Saturday, June 27, 2009

# Its Party time

As promised in last post here is that 'party' for all of you,today we won't discuss much and will throw comics for you,just grab them and enjoy!! I want to thank and congratulate once again all of Comic World fans,friends,readers and visitors for Comic World being appreciated by a National Daily,"Hindustan".You can read that article published on Comic World by clicking this Link.
Coming back to party,the hosts of today's party are 'Deep,Ajay Misra' & yours truly. Starting with our beloved Indrajal comics,here is presented HQ version of IJC no.31,'The Deadly Swamp'.It has already been posted at net before but its a high resolution and cleaner version,been contributed by Ajay Misra,hence credit+thanks to him.

The 2nd comic of today's is one of vintage Fauladi Singh comic contributed by Deep,who is a proud owner of a good collection of vintage FS comics.

Between comics lets have a look at covers of some of the super hit novels of VPS.Can anyone forget 'Ek Aur Abhinamyu' and 'Qaidi No.100'!!

Can anyone tell that which actress image is on the cover of Qaidi No.100!!

Another early Fauladi Singh comics from Deep's treasure for FS lovers,Kuldeep have you read this one...!!

Friends a quiz for movie lovers.Here is a youtube link of a video of a song from the Film "Qurbani"(1981,Firoz Khan,Vinod Khanna,Zeenat Aman).Watch this video and you will see that when the song starts its very first stanza is filmed on a man in a boat,that man was a popular Hero of the 60's and have acted in quite a few films as hero as well as in main lead also.

Can any one identify that Hero!!!

The fourth comic of today's party is again from Ajay Misra,its a vintage MCK.

For Madhumuskan lovers here is also something,check it out.....

Enjoy Daddy Ji also....

Lastly something for 'Deewana' lovers also.......


Deep said...

Hi Zaheer..

i m the first one.

Yes indeed its the party time and u give every one some thing and some reason to smile.

The actress on Qaidi no. 100 is "Teena Maneem" alias "Teena Ambani".

And thanx to make me co-host of today"s party.

Also thanx for Madhumuskan,dewana & Temur lang as i m searchig for Temur Lang for a long time.

Once again a very good post and this time not only covers but lots of comics.

Ashish said...

Now that's what called party :-)

kuldeepjain said...

yes great party.. but hope ..abhi to sham hai.. puri rat baki hai..

CW.. about that you tube quiz..

it is new info to me that he was an actor in 60's..

i always found him as a villan or 'chamcha ' of villan in old 70's movies..

specially Amitabh 'trishul', Deewar..

pl do tell me the actor name..

I believ i did saw him in one raj kapur movie..

about VPS..

how can one forget VPS these master pieces..

i read these novel long time back..but you remember that i wrote you climax of Quadi no 100..

stll VPS old novels are in my memory..

for ek aur abhimanyu here are few line..

" andhere me aayee aawaj sun ke triple 9 ke tirpan kap gaye.. isliye kyoki ye awaj 'vikas ' ki thi.."

" julia ye sala hus kyo raha hai.. rota kyo nahi'

" ameriki hukmran jante hai ki vikas wahi kehta hai jo karne ki taqat rakhe"

about FS..

frankly FS aur Prithvi ke chor story has vanished from my mind.. But i sure read it long time back..i think it was in my collection too once..

Rajkumari Misha was introduced in FS second comics.. Vichtra aunda and sequel dolor ka ant.

second FS story was fresh in memory..

about madhu mukan and deewana in next post..

Deep said...

Hi Kuldeep Bhai....

Villian or chamcha be to actor hi hote hai yaar.

Deep said...


Aap ke yadatish bahut teaz hai dear. mainey be yeh novel padey hain but itna kush yaad nahi.

Zaheer bhai sach hi kahete hain ke aap living encyclopedia ho.

kk said...

Sab ko khush karne wallah post. Wah bhai bhai.

Ved prakash Sharma Aur Sunil Mohan Pathak ke mureedo, Bangalore ke chappe chappe ko chaan ne ke baad mere haath main ye char kitaabe aa gayi hain. Comics toh kabhi diktha bhi nahin hain. :)

Ved Mantra

Midnight Club
Do ghaz Kaffan.

