Monday, March 2, 2009

#Comic No.113-114:Mask of Deception & The Treasure Trail

Last week a memorable incident happened.A friend,Mr.Vijay (Sr.G.M.Marketing in a Hyderabad based Electronic Co.),who is a passionate comic lover,a great poet and a magnificent photographer,came to meet me specially.He managed to take a day leave and traveled around 300+ Km extra from his schedule in order to pay a visit to yours truly. In his words he was eager to meet a person who was possessing collection of those comics which he had adored and admired right from his childhood,he was eager to put his hands over the worn off pages of those comics which were used to be his heartthrob during childhood. He came and met us and was very fulfilled and satiated after having a look at those comics which he longed from a long time. That evening we talked over comics,poetry,movies,gazals and photography, humble and noble attitude of Vijay made that evening memorable. Its really wonderful to acknowledge that how comics formed a bond between two strangers due to which a person did not even hesitated to bore the pain of lot of traveling and squeezed out ample time from one's busy schedule.

Friends 'VenKit' contributions has reached to CW also after obliging other Indrajal bloggers.So presented here are 2 comics contributed by Venkit (very nice scans), i don't know the status of these comics on net,they might have been posted before or might not be.In any case all thanks to Venkit.

Browsing through the comics in binding i found few covers which are worth to be shared.Here are they..


venkitachalam said...

Hmmm.Looks like I am the first. Well, these 2 comics were from my list of so far unposted comics. So enjoy.

adibud34 said...

CW! Awesome post, I loved seeing your pictures for the first time! You're very photogenic! Thanks so much for the two Bahadurs also! My elbow is getting better now, still cannot straighten it completely nor lift/do much with it. But in a month or so, hopefully it will be back to Salman Khan strength (ha, ha, kidding! I wish!) :)

Comic World said...

Venkit: Yes,its you who is the 1st.Being a contributor and first one to comment feels very nice.Thanks for scans and for the very 1st comment.

Comic World said...

Adibud34: Welcome Adi and thanks for the kind appreciative words about me.
For comics all thanks are due for our new contributor 'Venkit'.
Wishing a quick recovery of your elbow.

Rafiq Raja said...

Dear Comic World, Nice to see your pic finally.... It's true our unique passion does deserve taking pains to meet our friends who share it.

Good you two met, and a chance for us to see the CW right before our eyes.

By the way, I did get your emails.... and excuse me for not replying... The work is little tight these days, and I owe you a long reply within a couple of days.

Have fun & Thanks for those Bahadur Comics.... one of my favorites from the great Abidji.


The Phantom Head said...

I don't know whether these Bahadurs are posted before or not, and I am not going to check. The covers are looking so nice that I am going to download them. Venkit's scans are always great quality. Thanks to him.

And man! You have appeared truly and fully before us. I was expecting you to wear a mask and phantom like costume if you ever decide to show yourself. :o)

Great covers to supplement. Vikram cover reminds Phantom's Masked Assasin issue. It's look like a copy from that.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi cw nice post please post more hindi version
please tell how many comics u have
please post database f ur collection

Amith Nag said...

Thanks a lot guys :D

Amith Nag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

priy mitr Zaheer;

Sach kahun to aapse aur bhabhiji se aur aapke comics collections se milne ke baad meri saari thakhaan door ho gayi . aap dono se milkar to laga hi nahi ki main pahli baar aapse mil raha hoon ..

aur dekhiye to sahi , comics ne kitna bada kaam kiya hai .. saari deewafre thod kar do bande hamesha ke liye dost ban gaye hai ....

[ haan , aapke comic collections par mera daaka daalne ka iraada adhura rah gaya ]

bhabhiji ka banaya hua khana , aapke saath music aur poems par baaten .. wah ji wah , yakinan , meri zindagi ki yaadgaar lamhon se bhara hua ek khoobsurat din tha ..

"Jai Ho Comics"

main khuda se dua karta hun ki aise hi hamari dosti aur hamara bachpan zindabaad rahe ....



Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

aur haan , ek baat aur , mere saare comics ko pyaar karne waale dosto ke liye ... agar kisi ke paas ,koi extra comics ho , jo agar mujhe koi dena chahe.. do please bhej dijiyenga , main bhi apna chota mota collection bana loonga ......

my details :

E mail :
Mobile : 09849746500
Address :

Sr.GM- Marketing
MIC Electronics limited,
A-4/II, Electronics Complex, Kushaiguda,
Hyderabad- 500 062 [ AP ]

haan , mujhe khabar avashya kare ki aap mujhe comics bhej rahe hai ..


Deb said...

Quite a personality you have there, CW! Wonderful to see your pics.

I couldn't take my eyes off that bookcase behind you. Wish I had the keys.....

Great collection, friend. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You are very handsome, thanks to Venkit and you for comics

Silly Boy said...

Nice post buddy. I would look repetitive if I appreciate you and your photographs. So no comments on that count. I am just endorsing the opinions of ohters. The cover of Vikram posted by you seems to have been drawn by Pardeep Sathe. Please tell the name of the publication and a little information about that publication. Just a few hours back got two old MCKs of big format featuring Mahabali Shera along-with a couble of Chandamama of 70s. A few days back Prabhat on his blog had posted a comic "Rhino Trail" published by Children's Book Trust of India. Books of this kind (mostly published by CBT & NBT) are also a part of my childhood memories. Though most of them are not comics and you can call them illustrated classics but I grew reading them along-with comics. I still read them whenever I find them. Mostly I like mystry/adventure/humour genre along-with stories of celberated children writers like Ruskin Bond, Manoj Das and Aroop Das Gupta. Do you feel the same way about these books. Let me know. Still waiting for Illustrated Weekly Post and your answers for comments of other visitors as they have left some very nice/interesting/naughty comments.

Silly Boy. said...

One more thing. In the photograh of your comic collection. On the right side I found binding comics. Can you share with us details about these binding volumes. Did you bind them or bought them in already bound form. Please tell. I just now got an amazing cartoon book.(in lunch). It is an old book of collection of R.K. Lakshman cartoons. Do you like his cartoons?

Abdul Qureshi said...

Finally I saw your photo, you are looking very smart. Thanks for uploading the comics.

AJAY said...

Dear Vijay ,
In case you are willing to collect comics in Hyderbad , please visit :

1: Abids on Sundays
2: Best books on Tilak road ( Abids only)

3: Best books - Lakdi ka pool near petrol pump ( above dry cleaners shop )

4: Unique books near residency hotel , near Naphally railay station

I got so many comics from these location but never show so much interest , otherwise price will go up seeing your interest .

Hyderbad is still comics -mine.

Zaheer , nice photo , nice comics & nice good friend find .

Pl post your good covers in bunch only , posting one or two not sufficient .


kk said...

Vijay saab, aap hamain rulaa denge. :)

Magar itne badde post main hokar, puri duniya ko apne comics ke shock ke baare main batana - ye baddi baat hain. :)

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Thanks and welcome Rafiq.Yeah,comics are certainly a passion indeed for which pains had to be borne.Many of times during visit to other cities,i always try to somehow locate and visit old book shops of that city for comic hunt.
Waiting for your detailed reply.

Comic World said...

TPH: These Bahadurs weren't posted before on net as Venkit has confirmed.
I was thinking to shadow up my face but Vijay insisted to let me appear before all comic lovers and friends...haa..haaa..
Yeah,good point noticed,the cover certainly seems to be inspired by "The Masked Assassin" or "Toofan Ki Raat"

Comic World said...

M.Qasim: Dear Qasim i also adore Hindi comics more than their English counterparts and try to post as many Hindi comics as i can.
Well,except Indrajal comics i didn't sorted and listed rest of my comics but probably may be having around a total of 3000+ comics here and around 2000+ comics at home excluding old filmy magazines,novels and other films related literature.

Comic World said...

