Friday, November 23, 2007

#Miscellaneous Covers

This time i thought to put up some of the covers of different comics together from my collection.If you like some of them then let me know and i will posting them though some of the series of the following is/was already being posted on other comic blogs.

These are the Manoj Chitra Katha,one of my favorite and earliest to read...

These are the Madhumuskans,among one of the finest comedy series comics....

Characters like Jasoos Bablu,Paupat-Chaupat,Chustram-Sustram,Daddy Ji,Kalamdas were the main attraction of it.

Did you know that in his peak a total comic series was dedicated to Amitabh Bachchan of which he was the Super Hero...

Gold Key has published comics of different series apart from Phantom,here are some of them....

of Tarzan too.....

Indian Publication 'Star Comics' published few Super Man comics....

Did you thought that the discussion can be concluded with out "Phantom"..!!!!.Naaah....

Let us start with Charlton Comics....

Followed by the strips published by the 'introductor' of Phantom in India, "The Illustrated Weekly"
These two strips are with their original inking,see and admire the classic vintage look....

Can anyone help me in knowing the strip no. of this one....was this published by Indrajal....?

Finally two more IW strips...admire the classic look/inking in the left hand side one and the high quality inking of the right hand one.....

So Col. I hope you must be glad.........:o))


Ciro said...

These are articles i love much!!!
Can we see more Illustrated Weekly pages?

arjun.lnmiit said...

thanks for posting these covers i have also read some of these comics like child dracula but i cudn't remind exactly that what was the exact story i really liked that comics n if u remebered that there were comics of ram n rahim they were also superb if u had some of them then plz post them i'll be thankful to u......

Comic World said...

#Ciro: Ciro i am happy that i could provide something which you really liked.
Yeah,i am having a quite of IW,will be posting Phantom strips from it accordingly.
#arjun.Inmiit: I remember very well Ram-Rahim duo solving mysteries in their own style.
I have lots of Manoj Chitra Kathas including quite a no. of Ram-Rahim series purchased recently along with a considerable amount of ACKs..,will be posting them accordingly..;o)

The Phantom Head said...

Great stuff CW. Very happy to see all those vintage madhu muskan and manoj chitra katha covers. both of these series i read with much interest during childhood.

the phantom from IW you asked is #S113 (IJC #V20N01~03 Iron Willed Saviour). Funny, its indrajal scans were given by you only. :oD

Comic World said...

#TPH: can i happen to forget that story...seems i am getting old..;o)

Dara said...

1st of all,a nice post! post some Madhu...,Tarzan etc as u wish!

These two strips are with their original inking

I don think those r Original Inking,as par I know,not a single Indian Mag/Paper published Sundays with Original Color!....those shud b done by IW folks!

...seems i am getting old

Yup!how cud you forget that?? It's a 3-part comic published in 1983!
Now Mr.CW .....Face it:itna bhi kanjush maat ho n take proper dose of...?? You know well....or forget it ALSO?? ;O))

Comic World said...

#Dara: I have somewhere read long time before in IW itself that they use to publish the strips as they were without any modification in coloring/inking,and on that basis i perceived the impression.
...and Brainolia yaha nahi milti...could you send me a tin of that...;o)

Dara said...

hmm,may I recently discuss same with another frnd,he said those Colored Phantom Sunday strips published(1970 -1999) in our 'Desh' n then 'Anandamela' Mag. were NOT done by the pub. folks,though he didn't confirm the source....
Yes,those color r too good!!May b were original KFS inking!A real pleasure to have them on-paper then!! :-))

Mayb,in this way,IW did publish Original strips/inking!!

Grouchy's Comics said...

Great post very nice strips and colouring original or not is good.
The Charlton comic cover you posted is available @ Free Comic books blogsite. I wonder if it was ever published as an indrajal.


chintan said...

Thnks cw for such a nice post. You have refreshen my memory. I also few ram rahim comics, but not as manoj chitra katha, they also publised their comics under heading manoj comics. some are available on internet. I have sugesstion, why dont u upload other such comics like manoj and tulsi. I think there will b a good number of fans for such comics also.

