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#Comic No.127 & Sushma

Friends,last post was talked and appreciated quite a lot,thanks to all of you and specially 'Kuldeep,Deep & Ashish' for making out such a thick and long discussion.
My friend Alok,who is making a documentary over Indian comic industry sent these fresh pics of cartoonist "Pran",which he clicked during his interview a few days back.
The name of 'Pran' is taken with great respect in the name of comic industry,his creations "Chacha Chaudhry,Raman,Billoo,Pinky" etc doesn't require any introduction.
So rightly here are the few snaps of Pran in action,its very 1st time to see a Indian illustrator in action,all thanks to Alok only.

Alok with master craftsman...

Something about him...

His famous creations....

In last post we discussed about Bal Pocket Books and popular Hindi novelists.In this post we will discuss in very brief about some of the popular Hindi film magazines and some other left out novels.
Kuldeep,you may be remembering i mentioned about 'Sushma' in last post.
'Shama(Urdu) & Sushma(Hindi)' were a pioneer and very popular film magazine of Indian Hindi movies.I remember reading lots of Sushma and a few Shamas.The editorial article and stories were used to be very entertaining including other articles from veteran film industry personalities.

Here are the few vintage Sushma covers of 80's.

Shama/Sushma were at the peak of popularity in 70's and 80's as they were the first magazine to start highly prized quizzes based on Indian Hindi movies.The cross-word puzzle of Shama and questioner quiz of Sushma were highly popular among Indian masses,in late 80's and early 90's Sushma was the lone magazine to give Televisions as reward for its quizzes.I too have won a audio cassette from one such quiz from Sushma.
One such article popular article was 'Sushma Sabha' in which witty/funny/light questions of readers were answered by the magazine in a very interesting and entertaining manner. Here is the image of one such page from Sushma.Read them yourself to find the quality of those answers.

Has anyone seen a better pic than this of cute and innocent beauty of Dimple Kapadia...

Deep,the next one is for you,have you ever seen Dharam paji's such a young picture....this one is from the 'Muhurat' of his movie "Shola Aur Shabnam"

A vintage ad and Sushma of 90's....

Coming back to novels,here are some covers of novels contributed by Deep,have a look and say thanks to him.

Also some novel covers from my side of the likes of 'Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya' and 'Devkinandan Khatri' who wrote 'Chandrakanta & Bhutnath',and VPS on the similar lines also wrote up 'Devkanta Santati'.I read few parts of Devkanta Santati and find them just ok,what you think about them Kuldeep!

In the last,finally comic for this post.Its a Fauladi Singh comic,sorry for missing cover,if anyone have its cover then pls send so that it can be included here.

(P.S:Indrajal comics and Phantom lovers,from a long time i strayed away from posting Indrajal comics and other Phantom/Mandrake stuff,but don't worry will be coming back soon with Indrajal comics.)


deep said...

Hi Zaheer..

i m the first one.

yeah, i never seen this picture of Dharam.

but don't u think his first movie is "Dil bhi tera hum bhi teree" released in 1958-59?

and many-2 thanx for FS comics.i lost it long time ago.

first one mai iss leye hu kaunke subha uthtey hi pc par baeth gaya.

Raat wait karta raha aap ke post ke.

Again a very good post.

Aap to vakia hi rock kar rahe ho yaar.

Ashish said...

Wow!!! great pictures of Pran. Nice post again Zaheer Bhai.

kuldeepjain said...

Hi Cw...

Thanks for the fauladi singh upload..

this is another great story of FS and I will request all of you if you have hindi version of the same then pl upload it as well...

in this regard one more request about FS comics.. if someone got 'dhue ki aurat' ???

coming to your post of Sushma..

the list of filmi magazine of bollwood is quite long.. with time lots of them have gone to oblivion..

As i see Filmfare, star dust are still in circulation but

chitra lekha, filmi kaliya, filmi jagat, movie jagat, Filmi dunia, chitrahar, madhuri, I have not seen since long..

If i am not wrong 'madhuri ' was the oldest here.. filmfare was the costlliest and start dust was famous for 'paparazzi' sort of reporting..

till 1990 i was reading film magazines because i was interested in new upcomming movie stories and the actors , actress life..

