Friday, February 26, 2010

# Lotpot

Earlier i use to rate Lotpot not that much high as compared with other cartoon comic/magazine such as Madhumuskan,Deewana,Parag etc.Near to me Lotpot was a kiddish type comic magazine with very ordinary features except Motu-Patlu(Of Bhardwaj Sb.only),though i read a few Lotpots in early 80's and except Pran's Chacha Chaudhry nothing impressed me as till then Bhardwaj Motu-Patlu were also drifted to other publications such as Diamond Comics etc.
Very recently i find a opportunity to lay my hands on very early issues of Lotpots and while going through them in detail a whole new dimension of Lotpot unfolded before me,i was amazed to find there features of many artists who became very popular later on.
I found unearthed features of Jagdish,Shehaab,Sukhwant,P.D.Chopra,Pran,Jitendra Bedi,Manik etc thus erasing all my misconception about the quality of Lotpot.

Along with Deewana,Lotpot was the unique comic magazine which provided initial platform to the finest cartoon artists of India from where they were able to carve their own niche.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

# The Phantom:74th Birthday

Friends tomorrow,i.e.,17th February is the day of 74'th b'day of the world's most popular and influential character Phantom-The Ghost Who walks.
Exactly 74 years from now,i.e. on 17th Feb 1936, this immortal character's first daily strip,The Singh Brotherhood,appeared in US newspapers.Phantom was the first masked hero of the comic history and formed the main inspiration behind the creation of another masked hero,Batman.

(images courtesy:Deep Woods)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

# My Name Is Khan & I m Not a Terrorist

"My Name Is Khan & I Am Not A Terrorist"
"There Are Only Two Types Of Peoples In The World-Bad Peoples & Good Peoples"
"मेरा नाम खान है और मैं दहशतगर्द नहीं हूँ"

"दुनिया में सिर्फ दो तरह के लोग होते हैं--अच्छे लोग और बुरे लोग"

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

# 3rd Anniversary Post

Friends and comic lovers from all over the world,it gives me immense pleasure to welcome all of you at this memorable day which is the 3rd birthday/anniversary of this blog.
First of all let me thank my dear friend Comic Crazee for designing this fabulous header specially for Comic World's 3rd Anniversary post.Many-many thanks to him for this magnificent gift.

To start the celebrations,let me present another one of my dear and close friend Kuldeep Bhai who is eager to welcome all of you.Here are his words right away.

"Hello every one..My welcome greeting to you all and thanks everyone for joining us to celebrate another wonderful anniversary of this blog.This blog is not a website like millions others available on internet but it is a place where we see a pristine pond filled with warm memories of our childhood and we all want to jump to feel the old days when we were care free, pure hearted and dreamed to do something big.. Welcome all.. jump and feel the joy, happiness and lets promise ourselves that we will keep on filling this pond with our thoughts, appreciation,knowledge sharing,old memories so that more and more will be joining us in coming days to make this place the only 'mecca'/'Kumbh' of Comics world .. On this blog we have seen so many wonder ful post(Sholay,Hindi novels,satyakatha,bal pocket books,comics artist, writers....).. so many old thoughts ('par-tilli' , comics reading in Lantern light, efforts took to get comics...) we met so many wonder ful people who have such vast knowledge on comics,collection and we learned a lot about comics,comic culture ,reading habits in India and around the world. So much have been shared,posted so far and amazing part is that ' we want more' what best could happen to this blog other than this that instead of quenching the fire it is making it more and more big like adding more fuel (with every new post.) we have shown our appreciation to 'Zaheer bhai' so many time and on this occasion I salute his great work again on behalf of all of us and congratulate him again on 3rd anniversary of 'Comic world'.
Lage raho Zaheer bhai ...
and Yes.. ALL IZZZ WELL.. keep it rolling.. Have a wonder ful time friends.. Kuldeep

As you all know about Kuldeep Bhai that he is living encyclopedia of comics,he has vast-vast treasure of knowledge and nostalgic moments attached with comics which he regularly keeps on sharing with all of us in his unique and unmatched style of words of which we all are fond of.If topic comes about Ved Prakash Sharma then he is simply unmatched and a living data base of his novels...simply mind blowing...i have never seen a passionate comic reader and lover as he is....and talking about his human side,he is a good human and friends of friend.How many of us can send quite a costly comics to a person with whom we don't have that much of 'terms' and acquaintance and that also without expecting any thing in return!!!Truly,a most humble attitude which is highly appreciated.
Kuldeep Bhai,many thanks for your kind and warm feeling toward this blog,i hope to see you all along with this blog like you are.As a small token of gift here is that ad page of unpublished novel of Ved Prakash Sharma which you were looking for.
Hope you will like it.

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