Comic World said...

#Dara: Yeah,the coloring and inking quality indicates that those are the original KFS strips.
#GC: A quite few Charlton/Gold Key/King Phantom comics has been posted over other blogs,i posted its cover as i am having it in paper form.
#chintan: Welcome friend.Manoj Comics were initially Manoj Chitra Katha,rechristened to pace with Raj Comics,which were on the verge of dethroning Manoj Chitra Kathas at that time.
I think Tulsi and Raj Comics are already being posted on some other blogs dedicated to solely Raj and Tulsi comics,but about very early issues of Manoj Chitra Katha i can give a thought to post them.

Dara said...

Yeah,the coloring and inking quality indicates that those are the original KFS strips

If you LIKE those IW published Phantom's sure you will LOVE what we've in our Desh/AM Mag. for so long!! Those were brilliant coloring....until 1997 or so,when page quality became ordinary as well as Phantom-strips!!

P.S.- After saw those strips in those Mag (e.g. Irondi,Queen Amaza ,;1988,Tiger Tiger;'92 etc),franly,even IJC-version was less-appealing! :-/

Comic World said...

#dara: Can you manage to put scans of some of those Desh/AM strips..let us look also how they feel.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

great covers...keep posting such fillers inbetween indrajals
the supremo mentioned above (not perticularly same)is posted at tcp and contributed by urs truely

Dara said...

Can you manage to put scans of some of those Desh/AM strips...

I've ALL in Binded in 3 Big Volumes (they had published a many strips those published in IJC as well,but I've those less[like Irondi,Amaza etc],Having ALLMOST ALL in AM of post-IJC Sundays[S137-S146]).

But,as these old Desh/AM r availabe in 2nd-hand-market,am planning to buy those as many as poe'ble n they will scan! :-))

Colonel Worobu said...

Of course I am thrilled to see the IW scans (retaining the dates was a nice touch, which I am very appreciative of). Nice article also.

Keep up the good work.


obelix said...

Your mention for the comic series dedicated to Amitabh reminded me that I found comic series dedicated to two living(or real) persons so far, Bruce Lee and Amitabh.
It would be curious to know if other comic readers found such comics about some other real persons.

Comic World said...

#ICC: Thanks.Nice to hear about contribution..have you any idea how many Supremo comics were published by Star comics!!!!
#dara: Waiting for those scans...
#Col.: The date scans were purposely kept for you.:o)
#Obelix: Comic series to Bruce Lee was posthumously dedicated to him wherein in Amitabh case it was in his peak.
I would also like to know about any other such examples,if exists.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

cw.. it ran for 2yrs i think, i have around 8-9 of them..

obelix: there is one more character on living persons, sunil gavaskar or sunny the super sleuth,,

Krishna said...

May I request you to post the Tarzan comics please, I would very much appreciate it

Chandan said...

Great post,CW.Covers are fantastic.
Its a pity i cud not collect all these when i cud(mck's).There were times when i had to choose one from about hundreds.And now when i have the means ,the comics are found wanting.
All were avilable @ 4 rs.
Cw---are these still in existence?

Comic World said...

#ICC: Do you have any of those on Sunil Gavaskar...if yes could you post one of them,it will be nice to come across any of it.
#krishna A lots of Tarzan comics you can find at Tarzan Comics may be those also of which i posted the covers.
#chandan: Yes,this is what happens often...when you don't have money to buy them you find many and when you are able to buy them,they are hard to find.
MCKs are still available with old book sellers,for this you have to search them intensively and its sure you will be finding them.

Krishna said...

Thanks CW. I have already seen the site you mentioned but they dont have gold key tarzan comics which what I am looking for

Comic World said...

#krishna: Then ok,i will be posting a few of them.

Dr Luaga said...

Talking of comics based on real people, I felt something about bahadur comics.
Recently, I saw "Amar Akbar Anthony", and felt a VERY close resemblance between Vinod Khanna's looks and Bahadur's appearance. - The same face cut, hair style, mustaches, etc.. I felt as if Govind Brahmania /Jagjit Uppal would (Could) have picked up bahadur's looks from there..