I used to supply poster of 'madhuri dixit' to one of my room mate 'sachin mohniraj' who used to be great Madhuri fan..those poster i was getting from these magazine only..

these magazine used to publish new movie dialogue , songs etc ( textual , graphics both) and it was fun to read.

when amitabh bachhan had accidnet and he was in hospital this magazine were full of stories.. i remember those days..

gone those days of good reading..

when VCR started flodding the market some company launched 'lehre' as video film magazine and from that day demise of these magazine started..

Zee TV , M, V, music asia later on flooded the channel with movie stuff and this magazines lost their light.

does any one recall that Puja Bhatt gave a photo on cover page of one filmi magazine ( full body paint ) and it was a news that time....

the magazine was i think 'star dust ' only...

not much to say on filmi magazine as there were time pass reading only.. no way they can have a eternity like 'indrajal'

quiz: what is the name of the actor who is doing pan parag ad..

Ashish said...


Jalaal Aga

Ashish said...

One question from my side

Name the heroin on the cover of "Mailee Chandani" by Gulshan Nanada.

Comic World said...

Deep: Welcome and congrats for being first.Yes,you are correct Dharam paji's 1st movie was "Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere",by mistake i quoted it wrong.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Welcome Ashish.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi zaheer bhai bhut achee lagta hai mere janam se pahele ki tasvire hai

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Welcome Kuldeep.Yes,the joy which is in reading Hindi versions of FS and other comics,is not in their English counterparts.Unfortunately i was having only English version which was posted here.
Correctly said the list of filmy bollywood magazine is quite long but the list of prominent magazine is not that big.
"Film India" was the first most popular and most effective magazine of post Independence era.Its editor,'Baburao Patel',was a very competent writer and fine journalist.His movie reviews were exceptionally good and unbiased.
His image and reputation was very high and respected in film industry as well as among film stars,he use to scorn and mock off the weaker sections of a newly released film by his sharp and whipped articles,despite of which nobody dared to protest against his articles,such was his image!
And it was only because he use to write truth blended with morality in its full harsh shape.
After 'Film India' the next most successful were 'Filmfare(English) & Madhuri(Hindi)' from TOI group.
I remember reading Madhuri which was later rechristened as 'Filmfare'(Hindi) before being closed down.Its English version is still in publication.
'Madhuri' used to have a good team of efficient writers such as 'Issac Mujawar,Raju Bhartan(free lancer),Vinod Tiwari,Razdaan M.A., etc..which were having a good knowledge bank as well as crispy language.'Madhuri' was in genre of serious and informative film journalism which was later continued by "Priya(initially 'Filmonia'),Jee Star" and to some extent by 'Filmi Kaliyan'.
Rest magazines such as 'Fimi Duniya,Menka,Rangbhumi,Chitrlekha,Movie Jagat,Movie Chitrahaar..etc were primarily light and gossip magazines.
You mentioned 'Stardust',it was the most 'wahiyat' magazine,talking about only stars affairs and other nonsense stuff.Yes,that Pooja Bedi pic was appeared on it only.
You mentioned about the famous accident of Amitabh Bachchan during the shooting of 'Coolie'(1982) what was the rage that time.I remember very well a shrine in my town where devotees gathered to pray for safety of Amitabh.A cutout of him was placed outside the shrine and people were praying for his safety.I never had seen such a rage for any other Hindi Filmstar.
Yeah,the attraction of Filmy magazines began to fade after the video era which eventually had died out though Filmy Kaliyan and Filmy Duniya is still in publication but far far away from serious and informative film journalism.

विनीता यशस्वी said...

Is baar ki post to behad lajwaab hai...

kuldeepjain said...

@ Ashish

the actress name is 'jareena Waheb'..

one more quiz..

on Gulshan nanda novel awara badal movie was made..

who acted in that..

clue : one of actor of that movie is shown in one of sushma posted here..

Ashish said...

@Kuldeep Jain

She's not "Zareena Wahab", you can google and see that.

Ashish said...

She is "Sujata Mehta" of "Pratighaat" fame.

kk said...

Wow! Alokbhai bilkul hero dikh rahe hain. :)

deep said...


there use to be another film magazine "mayapuri".

anyone remember?

deep said...

Hi zaheer...

"mali chandni" par be ek movie bani thi.

bata sakte ho kaun se?

Comic World said...

