Saturday, December 1, 2007

#Comic No.58:Superman

Bad News:TPH decides to quit....,which was not at all expected from him..anyway there may be reasons reasonable behind which only he's knowing .Best of luck for his future endeavors but i will miss his blog..hope he will continue to register his presence via comments as before.
Its first Superman comic over CW and it is specially for a nice friend Vitesh's younger brother,i hope he will like it.
Vitesh, today i checked my collection and found that i am not having much Hindi Superman comics as i haven't read many of them mainly 'coz of 'ghatiya' Hindi translation of Dalton Comics,the Superman Indian publication of that time.Though i am having quite a lot of English ones.

Download comic


Chandan said...

Maybe,CW.But that's my nature.Can't help it.
Thanks for the return.That's what matters the most.I will still stand by my promise.
Nice comic.Great effort.

Vitesh said...

Hi CW,

I am overwhelmed by your gesture. My brother is going to be very happy. I am glad that you have made his day.

Appreciate your sensitivity .



Frank said...

but post hindi ones , as most of us have english ones ( i have many dc superman comics)

Dr Luaga said...

Hindi superman!! looks like fun.. :) But i think it will take me at least 3 hours to read through the whole comic..:)) Of course, if people request you to post hindi, please do so.. But I sincerely request for english versions as well.. I find it more fun and easy to read. As such, I have nothing against Hindi comics.. Just that I enjoy english versions more as i have read comics in english since childhood.!

Thanks for the comic.. Been waiting for a post since quite some time now.. :)

comicrazee said...

Hi CW, me too would love to see those old English versions of Superman. Thanx for the variety.

Comic World said...

#Chandan: Thanks.
#Vitesh: :o)
#Frank: I don't have many of Hindi ones.
#Dr.Luaga: Normally i wouldn't go for a superman comic at CW as they are readily available at other blogs,this one was posted 'coz of a special request.
#CC: I do have quite a few English old Superman comics..if there are more takers than a serious thought can be given for them.

ravi gokhale said...

Dear friends at CW and IJC
I will be deploying with the British Army as a medical officer in one of their overseas operations for 3-4 months. This is to honour my commitment as a reservist medic in the British Army. Have been busy lately with my pre-deployment briefings and intense training. Wont have much net contact for next 3 months until I come back. Will miss you all. Please keep the blogs going and hoping to see you soon.
Dr Ravi Gokhale

Dara said...

Hi guys,
I've started a NEW Cover Project ON Mandrake (specially IJC),with each post in a particluar category!!

I've alredy posted a couple IN MY BLOG!

Have a look ,if ya interested!!:-)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

hindi superman!!!!! hihihiiih

gr8 cw, ur awesome

Comic World said...

#Ravi: Best of luck for your proceedings..we will miss you here.Come back soon.
#ICC :o)

Dr Luaga said...

Read the Superman comic this weekend.. Really liked it. Thanks CW.. It was a nice change from the regular characters.

marcobar said...

I am very interested, also for research reasons (!), in EARLY Superman stories, expecially written by Jerry Siegel. If you could post some of the pre-70 Superman (or Action Comics, or...) issues, I'd be very thankful!

Bikash said...

superman comics in hindi .i never expect this one

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