Wonder if any of you thought the same.

Comic World said...

#Dr.Luaga: Quite interesting finding.
Bahadur's very first comic 'The Red Brick House' was published on 30th November 1976 whereas "Amar Akbar Anthony" was released in mid of 1977,so its very much possible that Abid Surti might have picked the looks from publicity stills of AAA from magazines/papers but its also possible that Surti might have picked up the common fashion trend of that time i.e. long hairs and mustache sporting youths..the kurta along with pant looks might have incorporated from the famous rebel trend of "JNU" at that time in which youth were showing up their resentment against the prevailing deteriorating socialistic conditions by wearing Long Kurta over jeans/pants along with a dangling shoulder strap bag.

Dara said...

There r a MANY Mis-conceptn over Sy Barry's own Art-work(1962 -1994) of PHANTOM....

I've throw some light over this sensitive issue(for an ardent Phan like me n ALL over the world) ...

Plse visit at

And leave ur Valuable Feed-back...

Phans,It's Important!!

Chandan said...

I find only Aditya,myself and Luaga showing some interest in Bahadur.Here is what rest think.....
Dara--Old man's Wish(that's me)
Anyway,CW...where are you,dear friend?
Iam sorry but of late,you are not upto your best.Frequency not upto the standard.Replies OK.Infact you are just a shadow of your past.
Come on yaar,beat the heat and start firing.We all love you.

And please,if you have post THE GANG OF IMPOSTERS.All wud love this one.I think the story revolves around Bahadur being foxed by some Humshakals.That's why i was desperate for this one.

The Phantom Head said...

now come on chandan. cw has just delivered a bahadur comic. plz give chance to others also (i mean to characters). look at the labels. 6 bahadurs already and how many buz, drake, corrigan, garth, kirby, flash, etc? these characters have a universal appeal and i m sure cw has visitors from aroud the globe.

dear cw. you were talking of posting all ijc characters in turn some time ago. what happened to it?

and plz at least update the next release section more often. Chandan is right. frequency is decreased but that is understandable as most of your posts are own scans.

Chandan said...

TPH,iam sorry.Have it ur way.

Comic World said...

#Dara: Interesting topic taken up by you...i did left my inputs.
#Chandan: I too love you all..yeah,i am having 'The gang of imposters' but i am afraid Bahadurs turn is a bit far away.
Regarding frequency of posts,it is directly proportional to square root of available time multiplied by 3/4 of inner driving force.
So any variation in the above factors will effect the frequency directly.
#TPH: I also should be emphasizing much on posting non P/M/B characters too but the current glitch is that since before posting any character's comic i believe myself being well versed with the skin of that character and in the case of Korigan,Garth,Kirby etc i haven't read much of their comics except those few which i happen to read during my school days though now i am having all IJCs of them...hence i am going through their comics nowadays to prepare a satisfactory knowledge data base on the specialties of these characters.

Dara said...

Chadan wrote:

I find only Aditya,myself and Luaga showing some interest in Bahadur.Here is what rest think.....
Dara--Old man's Wish(that's me)

Plse b MORE mature while posting comments,,,,,,I NEVER against Bahadur comics....those who have read my comments on him OR my SPECIAL POST in my Blog,are very well aware how much am fascinated on this 'Indian Hero'!

What I aginst is ur CONSTANT REQST over comics those yet-2-post...I SERIOUSLY tellin' you,these (contant-pestering)can harm the FUN of it takes hrs for scanning etc....

Be patient...u don have a 'SIGLE Indrajal' 4 soooo many years,NOW wait for 3 months without ur reqsts...u'll get MANY of ur choices!!

Dara said...

Again Chandan,
About 'others' ..there r some so-called Indian fans,who r,as I said earlier...behave like a "cheap idiot" OR better say,a slave,shamelessly PROMOT some MAJOR FLOP Westerns like Garth/Buz & said they have global appeal!.While MOST fans think OTHERWISE!!!