Amith: Welcome Amit(h).

Comic World said...

Vijay: Shukriya,Karam,Meharbani,Zarranawazi aapki.Aap itni door se hamse milne aaye ye apne aap me bahut badi baat hai,hame to yahi sukoon hai ke aapko hamse milkar aur baate karke khushi aur sukoon haasil hua.
Aur dosto ko daake ki zarurat nahi padhti,wo to dushmano ka kaam hai jinke liye hamne NSG aur Marcos commandos tainaat kar rakhe hai,aapne to sab dekha hi hai.
Hyderabad to khud apne aap me comics ki mine hai aur sari jagaho ke address bhi aapke paas hai,bas to fir der kis baat ki...sare hathiyar leke dhaava bol dijiye un shops per..

Comic World said...

Deb: Thanks for the kind words dear friend.Well,two years before this bookcase was empty,which means that anyone can build up a bigger bookcase than it,only he/she needs constant search/hunt of comics :o)

Comic World said...

Anon: Thanks friend.Wish you could have left a name too :o)

Comic World said...

S.B: Thanks for mentioning the avoidance for being repetitive :o)
Yes,that cover has been drawn by Pradeep Sathe and the comics was published by Sun Comics,a New Delhi publication which also published comics of Axa..;o),do anyone remember 'Axa',the warrior lady!! I have read them as a teenager and was hugely titillated while reading them.
These Sun Comics were started their publication in 1982 and ran through quite a few years,they published mostly Axa,Ins.Vikram and other series.

Comic World said...

S.B: Sorry i forgot to answer completely your inquiry in the last comment.
If you are talking about the binded comics which are in the bookcase then those are xeroxed and binded Frews which i got through a friends help,and if you meant by the binded books which are placed above the bookcase top then those are Indrajals and ACKs which i bought in binding itself.I never use to put comics together in binded form until its very necessary as good scanning is very difficult of binded comics.
In my childhood i use to ready every comics and every magazine or any story book over which i could lay my hand.For that in my childhood i always try to find an opportunity to accompany my father to local barber shop so that i can read(or turn pages) of filmy magazine(most probably "Mayapuri") placed there along with watching the beautiful hand made paintings which were showcased in that very shop.
And good cartoons are also among one of my favorites.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Thanks for the kind words and most welcome dear friend.

Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks Ajay.Well,Vijay informed recently only that few of those mentioned shops have been closed,for rest he will be checking them.
Sometimes while browsing old comics whenever i come across with good covers i try to share them immediately rather than waiting for more covers to accumulate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information buddy. In referene to your reply to Mohd. Qasim's comment can you elaborate what do you mean by 'here'. Can you share with us the details of your old filmy magazines, literature and novel etc.

Silly Boy. said...

The above comment is mine. By mistake it is sent as Anonymous. I wonder if I would be asking too much if I request you to mail anniversary MM scans to me. Thanks in advance.

AJAY said...

Dear good news is that I got confirmation that those shops are still existing last Sunday only . These were only for help .


AJAY said...

Dear good news is that I got confirmation that those shops are still existing last Sunday only . These were only for help .


AJAY said...

Dear good news is that I got confirmation that those shops are still existing last Sunday only . These were only for help .


AJAY said...

Dear good news is that I got confirmation that those shops are still existing last Sunday only . These were only for help .


AJAY said...

Sorry my message repeated due to mistake .


Comic World said...

S.B: I am residing away from my home town because of job,hence 'here' means my job place and 'there' means my home town.
I may be having filmy magazines such as 'Madhuri','Priya','Filmfare','G-Star' etc..along with novels of writers such as Ved Prakash Sharma,Gulshan Nanda,Ibne Safi...etc.
Will be mailing you the scans of MM.

Comic World said...

Ajay: The information about book shops of Hyderabad was passed long before to Vijay and few other Hyderabadi frinds,later Vijay only informed that few shops has been closed,he might have visited there during some holiday.
Yesterday only he shared that he found some IJCs there but at a whooping price.

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