Monday, March 16, 2009

#Can You Recognize him!!

Can you recognize this personality!!He was in national/International news very recently due to his acts,also he is a big name in Indian business industry.

Friends today browsing through old issues of Illustrated Weekly of India i came across few stills which kicked off nostalgic feelings.Here are some of them. Can you name these artist and the serial from which the still has been taken!!

Can anyone forget "Gabbar" and his 'asli pasand'

Few more ads done by Bollywood personalties.Can you identify the actress in the last ad!


adibud34 said...

Hi CW - well, I don't know who the first guy is. He reminds me of an actor, truth be told! Young Om Shivpuri actually!

The second thing is probably from Nukkad, and the guy is Khopadi. I don't know his real name though!

The last one, I know is Juhi Chawla. I find it funny that they call it "Softwear" :) not much computer usage then for sure!

Comic World said...

Adi: Yes,the still is from Nukkad,and i had asked for the real name of those two artists not their screen name.
Yeah,the actress is Juhi Chawla,by softwear it means which is 'soft to wear',right no computer usage at that time as the stills are from the year 1986.
And,the first guy is not any actor rather he is a businessman..a famous businessman.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Is is Ramalinga Raju?\

Nice post


Comic World said...

Grouchy:Welcome Pattu.No buddy,its not Raju.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Vijay Mallya?

Comic World said...

GC:What would be the next name if this one also went wrong :o)

bharat said...

I think its Vijay Mallya because there is a McDowell Poster behind

Comic World said...

Bharat:Well,its only a speculation/guess not a confidant answer.
Anyway,correct answer will be revealed on Wednesday,till than guys try to put up confidant and correct answers.:o)

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

I think i know these guys very well..i was in 8th std when nukkad was so famous:

I do not lkow the first one...the second are:AJAY VADHAVKAR ( left ) and Sameer Khakkar ( right)

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

The first pic is of course Vijay Mallya.
The second of course is a scene from Nukkad. Sameer Khakkar (not Prabhune) reprised his act of a drunken guy in Kamalahassan's silent movie "PushpakaVimana", which was hilarious (at the same time sad too).
The actress of course is a very young Juhi Chawla. 1986 was the year in which Indian Banks started installing PCs in branches. SBI, PNB and Canara Bank were the fore-runners. We used to call them Advanced Ledger Posting Machines (ALPMs) as the unions would not allow us to call them computers. Those machines used to come with 2 floppy drives, which would read 8" floppy diskettes and had a memory of 64K. 1988 was the watershed year in Indian Bank Computerization as we had 5.25" FDDs and a 20MB HDD coming in machines called PC-ATs.
Today, sitting in front of dual Core laptop with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD, I cannot even think about how we used to develop Banking software in MS-COBOL on a 64K machine running MS-DOS 3.1 operating system!!

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

nice i have never seen nukkad. i was too young at that time.

it was also broadcasted on dd metro in 1994. but dd mt was not available in my village at that time.

please also post memorable childhood things

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaheer bhai ,

pahle comics ka deewana banaya mujhe.. ab raat din comics ka naam lekar jiye ja raha hoon main ..

ab ye old nostalgic post .. yaar , kahin padha tha . mujhse milne ke baad , mere jaise ho jaonge..

sahi hai ustaad ji , main dheere dheere ,aapke jaisa hi ban raha hoon .

aap guru ho , jai ho ..


Now more Silly Boy. said...

Excellent! Fantastic! Great!
It is this kind of post I crave for. Thanks.
Well the guesses and the answers I had to make have already been made by others and so not repeating them and endorsing them.
It seems the picture of Gabbar Singh is drawn by hand. Please tell me the date of issue of this advertisement.

Comic World said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Comic World said...

Venkit:Correct Venkit,he is Vijay Mallya(Sorry Grouchy for not confirming it earlier as you were not 100% sure and also i wanted to keep the interest of visitors intact).So the credit for right answer goes to Venkit,Grouchy and Bharat(good analysis) for this one.
Venkit, up till now in Bollywood,only 3 actors were quite expert in playing drunken guy roles and they were:
1.Syed Badruddin Qazi(Johny Walker)
2.Keshto Mukherji and
3.Sameer Khakkar
Sameer Khakkar was a seasoned artist but couldn't make it in a big way due to lack of variety in his roles,he only sticked to alcoholic comedy character after Nukkad and thus was forgotten soon.
Pushpak Viman or simply 'Pushpak' in Hindi was a masterpiece by Kamal and Singitam Srinivas,more on it in some later post.
It was nice to get interesting inputs from you on introduction of computers in India,i found this information very interesting.Please do share your such inputs regularly.

Comic World said...