Vinita Ji: Thanks and welcome Vinita Ji.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Yes,that actress on novel cover page is "Sujata Mehta".

Comic World said...

Deep: Yeah,i remember Mayapuri very well as its movie review was among one of the best of those times.
'Mayapuri' was also the publication of those of Madhumuskan,and its still in publication.

Comic World said...

Deep: The movie based on 'Maili Chandni' was "Daag"(Rajesh Khanna,Sharmila Tagore,Rakhi)

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: I think that movie is "Main Awara Hoon"(Raj Babbar,Sanjay Dutt,Rati Agnihotri,Jaya Prada) which was based on GN 'Awara Badal'.

deep said...


Yes absolutely right!!!

u r a living encyclopedia dear.

Comic World said...

Deep: Thanks Deep,but i think Kuldeep deserves this title more.

deep said...


yeah, i think u both deserves this title.

Comic World said...

Deep: Thanks Deep for praiseworthy words.

shobi said...

Wow, a very nice post. And seeing pran's photo at work cannot be expressed in words. Thank you very much

kk said...

Hmm, I am honestly impressed with Fauladi Singh now - science fiction in Hindi - no wonder I never read it when I was young - too ahead of its time. :)

kuldeepjain said...

Hi Ashish

yes she is 'sujata mehta'.. after typing the answer and submitting it yesterday night , as it was wrong my mind started spinning thinking that something is wrong..

and then the name striked me.. Pratighat, dharti Putra movie just flashed in my mind.. and rightnow ( here it is morning 9 AM) when i thought to put the right answere .. it is already there..

sorry for the haste reply..

CW .. yes the answer is correct .. it was 'mai awara hoo'

i think it was dimond comics who was publishing 'film chitra katha ' in his comics size book.. and i recall i have read 'mai awara hoo' in that..


no doubt this comics is impressive..but just wait till 'antriksh ka sangram' tri-series is uploaded it will simply blow you up..(


apart from these film magazines there was another magazine which has some newspaper sort of format.. publishing weekly or forthnightly..

that was very informative..

what was the name ? 'rangoli' ???

deep said...


Yes bro, FS was very popular when at its peak.too ahead considering that period of time.

Don't worry we have more stuff for u !!!!

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

zaheer bhai ,

aadab ,

yaar is post ko bahut der se dekh raha hoon aur pata nahi umr ke kitne baras peeche jaakar apne ghar ke aangan me baith kar ye sab kitaabe padh raha hoon.. bhai aur kuch ho na ho ..aapki posts padhkar is bhaagti zindagi me kuch pal apne liye mil jaate hai ...haay re beete hue din...

mera salaam kabul kare


Arun Kumar said...

Buddy you have a treasure! Can post some obituries/memories on the death of film personalities or rendom memories by other film personalities or eminent journalists from these old film magazines. I am not agree with you that Stardust is a wahiyat magazine. According to me it is insult of word wahiyat by calling Stardust wahiyat. It does not deserve even dustbin. I have not seen such a pathetic magazine such as Stardust. You read film magazines for information and not for knowing the tastes of actresses regarding the colour of their bra and panties. Stardut is filmi Manohar Kahaniyan.
Let it go. Can you throw some light on Vinod-Hamid series. Does Manoj Comics' Vinod-Hamid inspire from these Vinod-Hamid. Tell me something about Bhoothnath novel cover of which has been posted by you. About its publication and how many parts it has been published. If possible post the covers of Hind Pocket Books and other similar pocket books.

Comic World said...

Shobi: Welcome Shobi.

Comic World said...