Kripaya Apni rai dijeyaga ki inme se kaun si kitaab sabse pehle padh ne layak hain. :)

kk said...

Kya macmohan ke yahan wakayi main chappa pada tha? If yes, in reality also his prestige would have increased. :) Dharmendra spreading rumour about hira in hero Rajkumaar's baal is too funny - especially if you knew before hand he was ganja. :)

Comic World said...

Deep: Welcome Deep,yes,you are indeed the first.Congrats!
Correctly recognized that actress is Teena Munim,who was brought to tinsel town by Devanand from 'Des-Pardes'.She was a fine actress and gained quite popularity in 80's to early 90's.Has anyone saw her movie "Baaton Baaton Mein"!
I have never seen her more cutest than this movie..indeed a superb movie with great songs!!

Comic World said...

Ashish: Welcome Asish.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Welcome Kuldeep.Yes,you noticed rightly that 'man' used to play sidekicks or 'chamcha' of villains in 70's and 80's movies but he started his career as a hero in 60's.
I am waiting for some more readers to try their hands over this quiz before disclosing the answers.
There are many examples of such actors/actresses who started their careers as hero or main lead but later on did some very petty roles for survival when their time was over.
Most prominent example is of "Bharat Bhsuhan" who was a major Hero of his times by doing movies like "Baiju Bawra,Barsat Ki Raat,Jahan Aara,Mirza Ghalib" but later on did some very petty character roles till his last days in order for daily bread.
Another example was actress Vimi who was the heroine of super hit movies like Hamraaz(1967,Rajkumar,Sunil Dutt),Vachan(1974,Shashi Kapoor) etc,but she died alone,bankrupt,unrecognized & unclaimed,her last rites were performed by Bombay Municipal corporation as no body claimed for her body.

Comic World said...

KK: Thanks and welcome KK.
Well,these novels of VPS(Gunga,Ved Mantra) are of later era and are just so-so,about SMP i am not able to comment as i haven't read them,might Kuldeep or any other SMP fan can help you.

Kishore K said...

Is it Azad from the old movies like Rustom Sohrab, Zimbo, tarzan, Boxer etc...

Old Man Mozz said...

Thanks again for the virtual feast....

Comic World said...

Kishore K: Correct Kishore,he is indeed 'Azad Irani'.Congrats for giving correct answer.
'Azad Irani' started his career as Hero from the stunt movie Zimbo(1958) and continued to play as Hero in similar stunt movies such as Zimbo Shehar Mein,Zalim Tera Jawab Nahin(1960),Hurricane Express(1961),Tarzan Aur Jadugar,Rustam Sohrab(1963),Khufia Mahal,Rustam-E-Rome,Tarzan & Captain Kishore,Tarzan & Delilah,Tarzan & Jalpari(1964),Chhupa Rustam,Fauladi Mukka,Shahi Lutera,Tarzan & Circus(1965),Gogola,Tarzan Aur Jadui Chirag,Tarzan Ki Mehbooba,Zimbo Finds a Son(1966),Arabian Nights,Jungle Ki Hoor(1967) etc.
Later at the end of 60's when these stunt films start losing their meaning and success he switched on to playing small sidekick roles mainly as a member of villain's gang.He was most suited in the roles of strongly built man where acting capabilities were not that much required such as jungle man Tarzan,Zimbo etc.

Comic World said...

Old Man Mozz: Welcome Mozz.

Deep said...


Good info. about Azad Irani.


kuldeepjain said...

hi Kishore/CW ..

sir jee tusi great ho..

amazing info about azad irani..

i wonder if he is related to manek irani as well ( another villan famous as billa )


do gaj kafan is a very good read..
mid night club is second...

Return 'ved mantra' if you can get your money back..

Gunga is OK...if you miss the reading donot regret..

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi zaheer bhai good comics

tamur lang .zip mein hai please post in .cbr

.zip is blocked in my office

madhumuskan aur deewana abhee bhee publish hoti hai ya nahee.

betaal ki hindi comics @

Comic World said...

