....great post.Keep it up.
Its a rare comic,no doubt about it.

Comic World said...

Chandan: Thanks and Welcome Chandan.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Hello CW!

Check “History & Mythology” (, now it's open for all. Once I promised to post maximum numbers of Amar Chitra Katha & Tinkle, first to contributors & later all visitors. We’ll continue in style which is loved & recognized by friends.

Thank you for permission about "Krishna"! Soon Bengali version is coming. :)

Comic World said...

PBC: Congrats for your new blog.A lot more is expected to come from it.

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