TSCT:Correct Sameer!Your answer is correct.Nukkad was also among one of my favorite serials,it used to be telecast on Thursday nights(not 100% sure) and we wait for it like anything else,'Teacher Ji','Guru Dada','Khopdi','Hari'..who can forget these characters,and the opening song of it "Bade shehar ki ek gali me basa hua hai Nukkad.....".
Directed by Kundan Shah,Nukkad was the story of common men who can be found everywhere on each corner of Indian city.It captured the pulse of Indian viewers and they identified with it.Many of times i wonder why such serials can't be created now instead of nonsense 'Sas-Bahu' and Ekta Kapoor's virtual serials.

Comic World said...

Qasim: More will be coming soon.Pls keep coming.

Comic World said...

Vijay Bhai bahut shukriya aapki is haunsla-afzaai ka.Aap jaise mitro ki support hi meri taqat hai.

Comic World said...

S.B:Thanks for the kind words.Its my pleasure that you like the present post so much.
I also not like mere comic postings,rather some meaningful and healthy discussions over comics seems always more attractive to me,hence tries to post something new and creative whenever i can.
No,that Gabbar Singh still is not hand drawn,rather a full fledged 30 seconds ad was prepared for promotion of this particular product which was being beamed during news reel/interval in movie theaters,the still is taken from that promo.
As far as i remember this ad was appeared somewhere in early 80's,and was quite famous soon as in those time it was not common for Bollywood personalties to do promos.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Dear CW,

Let me say it once again: a wonderful post. PLease do post more of these. I think the illustrated weekly is a huge treature of memories. It would nice to have more old ad pages.


Comic World said...

GC:Pattu,thanks for kind words.Well,i am expecting to get some IW of 1940's,which is quite exiting to think of,after which will be posting more of such material,just wait for next post.

Indian Comics said...

Indian Comics
Hello Friends, My name is Usman Ali Khan. I am working with pixion (Mumbai) as a 3DModeler & texture artist. I am interested in collecting information about Indian comics.if u hav any type information about indian comics, like original data,first comics, first characters...ETC plz inform me my ID,

Comic World said...

IC:Welcome Usman to Comic World.Hope you will be able to get sufficient help for your project.All the best for it.

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

Missed this post yesterday due to some busy schedule and feel sorry about it.

I think pattu is correct. you should make more such posts and at good frequency too. quite enjoyable.

Comic World said...

TPH: You were being missed here,specially for this very post.Since comics are raining on other wonderful blogs hence i will be concentrating more on such nostalgic/informative off-beat posts.

kk said...

Gupta ji,

Kya hain?

Time Kya hua?



Remember the time Nukkadwallas won the cricket match? The next day, my excited class actually discussed it with the class teacher. :)

Lagaan was inspired by Nukkad.

Colonel Worobu said...

Ad pages! from the 70's! What can I say?


Comic World said...

KK: Yeah,that cricket match episode was something which can't be forgotten.

Comic World said...

Col.: Welcome Col.,still much more to come.Would you like to see ad pages from a 1948 issue!!

Purvesh said...

I like such post..feeling nostalgic abt our old days..not only this serial nukkad,, but many other great shows of past cant be buniyaad, talaash, mashaal, jungle book, potli baab ki, gul gulshan gulfaam, tipu sultan...and who can forget mahabharat and ramayan..

pls post more...

Comic World said...

Purvesh: Thanks for the interest shown,this will certainly boost up my enthusiasm to post more of such nostalgic and off-beat data.Many more are coming soon.Pls keep visiting.

kk said...

Make this article the subject of your next post!

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi good post u r welcome on my blog

Indrajal Comics Club said...


many happy returns of the day

aap ki umar ho "803" saal aur aap ke 803 comics hamen mil jayen :=)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Comic World said...

KK: Nice article KK.

Comic World said...

Kasim: Good Post buddy.Keep it up.

Comic World said...

ICC: Many thanks for the wishes.Its more appreciative that you remembered the day which i myself didn't cared of.
"Aapke Paas already 803 comics ho chuki hongi jabtak mere paas hone ki naubat aayegi" :o)

Colonel Worobu said...

Lovely stuff from IWI! Please keep 'em coming!


Comic World said...

Col: More stuff on IWI has been posted,pls check latest post and yeah all care has been taken to ensure to include the date and issue no. of IWI in scans. :o)

Rafiq Raja said...

Love these vintage scans.... Thanks so much for them Zaheer. Since many have answered your Trivia questions, let me not be a repeat audience for the same.

It's so good to see those Vintage ads from the past, many of which were from a time even before my birth.... Thanks for sharing.....

Now I really envy on your collection.... I didn't get a chance so far to see the Ill.Weekly.... by the way, where did you get all these from ??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........


The Comic Project said...

Illustrated weekly, nukkad, nostalgia. cool. I still have some weekly's. saved them for years, just in case I needed them. There is supposedly one particular Illustrated weekly that was published but not sold or sold out so quickly, that not many have read it. I believe it had Dawood on the cover..or this may be an urban legend :)

Anonymous said...

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