KK: Yeah,the concept of FS was itself was very innovative and ahead of time considering Indian scenario.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Kuldeep,it was diamond comics which started the comic size 'film chitrakathas'.I was a avid reader of those 'chitrakathas',it was a novel idea which was well appreciated and taken by Indian comic lovers.
Normally those 'Filmy Chitrakathas' were used to publish in black and white except few color ones on some special occasions,for eg. the first such chitrakatha to be published in color was of 'Tezaab'(Anil Kapoor,Madhuri Dixit) as it was the 50th or 100th Chitrakatha.
Next in color was the much hyped and waited movie of those time,"Shehanshah"(Amitabh,Meenakshi).
Kuldeep i think you are talking about "Mayapuri",as it was the film magazine in newspaper format,big size,weekly,quite informative along with pretty cheap price.
Coming to Sujata Mehta,the first movie which i have seen of her was "Pratighat"(1987),which i happened to watch accidentally.
It was 1987 Eid holiday,we kids were having pocket full of money (courtesy 'Eid') along with permission to watch movie in cinema hall.We all went to watch movie "Imaandar"(Sanjay Dutt,Farha,Rohan Kapoor)(1987) but couldn't got ticket due to huge crowd,so decided to watch "Pratighat',which was being shown in nearby theater,as none of us wanted to return home without watching any movie.
'Pratighat's' tickets were easily available so we went in hall with a disappointed heart and not much expectation with the non-stars studded movie.But as the movie progressed we were forced to change our opinion about it and in the end were fully satisfied or better to were highly impressed with the movie.
Three things in the movie impressed me as never before:
1.Its director N.Chandra(Chandu Narverkar),who was the assistant of 'Gulzar'(Sardar Sampooran Singh) before trying his hands on direction with "Ankush"(1986).
2.'Nana Patekar',whose superb performance as a constable and a mad person was the highlight of the movie, &
3.'Sujata Mehta's' brilliant performance as the main protagonist of the movie.
Lots of expectations were followed with Sujata Mehta,which unfortunately failed to take any solid shape as she could not able to carve a different place for herself in her later movies.

Comic World said...

Vijay Bhai: विजय भाई,खुदा करे के आप जैसा शैदाई हर ब्लॉगर को मिले.आप,जो खुद में इतने हुनरमंद हैं पर दूसरों की तारीफ करने में पीछे नहीं हटते.
दोस्तों,आज कुछ विजय भाई के बारे में बताता हूँ,विजय भाई अपने आप में बहुत अच्छे नाज़िम(नज़्म्कार) हैं,इनकी हर नज़्म,हर कविता एक बहुत ही जुदा अंदाज़ में अनोखी सहजता लिए हुए होती है.इनकी नज्मों के चर्चे बहुत दूर-दूर तक फैले हुए हैं.
अब ज्यादा क्या कहूं,नज्मों और कविताओं में दिलचस्पी रखने वाले खुद इनके ब्लॉग पर जाकर नमूना देख लीजिये.

Anonymous said...

In ACK blog many posts in mediafire after ghandhari post are locked or deleted .Can anyone please tell me how to download them.

Comic World said...

Anon: I am sorry to say that those links may be deleted due to ego clashes between its one of founder member and its reviver.Pls request its reviver to fix them.
All future posts posted by me will have their links intact.

Sukhwinder said...

It is my post here. I have downloaded the stuff before, but never posted any comments before.

Well, those good old days! Growing up during 1980’s, that was quite a time. I stared reading Diamond comics first then moved on to Indrajal and Manoj with the Bal Pocket Books from both Diamond and Manoj. Living in a village and long summer days, there was not much other entertainment in those days except for reading anything that came along the way including all the filmy magazine mentioned in the comments. They also included Manohar Kahaniya and Satay Katha etc. It is quite a feeling to see these vintage covers and ads. Good job CW, keep it up.

Later, by late 80’s and early 90’s, I moved on to novels as well. I have read most of the writers mentioned in this post, with Surender Mohan Pathak being the favourite with his Sunil, Sudhir, and Vimal series. In this age Internet, it seems like a dream that we are able to share all these memories.

Someone posted a comment that antriksh ka sangram tri series is coming up, eagerly waiting for that. I read three comics bharat ka antank, dreamland ki tabahi, and antriksh ka sangram in 1982 or may be 1983. They were the best comics among Fauladi Singh series.

It is nice to read all the comments and think about those good old days.

Comic World said...