Deep: Welcome Deep.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Kuldeep i doubt whether 'Azad Irani' may be a relative of another sidekick villain Manek Irani.
'Manek Irani' was a black belt martial art trainer who also didn't rose up to more than petty small roles.He played almost every time only negative roles,can any one name a single movie where he appeared in a positive role!!
But there is a movie in which he played a positive and considerable lengthy role.Kuldeep can you name that movie!!
All other readers are also invited to answer.

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: Ok,will be mailing you its cbr link.

kk said...

@Kuldeep. Thanks for the info! But when I have purchased at Rs 15 per book, why on earth to return it. :)

kuldeepjain said...

i can recall only one movie..

that was shatrughan sinha starr 'viswanath'

manek was one of his helping hand ( a lock picker ) when Shatrughan makes a team to take revenge from Villan ..

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: 'Vishwanath' can also be taken as the answer as 'Manek Irani' played a positive role there also by helping the Hero of the movie.By the way the movie about which i was talking of was "Paanch Qaidi"(1981,Amjad Khan,Mahendra Sandhu,Girish Karnad,Vijyendra Ghatge),in this movie 'Manek' role was also positive as a helper of Hero's gang.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: One more quiz relating 'Vishwanath'.There was one actor in 'Vishwanath' who was in Premnath's gang and was having quite a major role in the movie.He was also a hero of 60's,though not much famous.Can anyone name him!

Colonel Worobu said...

Good party! Thanks for the Indrajal CW! And welcome back to posting IJCs again!

kuldeepjain said...


i am not able to recall Vishwanath movie vilan gang..

but in the same line i got one quiz..

do u recall one movie where 'amzad khan' was a hero..

i am not talking about positive role or any big actor say amitabh,vindo khanna etc with him..

the whole movie was centered on him..

also any movie where villan ranjit was in a positive role.

for Sri ajit, Pran the answer will be too easy so not asking.

yes one request.. can we have MM featuring 'headache' .. it is quite long i have not read 'jojo phaiya'

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Welcome Col.,you were being missed here,but i can understand your absence because of absence of English comics.:o)

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: The actor i was talking about was Sudhir,the person against whom 'Shatrughan Sinha' was fighting the rape case at the beginning of the movie.He also started his career as a hero in 60's.
Well,at the moment,about the movie centering 'Amjad Khan',i can recall only "Dada"(1979).It was just a superb movie,can you forget that song of it"Allah tu karam karna,maula tu reham karna..."
'Ranjit' has played positive roles in many movies such as 'Khote Sikkey','Nagin' etc.
Regarding 'Ranjit' one quiz,can anyone tell his real name.

Rafiq Raja said...

Zaheer Bhai, what a great post bringing some vintage comics including a IJC for everyone. What's more there is an interesting trivia going on around for the unknown heroes from the past...

Learned a lot of Irani and Vishwanath.... no other blog can boast off such nostalgic facts on Comics, Novels, and Movies.... CW deserves that feat :)

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai: I cant believe, so many comics in one post. I hope we will celebrate more parties of this type.

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

ज़हीर भाई

कॉमिक्स के इस दीवाने को दीवाना की झलक न दिखलाओ ...
अपनी अलमारी को अलीगढ का ताला लगाओ ....
मैं एक बड़ा चोर बन जाऊँगा ,अपनी कॉमिक्स को बचाओ .....
इस कविता को पढ़कर जल्दी से दीवाना मुझे भिजवाओ ..



kuldeepjain said...

hi CW..

sudhir was villain son and keeping that in mind i forgot that he was member of gang as well else i could have made good guess..

you remember that sudhir was caught by hero in court by the toothpick he used to keep in his handkerchief..

well I didnot see 'dada' but the song is well remembered to me..

the movie what i know where amjad was hero was 'commander' in which he was police officer..

a very good movie it was.. i went to watch it because my cousin told me that only that movie amjad was more like hero. 'arun govil ' was also in that movie. if i remember Sharmila tagore acted as wife of Amjad khan.

about 'dada' was 'vinod mehra ' was also in that movie..

kuldeepjain said...

vijay sir..

dakuo ki yaha line lagee hai..
choro ka number bad me aayega..
are zaheer bhai tala jab tak lageyenge
ye daku loot ke furrrrr ho jayega..