The same fans consider Bahadur as some loose-scripted n very harsh/critical on the stories!!...While ALL THOSE CRAPY 'B-grade comics' r SO PRAISE-WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dara said...

Anyway,I like ur "Love/Fondness" over Bahadur!!

Try to read few Dara's as well!!


Dr Luaga said...

Talking of all heroes, I do like characters other than P/M/B, such as Rip Kirby, Kerry Drake, Lt. Drake, Garth and Dara. But corrigan, buz, Mike Nomad, Bruce Lee just lose my attention after the first page..

By the way, Lt Drake comics were always under heading of "Kerry Drake". I wonder why. Ya, they are brothers.. so? Personally, I like Lt Drake more than Kerry Drake!..

The only glitch with Dara is they (like superman makers) want people to believe that by oiling hair and wearing shades, one cant recognize a man. huh!!!

Dr Luaga said...

I find one thing very funny about mandrake comics.. In my guess, he must have met at least 20-30 aliens (or maybe more), has Magnon as a firend and has confronted many galactic predators.. Yet, when asked "do you think there is life on other planet?", he always answers.. who knows,, they could look like "this", like "that"..

why does lee falk want to say that every time mandrake meets an alien, its his first time??? He must be expecting Mandrake or his fans to be having a lousy memory :)

I also read Lothar referring to mandrake as "Master" in older comics. Wonder when they become friends!

Alfred said...

RE: #S113 (IJC #V20N01~03 Iron Willed Saviour). This Sunday story ran from 23 Nov 1980 to 24 May 1981. For those who may be interested it was also published by FREW in #733 (1981) and again in #1133 (1996) - CROOK'S HAVEN.

Chandan said...

Well ,CW your maths should be like this:
No.of posts=(CONSTANT REQUESTS)X100% divided by 1.Be positive.
Its ok,if it becomes so difficult,despite having it,please post it when you think u can.
And that's it,if constant requests are causing so much trouble here,fine...Believe me,i can remain without TGOI--Bahadur.In fact i don't want any.

You tend to request from someone who u feel is close to u.Its OK. dear,you are so concerned about Global chapter,tell me ,how many comments have been passed here from them.And to think,you started it all.Grow up.

My requests are directly proportional to my love for blogs.
That's all i know.I have no shame even to beg again ad again from someone whom i consider my own,I mean CW,ICC,MTM,ANUPAM,TPH and others.
Please don't say iam sentimental, hurts.Specially when i write spontaneously what i feel.

Comic World said...

Dear Nanhe-Munne chandan its too difficult to keep you away too long from your toys(comics)......
Ok baba ok.. i will be soon bringing your another favorite toy..."Ab jaldi se chup ho jao,ache bachche lotey nahi hai...."

Comic World said...

#Dr.Luaga: Yeah,the same perception i also perceives that though Mandrake has came across with many aliens and most unbelievable sort of things still whenever a new such adventure pops up,in the beginning of it he shows a sign of utter surprise and a non convincing negating anticipation for such things.

The Phantom Head said...

#dara: Ever doubted your mental health. confirmed now. deep sympathies.

#cw: This filthy vermin (quoting Col. Worobu's description for this worm) has caused much trouble in the past on your blog. (new comers may check march-april'2007 comments on this blog). It feels that switch-over to original identity has also caused original character to surface once again. He is just ruining the pleasure from these blogs by his rotten comments (and highly offensive emails). Most probably he is the cause for some quality people like Col. Worobu and Atma not putting their comments here more often.

Regarding posts:
Koshish Mausam Masoom Aandhi Sholay Satya Parichay Bawarchi Mili Anand Chupke Chupke Anaadi.....etc..etc (from your own favourite list)

You could never have seen such classics had their producers and directors gone for more popular demands. It is not appreciative to only bow before the demands of masses when you can also satisfy classes.

All characters that I mentioned are being published in many countries, that tells about their appeal as against our B (and sometimes C) grade Bahadur, Dara and Aditya which have more charm (if any) only because of nostalgia. I still read Bahadur only because I liked it as a 10 year old child. Even when TOI stopped publication of IJC, Diamond opted for Phantom and Mandrake only though they could have easily gone for bahadurs also.