Arun Kumar: Arun you wrote my feelings here.You know i use to write obituary/memories articles in papers on the death of eminent film personalties.I was thinking to continue same here,will be realizing it soon.
'Vinod-Hamid' was a very popular duo which laid the foundation for duo in spy novels,MCK V-H could have been inspired by it.
"Bhootnath" is a very famous and popular novel series by 'Devkinandan Khatri'(Chandrakanta series).It was published in 7 volumes and each volume containing around 3 parts.All of its parts were published and they are very rare to find now,fortunately i am having all the volumes purchased in recent past.
Covers of Hind pocket books are already posted on the blogs,pls check again.

kuldeepjain said...

hi all

not sure about Vinod hamid novels but for bal pocket i have one interesting info..

if some one remembers in manoj pocket books some bal pockets were published with bal secret agent 'shiv shakti' and in one book they were killed by one criminal.. who was killing all the secret service agents as he wanted one 'owl' statue from chief of secret service chief..

the chief was not giving it because it was matter of national interest..

he was looking for replacement of Shiv shakti and then his assitant gave him name of two young pick pocketer in jail and they were 'vinod hamid'

that was a very good story..

both were expert in throwing playing card 'tash' having hidden blades ..

after that i read some more books of both of them..

in one book they went to hongkong to help onf of their friend who was owner of a casino

in other book ( vinod or hamid) face was matching with some prince of tribe and villan ( some finghee or fomanchoo) kidnapped him to get the treasure..

they all were good stories.. but with time all were lost..

i think vinod hamid series i read one novel 'zero land' ( not 100 % sure as my speciality is VPS).. the sequel of that novel was 'supreme justice' which i never got hold of..

writer might be raj bharti or Parshu ram shrama ( again not sure)

about Sri Pran..

he has created so many touching character thet he has a place no one can reach as far indian comics is concern..

I Want to pay my highest respect to him by this post..

CW.. if i am not wrong .. Sri Pran also created the character 'cheeku khargosh' which was getting published in 'champak' center page..

and all.. pl upload more FS..

Silly Boy. said...

Mr. Kuldeep Jain you are absolutely right. Cheeku in Champak was created by Mr. Pran. He could not continue with his character may be due to some copyright related issues. Recently, I found two old comics of Cheeku carrying features created by Pran. Though his name is not mentioned anywhere in the comics but I found one panel signed by him. His Cheeku resembled to his Pikloo another of his rabit character which was a side comic of Ankur series.

Comic World said...

Sukhwinder: Welcome Sukhwinder to Comic World comments section.
You reminded 'Satyakatha',which i use to read only because of its 'Inspector Azaad' comic article,rest i use to watch its colorful illustrations along with textual stories.
Sometimes i use to read stories from 'Manohar Kahaniyan' and 'Satyakatha',some of which i use to find quite interesting.I still remember some thriller stories written by 'Shrikant Sinkar" which were quite gripping.

Anonymous said...

comics chood ke faltu baaten aajkal jyada discuss ho rahi hain....2-3 log aake 40-40 comments discuss karte bore!!

Comic World said...

Anon: Dear anon,thanks for sharing your thoughts.Well,we are happy in discussing among ourselves as we long for these healthy discussions also apart from comics.
Anybody feeling bore can download comics,can read and shut off as the discussion forum is only for those willing to interact and share their thoughts.

deep said...

Well said Zaheer.

Toonfactory said...

Hi Zahir Bhai,

Thanks a lot for posting the pics and sharing it with the readers of your Blog.

There are a lot of discussions on your blog I would like to take part in...but Documentary project mein phanse hone ke wajah se kar nahin paa raha.jald hi lautunga to vistaar se charcha karenge...

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I have not read or seen most of these Hindi books/comics/magazines as I am from South India. But I still enjoy the discussions.

It is just like what we say regading the On/Off switch for TV. If you don't like the program please feel free to switch it off.

So if people like Anon (at least put your name down) do not like these discussions, they should not be clicking on "Comments". They should just leech the comics and go their merry way.

Sudarshan said...

This is a wonderful blog! It is good to see the Indian viewpoint on comics and magazines on the net - usually Indian fans are not so active on the net in uploading content and discussions.
I had one request - Could you please mail me phone number/email of your friend Alok? I work with a publishing company, and would like to speak to him. my id is sudarshan (at) blaft (dot) com.

Lalit oberoi said...

Dear comicguy,

Thanks for this awesome work. This is extraordinary blog.

There is one request, can you upload full magazines (sushma) here?? If you have old filmi magazines please upload. I am dying to read these magazines.

Thanks in advance.
Lalit oberoi

sudheirsharma said...

hello everyone
Can someone get me novels ofcolonel ranjeet I'm biggest fan and dying to read his novels
My wtapp no 7054008947

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