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Thanks,Rafiq Bhai for kind appreciation.
Well,these nostalgic/healthy discussions are the kick dose for my enthusiasm to keep going,and i am fortunate to have readers and visitors like you,Kuldeep,Deep,Ashish,Vijay Bhai,Qasim,KK,Abdul and many other who are avid readers and possesses keen interest to take part in such discussions.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: I deliberately didn't mentioned that fact otherwise it would have been very easy to guess his name.:o)
Yes,i remember that Sudhir was caught due to his habit of pinning down his toothpick in the collar of his shirt.
I think in Commander,Amjad Khan's wife was played by Tanuja not Sharmila Tagore.
'Vinod Mehra' was also in 'Daada' and he was paired opposite Bindiya Goswami,but it was Amjad Khan who stole all the limelight and applauds with his superb acting and strong role.There was one more famous song in it "Dil ke Tukde-Tude Kar Ke Muskurate Chal Diye,jate-jate itna bata ja,ham jiyenge kiske kiye.." sung by 'Yesudas'.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Dear Abdul i also hope same as you.

kk said...

Zaheerbhai, kya aap Gunmaster G9 etc dekhte thay? :)
I googled for Azad after your post and discovered an american has actually reviewed his Zimbo movies.


Comic World said...

Vijay Bhai: Wah,bhai wah....kya sunder roop me pesh kiye hain apne jazbaat!!
Aap jaise choron ja hardik swagat hai,jaldi dobara aaiyey aur zyada se zyada sneh,dosti aur pyar churaiyey kuch comics ke sath!! ;O)

Comic World said...

KK: Thanks for the link buddy.Its really nice to view screen pics of that movie.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep and anyone know the real name of famous villain 'Ranjit'!!
Give a try at least otherwise i will be disclosing answer tomorrow.

Abdul Qureshi said...

His name is Gopal Bedi

Comic World said...

Abdul Qureshi: Absolutely correct Abdul.:o)

Ashish said...

This is comment number 3000 on comic-world.

Zaheer bhai ab to ek aur party banti hai.


Comic World said...

Ashish: Ashish ko to party ke liye bas bahana chahiye..:o)
Yaaron,mujhe kab party milegi aap logon ki taraf se...;o)

Ashish said...

"Yaaron,mujhe kab party milegi aap logon ki taraf se"

To woh jo 3000 jode hain woh kyaa hai ;-)

Comic World said...

Ashish: Ha ha ha ha.....khoob kaha!!

Ashish said...


Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai
I will give you party whenever you will come to Mumbai. Thanks for your sincere and great work.

Comic World said...

Doston,aapka sath aur pyaar hi mere liye sabse badi party hai,isko aise hi banaye rakhna ..:o)

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

mandrake ki hindi comics


The Comic Project said...

Congratulations on the mention in HT! Big stuff. Looking forward to more.

Silly Boy. said...

Buddy my heartiest congratulations for being mentioned in a national newspaper. Due to tight schedule could not browse internet for some days and was not aware about the latest development. Man it is an achievement. BTW you did not mention my name among the names of your most frequet visitors- O. It is nice to see so many people come out to participate in your film quizs. Once I suggested you to publish your film quizs on main blog but you did not take my suggestion seriously. Now you can yourself see how good response you are receiving for your film quiz by posting the same on the main/comic blog. Anyway you provided a good information about Azad Irani. I was not aware about him. Are these films are available on DVD. I want to watch those action flicks of 60s featuring Dara Singh, Randhawa, Sheikh Mukhtar and Azad Irani. My father in his teens was a big fan of these films and he still remembers them fondly. I want to gift some DVDs of these films to him but I have not come across any of them till yet. Comics or films are not important per se. What is important is our emotional attachment towards them. When you read a comic you read in your childhood or watch a film which you watched with your father or any other family member or your dear friend in your childhood or teenage. When you watch them again they remind those wonderful moments. Same is with old comics. Those wonderful days with a lot of wonderful things to do and a lot of wonderful places to explore. Lots of dreams which were flying like kites in the sky. So medium is not so important but feelings are important. You are presenting a fabulous post after another fabulous post. Keep it up. No words to appreciate your efforts. Recently, I picked a collection of Suppandi tales. Although this comic is new but it contains the old Ram Waikekar stories with a cover design by Pardeep Sathe and information about Ram Waiker. It is good comic for collection. But it if you find any.

