Thursday, March 12, 2009

#Comic No.115:Holi Post

A very warm and colorful Happy Holi wishes to all of comics lovers all over the world.
This time a Phantom strip (S-64) is being presented here which is in color but incomplete hence to supplement the missing pages they were scanned from Diamond comics Phantom Digest No.11
Coloring and inking of the strip is very impressing whereas same of Diamond digest is very ordinary to look at.

(Strip courtesy:ICC)

Download Strip

For Manoj Chitra Katha lovers here is a Holi Gift for them,a Sherbaz comic.Sherbaz was a popular character of early Manoj Chitra Kathas,somewhat similar to Private detective Kapil of Chitra Bharti Kathamala.Sherbaz was a freelancer private detective who use to solve mysteries on his own.His comics took good opening but were lacking with good illustrations and later on lost in mist of time.

[Sherbaz Aur Khooni Kankal:MCK No.47,Story & Illustrations:Rana Brothers]

Download comic

For Deewana lovers here are few covers to have a look on along with few other covers too.

For Raj comics lovers a blog has been unearthed where tons of early Raj comics can be found.Here it is Hindi Comics Blogspot.Thanks to Vikas for providing its link.


Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaher bhai ,

deewane ko kyon deewane ki post lagakar tadpa rahe ho....

mujhe to ye saare deewane chahiye hi chahiye , warna main bahut rounga....


Comic World said...

Vijay bhai aapke rone ki naubat nahi aayegi,jaldi hi saare Deewana ka link aapke paas hoga.

Silly Boy. said...

Happy Holi to you.I would look motonous if I would give comments as 'nice post buddy' or 'good post buddy' so in honour of your great post and the efforts put you behind it I am presenting a song in your praise. Here it is:-
"Teri post ki kya tarif karoon kuchh kehte hue bhi darta huin kahin bhool se tu ye na samajh le ke main tudje ---------- karta huin." I am leaving blank space for you to fill up.
Any way thank you to providing writer/artist information. I also do have a Sherbaj comic of big format though the condition of the same is not so good and also one small format comic of him. Please tell whether the strip posted by you is from IWI and if possible post one page one IWI and its equilent from DC for comparison on the main page for the benefit of people like me. Whether the covers of comics posted by you other than Diwana are of big format or small format and whether the RCK is drawn by Pratap Mulik. Some of the diwanas are of 80s and they must have Motu-Patlu stories. Please post these gems but here I am requesting you never with a download link but on main page. At least M/P story of Diwana. I have a nice collection of D/C & Lotpot M/P but not a Diwana M/P other than the print-out of one you posted earlier. I have written a short article on M/P will post you in due course for suggestions and inputs of yours for improvement of the same. On the last 5 occasions whenever I went for search of old comics I do not know why I always find Chandamama. I got nearly 50 CM on those five occasions including some CM of 70s and no other comics other than two big format MCK. It is a very sweet co-incident which I wanted to share with you. In the last post you mentioned about novels of Ibne Shafi. I heard his name but never come accorss of any of his books. Can you give me some details about him and his works. I was never allowed by my father to read crime fiction and so I did not read novels other than the Rajan-Iqbal series of S.C. Bedi. Did you also read them. Though nowadays I have started collecting the old novels of 70s and 80s mostly of Hind Pocket Books and they do have very attractive cover art and it is largely because of that cover art I buy them whenever I find anyone though I hardly find time to read any one of it. As you have old novels of 70s and 80s of Ibse Shafi and Gulshan Nanda ect. do post their covers. Still waiting for IWI post and scans of MM. Do you like my long comments or just harrassed by reading. Let me know.

Sunil Gupta said...,It is an love story about sunil gupta and priya they are a good couple in the word.they are living in bakkarwala delhi, and her father a car driver and sunil is a 12th class student with web researcher at softwebworks incorporation and she is a student of class 9th.

Comic World said...