Dara said...

TPH wrote;

Ever doubted your mental health. confirmed now. deep sympathies.

It's you who confirms own mental disbalancy by saying contant cheap/mean things abt Bahadur/dara and unworthy praises for some 3rd class Westerns like Garth/Buz (may b the Original writers don praise such amt!!)

Initially I thought U r a shameless idiot,but now I really feel sorry abt my hard words...
Because u r a Mentally Chalenged Freak who still in his recuring process!!

P.S.- R u mailng/commenting frm aMental Hospital?? ;-))))

Dara said...

Sorry ,if callin' you Pussy Cat/coward is an "highly offensive mail"


How can one b such 'si-si' like you?? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dara said...

Sorry ,if callin' you Pussy Cat/coward is an "highly offensive mail"


How can one b such 'si-si' like you?? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dara said...

Plse don ahve any hard feelin' as we've amail-discussion over TPH's comments on Bahadur n my out-burst!!

He deserves it!!

#TPH:Everytime u will say a faltu comments against ANY Indian characters n praise some cheap creations....I'll call you what I'd !!

So,take this advice:put some sweet comments over Bahadur n everything will b ok!!:-/

Comic World said...

It seems that again an ugly bout is about to be on..
Well,i don't want to interfere/react between the debate of two 'matures' but what i want to say is that a debate on quality of a comic character is welcome but the debate should not cross its limitations,it should not become a personal fight abusing each others mentality/background and family.
Lets put up points,facts and statistics in our statement support so that other could be convinced in a healthy manner.

Dara said...

Lets put up points,facts and statistics in our statement support

Hi CW,
That's what I did initially!!
See, we fondly refer PMB(Phantom/mandrake/Bahadur) but NEVER GBC(Garth/Buz/Corrigan)!!!!...

Besides VIEWRS DEMANDS 4 Bahadurs,this thing indicates how much popular this 'Indian charcter' over those 'B-grade Westerns' !!!

Dara said...

it should not become a personal fight

It shud NOT be!! But what one can do,when SOME PERSON ,not once but everytime,say something abt a charcter n that's too very cheap/harsh way,well knowing others (at lst active visitors) wud hurt!!

What if he/she/it contantly saying SAME CRAP (even in the LAST comment he abused Bahadur/Dara)again n agin??

May b now onwards,those crapy filthy firingi(I guess,he shud b a firingi!!Lolzz),who as I guess,LOVE to let down everything associated with indain n promote Westerns.......deserves silent treatment !!

Though I really LOVE to hit him BACK with my way!!
Anyway, He may have realised his partial/shameful behavoiur (over B/D) n AM sorry 4 whatever jhamela happened due to the fight!!

Dr Luaga said...

Would love to read the phantom and superman..and... and..and.. I think I would love reading them all (Am i being too greedy? :) )

Dr Luaga said...

by the way, what happened to "the phantom head" blog?

Comic World said...

#Dr.Luaga: I am too wondering that what is/are the reason(s) behind...anyway its a bad/shocking news...i was not in any way expecting this from him.

Dara said...

What I can say,whatever happens,happens for the BEST!!

It's nice so see some going,then some NEW will sure!!
If we cud bear loss of TCP then everything is ok!!

And,it's nice to feel that ,unwanted heated-arguments wudn't happen over B/D .....until that thing will back again!! May b with 'another Head'!! ;o))

Anonymous said...

Dara...Please stop it ,yaar.
What's wrong?
Its ok to discuss anything,even rubbish but it shud be limited to comics and not to personal issues.
We started with fight over comics and see where we landed.

Please yaar,call cease fire,and do it here.Both of you.
TPH---Even i get some harsh trea ment from him regarding requests or something like that.But i forget it.Although both of you have gone a bit too far this time.
And Dara iam sorry,even if you are one of my good friends....There was no need to start it all.
We all are like a family .

We got to respect CW and shoot words accordingly.Every one gets frustrated but let time solve it all.
Once,if not for me,atleast for CW And this wonderful blog,resume your friendship.
I love you all.