Comic World said...

TCP: Many thanks TCP for your wishes.

Comic World said...

SB: Many thanks SB for kind wishes.Well,mistakingly i forgot to mention your name specifically among frequent visitors,but this small error can't wipe out the fact that you are also among one of the most dedicated,frequent and active visitor of this blog.
Yeah,DVDs of these movies should be certainly available,only you have to check them at your local VCD/DVD shops.
I remember you being advising to put up movie based stuff on this blog but at that time i was not having other 'all rounder' enthusiasts other than you,which fortunately m having now in the shape of you,Kuldeep,Ashish,Deep and others,hence dared to include those now.
Rightly mentioned that its those feeling which are associated with comics and movie while reading or watching these movies during our childhood.
This blog is only a mean of providing a medium to feel those feelings once again.

Abdul Qureshi said...

SB: Kindly visit below link I hope you can find out some old movies.

Jolly Jumper ஜாலி ஜம்ப்பர் said...

congrats zaheer bhai.

all the best for further glory.

Jolly Jumper
Comic Fans

Ashish said...

Zaheer Bhai

Vichitra Anguthi kab upload karoge?

Comic World said...

Jolly Jumper Thanks and welcome to CW Jolly bro.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Ab aapne farmayish kar di hai to jaldi upload karna hi padegi warna kahi fir se 'Sunehri Chidiya' wala episode repeat na ho jaye ..:o)

Ashish said...

Are yaar kyaa poori jindagi taane doge use lekar? :-)

Dekho achchhaa hi hua na upload kar ke, aapne pehli di aur baaki ki bhi mil gayi.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai
Nayi Comics kab upload kar rahe ho?

DIVISH said...

Hello Quasim
I have no idea if these are your original comics . Pl give credit to source of comics/ scans too . Some Hindi bloogers have stopped scanning & posting comics because of your this steps .

Have you yourself scanned any comics yourself or just putting links as done by somebody to spoil the party . One very important blogger is not posting because of your this habit .


DIVISH said...

just posting comments as his blog
not working properly .

Why he is doing so , has he scanned anything of his own .


11 July 2009 10:06

Deep said...

Hi Ajay bro.

I read ur comment in Anupam bro's blog that u have almost all diamond comics. i request u to scan and post FS comics.

If u could not post all by any reason then pls post following:-

1.FS aur swarag ke bhagwan.
2.FS ka akhari sangram.
3.FS aur dreamland ka badshah.
4.FS aur antriksh mai sangram.
5.FS aur antrikash ka bhagwan.
6.FS aur sitaron ka yudh.
7.FS aur dhuve ke aurat.
8.FS aur dreamland ka badshah.

I shall be very thankful to u.

Ashish said...

Kahaan ho Zaheer bhai? Kahaan chale gaye?

Achchhaa chalo ab kabhi koi "farmaaish" nahin karoonga :-)

kuldeepjain said...

Hi CW..

Lambu motu ki koi dhasu comic upload ho he jaye..

does any onme have the following diamond :

mahabali shaka aur Afrika ke daitya

manabali shaka aur daityo ka khajana

lambu motu.. do deewane

lambu motu.. sarhad ke angare

Comic World said...

Ashish: Dear Ashish i am here only with you,bas preparing something worth to be posted.

Aman said...

Dear CW!!!!! I m a Die-Hard Fan of ur Blog !!!! May I request u to Post Some MORE "Madhumuskans"... if possible ........I used to had so many...but distributed them to small I grew older....but now again.....I again feel an inner-urge to read them.......... Thanks !!!!

Comic World said...

Aman: Welcome Aman,if you are a MM fan then you have came to right place.I do have quite a lot MM,will upload them subsequently.

Anonymous said...

kya aapse comics badli ya kharidi jaa sakti hai

Comic World said...

Anon: Bilkul badli ja sakti hain,aap par sampark kijiye.

Mohammed Sajid said...

Dear Zaheer Bhai,

I just recently come to know about this site and i will be very thank full if you can provide me a copy of Fauladi Singh's title - Sitaron ka Yudh. it is not available anywhere.


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