Monday, November 12, 2007

#Comic No.55:The Missing Prince:Part 3

Update:The download link for The Child Lifters is now available for all on that very post.

Lots of debate/discussion went on through with the last post which helped me a lot by providing me the most needed dose to recharge my battery.
I am really thankful to Mr.Anon/Male/Indian with whom i enjoyed the debate/discussion quite a lot....frankly speaking these are the punches which are also required like salt in a recipe in order to maintain a balanced and tasty diet.
I was also pleasantly surprised to find out the huge volume of IJC lovers irrespective of age group...i got mails from the peoples of age group 40-55 asking for the link,this is something really encouraging and pleasant.

Friends i am looking for Frews and Indrajal Comics (below no.300,English and/or Hindi) and i am having quite considerable amount of spare Indrajals (Both English/Hindi),Diamond Digests (Phantom/Mandrake both English/Hindi) and Amar Chitra Katha (Both English/Hindi).
So anybody,specially any Australian friend interested in trading/swapping Frews in lieu of Indrajal/Diamond Digest/Amar Chitra Kathas/Tinkles then kindly please contact at for further details.

Download comic


Chandan said...

Thanks,CW.That was a nice post ,i mean,TMP---all 3 parts.
Am also glad that u got quite a few new faces,young and old,who musta made friendship with u.U deserve it.
Was at home today,so guess am lucky to be first here.

Darth Seid said...

Thanks for this final part. I have been waiting for this.

Please mail the link to

obelix said...

Hi CW, nice to have the series complete. Please send me the link at
What about posting some Amara Chitra Katha on this blog? You mentioned you have a collection.

comic60 said...

thanx dude. waiting to read it

Amith Nag said...

Hi CW, Thanks for the concluding part. Please send me the link -

Anonymous said...

Where can we get this third part without publicizing our eMail ?

Aditya Simha said...

Hi, thanks for posting the third part as well. My email address is

Any clue as to what will be posted next? :)

Übermann said...

Hey Friend... Waiting to read it.. Kindly mail me at

Your absolutly correct, you need some motivation sometime, human nature... looks for the reason to do things... looks for the reason in everything, cause and effect theory :) why he has been out into this world? This infact is the beginning of eternal question, meaning of Life :)

I hope I am not sounding too philosophical.

Always appreciate your effort.

Comic World said...

#Chandan:Congrats for being first..
#darth seid,Obelix:Since you people had also asked for the link of The Child Lifters hence link for this comic has already been mailed to you,let me know in the case if i missed.
#Comic60,aditya simha:Link has been mailed..enjoy.
#Anon:If you don't like to leave your email id in comments please drop me a mail at asking for the link.
#ubermann:Thanks.Rightly has been mailed.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for sending the comic dear CW. Many things happened in quick succession when the Phantom is angry!

nithish said...

Thanks for providing link for THE CHILD LIFTERS. I will try to send comments regularly. Please raspond to our requests also.
If possible, post Rip kirby and Corrigan daily strips.

nithish said...

Thanks for providing link for THE CHILD LIFTERS. I will try to send comments regularly. Please respond to our requests also.
If possible, post Rip kirby and Corrigan daily strips.

Anonymous said...


I read parts 1 and 2 and I am eager to read part 3.

This was a story that I did not read (have) previous this share.

Thanks for sharing it!

Chandan said...

Great attitude,CW.Not for comics but for ur kind gesture,I mean for providing d/l of TCL.
Will make some people think twice before they speak or write anything.

Comic World said...

#Nitish:Your request is a welcome one in the world of mostly Phantom/Mandrake seekers.I will try to soon entertain this.
#Anon:Kindly leave a name also.Did you got the link already or wishes to get it!If yes pls leave your mail id.
#Chandan:Thanks for understanding:o)

Colonel Worobu said...

Thanks for the link CW!


Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for the links dear

Ciro said...

Thanks for the comic!
Thanks for the link!

Earl said...

Hey, thanks for all the links. Keep up the good work.

earl said...

Many thanks for the prompt reply. Wasn't expecting the link so fast :D

Subhro said...

Don't you just love the Bangs family?
There is another Buzz Sayer comics (with Boom Bangs) where buzz nearly gets killed. (#398).

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