And TPH---don't forget that during the p/w issue,Dara was fighting like mad for you against THAT person.....

So please,please,please.....
Can I get some good news soon?

CHANDAN said...

The comment was by me,forgot to put name.

Dara said...

Even i get some harsh trea ment from him regarding requests or something like that..

Now plse stop it!! I just asked to lower ur reqsts....see,what happened!!! Even if ur so many reqsts,no comics @CW/ICC since 7/8 days!!
So,what's the pt of reqst??

Otherwise,have nothing against have peace!!

BTWN,I don think you always get harsh treatment frm me!! Think u understand!;))

Now,Abt that TPH, am happy that NO fight wud b there in next Bahadur/Dara posts....hate those people who abuse some creations just to win a debate!!
Callin' Bahadur a C-grade n Garth/Buz world-wide famous....a shear lie!!! Ain't??

Now,see this pt :

If he had ANY real-love 4 these vintages,never leave this world like a dorpuk amd MORE OVER .... wud NEVER delet his alredy posted comics (as now, NONE can access comics alredy posted there...) TCP retained his ALL 200+ COMICS 4 new comers!!

Dara said...

Still he's welcome to recreate his blog,putting his feed-backs regularly n have FUN!!

I never asked any body to 'go away',but may b had some fight !!

But,'one thing' he has to change....have 2 keep ALL THOSE negative attitudes within himself!!

That's it!!

So,all of you...ask TPH to come-back...mail him,comment @TPH (but don ask me,even if the fight casusing his/her/it's retierment!!I don entertain any 'si-si' pple!!) I guess there will b many Sym-Pathetic comments @that 'abandoned' blog!! ;o)

Dara said...

BTWN Chandan, you shud leave a LOOOOOOOONG Emoion-packed comment there...after creating own blog-id!!

P.S.- One +ve thing:lottsa comments CW getting due to this fight (already 57!!!!!..oe oe)

Dara said...

BTWN Chandan, you shud leave a LOOOOOOOONG Emoion-packed comment there...after creating own blog-id!!

P.S.- One +ve thing:lottsa comments CW getting due to this fight (already 57!!!!!..oe oe)

Chandan said...

Enough now.
CW-is it true that my requests are keeping u away?
Then please post what u want to..
I won't even request anything if my other viewers have to pay the price.
Dara and TPH.....I just wanted you both to be friends,that's it.iam not the one to enjoy these things.
You know what is separating you both?
Its easy,yet difficult word...SORRY.
If both of you wud have said it in leau of your angry remarks then things cud have been better.
If its that one word that separates you 2,then its a shame.

Sometime back,we were talking about INdian culture messed up by one called ANON.And what is this?
We are proving him right.isn't it?

TPH---Does this mean quitting?Is the issue so big?Or you just wanted to go and needed a reason?
I doubt the latter.
I want ur comments here.

CW...are you too busy?
I won't ask you this again.Because Iam feeling the heat here.I guess this is the price i have to pay for loving the blogs which is often misunderstood as a craze for comics only.
Anyway,its your wish.

Comic World said...

#Chandan: The problem with you that you are very loose of your ears,...believes whatever you isn't at all.
Thanks as always for your concern.

Chandan said...

Maybe,CW.But that's my nature.Can't help it.
Thanks for the return.That's what matters the most.I will still stand by my promise.
Nice comic.Great effort.

micky_the_king said...


has the brains of a 6 year old (proof is in how he spells)

Fayyaz Badruddin said...

Super! Ages since I saw these.. Happy to know some are keeping track of these gems. I wanted to know where I could get the SUPREMO comics now? Had a complete collection which got destroyed! Please help.

Paramjit Singh said...

I'm in process of compiling the complete strips of Phantom appeared in IWOI in coming days. My contact in Shimla promised me some of the missing IW issues in few more days. Hope I'll be able to post it with the help of you great guys. Keep up the good work guys!

giri said...

Yes Luaga i felt the same Bahadur looks exactly like Vinod Khanna though it is usually said that Bahadur was created based on Amitabh Bachan.

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