S.B: Comments other than routine are always a joy to read as they provide inspiration as well as satisfaction that my work is worth to initiate comic based discussions which attracts me more than comics itself.
Well,for that song i can only say "Bas yahi apradh main har baar karta hu,aadmi hu aadmi se....." he know this song has totally lost its original meaning and now it is being used for some other meanings.;O)
That strip is not from IWI,rather its source is unknown,it might be from some other newspaper.Though i am having around 50+ IWI but a majority of them are from 80's when IWI started publishing Phantom strip in B/W rather than color,which they use to do previously.I am expecting to get some IWI from the 1940-60 period after which i will be posting Phantom strip from them along with their DC counterpart.
Except 'Amar-Akbar aur Pachas Karod ki File' all others are in big format only,and that RCK cover is by Pratap Mulick.Deewanas do use to publish M/P also but not regularly,i will be posting the M/P feature soon taken from Deewanas.
Allow me to discuss something about the present strip of Phantom,this strip(Sunday No.34) contains the story about formation of Jungle Patrol,which was created around 1664 by Phantom.Wow,what a story and what a screenplay supported by powerful illustrations by Sy Barry.Adventures of previous Phantoms always formed something very special.The fight scene between Phantom and Red beard was written exceptionally well supported by larger than life Barry's art.That particular scene reminds me of sword fight scene from many popular Bollywood movies,for eg. fight scene between Dharmendra and Jeevan/Ranjit on ship from the movie "Dharamveer".
Stunning of Phantom on seeing Natal and continuation of superb.
Your article on M/P is heartily welcome,why not you should become the guest author for the next post where you can share your that article with us along with other thoughts which you might to share supported by a comic of your choice!!Infact i would be pleased to invite all comic lover who wish to share their story or some particular thoughts over comics for becoming guest author for the coming subsequent posts.Interested comic lovers do let me know along with a comic of their choice so that i can arrange/scan that comic in advance.
Congrats for getting old Chandamamas and Sherbaaz comics.Well,Ibne Safi was basically a Urdu crime fiction writer whose novels were use to publish from Mitra Prakashan of Allahabad in early 50's or 60's.Later on with increasing popularity of Safi,his novles were translated into Hindi and Bangla too.I am having quite a few novels of Safi in Hindi along with a couple in Urdu too.
In my childhood i was a big book worm(not of school books),i use to read whatever comic/novel/magazine which comes into my way,so,did have read few of Ibne Safi novels before along with S.C.Bedi Rajan-Iqbaal pocket books novels too.I also do have some of S.C.Bedi novels.
Yeah,Hind Pocket books were the pioneer for novels and other pocket books.I also use to take whenever i come across with any of the old Hindi Pocket Book novel with attractive covers.
I have to mail you the scans of MM which i will be making soon.
Long and meaningful comments do provide me the necessary dose of inspiration which make me going on with comic posts,and you are among one of the very few comic lovers who use to express their thoughts over comics in very impressive and interesting way,so do keep it up...longer the comment,better it is.

Comic World said...

Sunil Gupta: Its a comic blog buddy.I fail to understand what purpose you wish to solve by putting your blog URL here.

विनीता यशस्वी said...

Humesha ki hi tarah is baar bhi apne bahut achha kaam kiya...

kai sari comics ki yaad dila di...

aapko bhi holi ki shubhkaamnaye...

Comic World said...

Vinita Yashasvi:Dhanyawad Vinita Ji.Aapka swagat hai.

kk said...

Bas yahi apradh main har baar karta hu,aadmi hu aadmi se....." he know this song has totally lost its original meaning and now it is being used for some other meanings.;O)

Par sach toh hain soonkar maaza aata hain. Manoj kumar saab hamein maaf karein. :)

kk said...


What is the right urdu term for soulmate (non-sexual of course)? :)

Plus do you know of any automatic urdu to hindi translator?

Safi ka bachha seems to be a very wise man

Quotes from Ibn-e-Safi's books
In Urdu script: آدمی سنجیدہ ہو کر کیا کرے جب کہ وہ جانتا ہے کہ ایک دن اسے اپنی سنجیدگی سمیت دفن ہوجانا پڑے گا۔
Translation: Why should man ever become serious when he knows full well that one day he will be buried along with his seriousness? (Black Picture)

In Urdu script: صرف عمل اور ردعمل کا نام زندگی ہے. منطقی جواز تو بعد میں تلاش کیا جاتا ہے۔
Translation: Life is only action and reaction. The rationalizations are added later. (AdLava)

In Urdu script: حماقت پر افسوس کرنا سب سے بڑی حماقت ہے۔
Translation: Regretting stupidity is the biggest stupidity of them all.

Comic World said...

KK: Yeah,Safi was best mystery writer among those days.
The correct urdu term for soul mate seems to be "Hamsaaya".
Not yet came across with any automatic Urdu to Hindi translator,will be informing you whenever can find any.

CHANDAN said...

CW,great effort,nice post.
I just want to add something per my knowledge,Diamond 11 has s-64 strip and not S-34.
Kindly let me know.I may be wrong since i believe iam always "second" to all u guys.
Continue the great effort.

Comic World said...

Chandan: Thanks and Welcome Chandan.Yes,you are right Diamond 11 consists of S-64 not 34,i by mistake mentioned 34 as 64.
Thanks for noticing and informing the error.

Ankit Garg said...

Dear friend

Thanks a lot for your invaluable gift in the form of the Sherbaz comic. I have been looking for many months now for another series of Sherbaz comics starting with "Sherbaz Aur Khooni Talwar". Can you kindly help by uploading this comic series?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me when you will upload alha udal comics @jerkandgels on

thanks for these great comics

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Comic World said...

Anonymous: Heartily thanks for such praising words.I will try my best to provide worth reading articles in future too.It would have been better if you have left your name.

cruises said...

nice vintage comics!

Comic World said...

Ankit Garg: I think this comic has been already loaded at Manoj Chitra Katha community( check there.

Comic World said...

Cruises: Welcome.

M.Ramiz said...

Vijay Kumar Sappatti ji agar mad chahiye to mujhe call karain-


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