Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chandamama Archives

Good news for all Chandamama lovers in any language.!!
Here is the link for downloading Chandamama issues (1949-85) in any of its publication language (English,Hindi,Kannada,Malyalam,Tamil and Telgu) from its archives,which has been provided by a comic lover Vikas Gupta,all credit and thanks goes to him.

Chandamama Archives Link
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mandrake and Diamond comics covers

While searching for some old Diamond comics featuring Motu-Patlu,Lambu-Motu,Chhotu-Lambu i came across with some of them,few of whose covers i am posting here along with Mandrake Diamond Digests.
The humor quality of Motu-Patlu and Chhotu-Lambu,written by Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj and Shehaab respectively, was something different and of high quality.Both these writers used humorous punches of simple day to day happenings of common life supported by powerful illustrations.
Motu-Patlu use to appear in Lotpot and Chhotu-Lambu as a two page comic article in Parag before being picked up by Diamond comics as a full fledged comic character.

The main advantage of Mandrake Diamond Digest is that they contain unedited colored stories in their complete entity unlike Indrajal Comics,which use to edit the stories heavily in order to fit in their limited page format.If these covers attracts my visitors,let me know so that i can post more of them.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

#Comic No.87:Madhumuskan

Due to insistence of some of Madhumuskan lovers here is presented a complete Madhumuskan scanned from 1st to last page.

Few sample pages......

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Free Image Hosting at

While searching for old comics i got this with out cover Fauladi Singh issue which i have read in my childhood..many nostalgic memories reeled down while going through this comic.
Note the 2nd page consisting of the ad of the forthcoming issues in which another Fauladi Singh issue "Karkola Ka Chakravyuh" is mentioned.I was fascinated by the title at that time as i have heard the name Karkola for the very first time,my little mind was wondering about Karkola,how would it be,what dangers it would be carrying of,how Fauladi Singh will tackle it!!!!
I was thinking that it might be like that "Chakravyuh" which Dronacharya created during Mahabharata for Abhimanyu,...will Fauladi Singh be able to destroy it or he would also succumb like Abhimanyu did..etc..etc..

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