Saturday, December 8, 2007

#Comic No.60:The Wizard's Curse:Part 2

Final Part is now presented....enjoy

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Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic. That was a weird adventure . Again Mandrake used his head and not his magic to get out of this spot. Thats a nice change. Mandrake the Movie is curretnly being shot. Its probably out next year. Hope its more successfull than the Phantom

Bahadur said...

Good comics in good time,CW.
Great effort,keep it up.
Also i noticed you didn't comment throughout the post of Part 1.
Where are you?
Please continue to comment the way you used to.I miss that.

The Phantom Head said...

What a spellbinding story. Falk at his best. Thanks CW for another gem. Hope you are fine.

Comic World said...

#GC: Thanks...yeah this one is a adventure where Mandrake uses his wits rather than magic.
#Bahadur: I am here only..just a bit lazy these days..not getting joy same as nothing new is being done here.
#TPH: A very welcome reincarnation:o)....nice to see you here..hope to have your inputs on a regular basis.

Bahadur(Chandan) said...

I hate the very word LAZY.Doen't look good from you atleast,dear CW.
What JOY are you referring to?
Are our comments/appreciations not good enough?
TPH---Iam sorry but i want to see your blog up and running.And soon,mind you.

Comic World said...

#Chandan: Its not the crave for comments/appreciation..just a bit of monotony creeping in....same scanning/configuring/posting and then same words of thanks from regulars.
Well,i know the reason behind it which is that i am living as forced bachelor since more than 1 month.. ;o)..your Bhabhi will be coming till the end of this month.

Dara said...

CW wrote(!!!!):

Well,i know the reason behind it which is that i am living as forced bachelor since more than 1 month.. ;o)..your Bhabhi will be coming till the end of this month.

SOME Confession!!!!!!

Sooo,as Bhabi will come b4 NEW YEAR...then plse recharhe ur 'Batteries' quickly and shud POST some Bumpers in January'2008 onwards!! ;-))))

Accha dada,till then we can WAIT !!

Comic World said...

#Dara: Yeah,a healthy and genuine confession sans any dirt.
I hope too that new year will bring some rare comics over CW such as the classic Falk epic "Phantom Goes To War" and other rare stories :o)

Dara said...

ohh yaar...u take any 'little' prank (from me) otherwise!!

What I meant was,I never see you so frank in blogs,that's it!!,,,otherwise what u said is VERY COMMON & NORMAL feelings of all married men !

So,plse don b Chandan-2 and get upset over anything little I said!

No offense anyway....

Comic World said...

#Dara: Common dara i took it in right sprit man..just pretending to be offensed..;o)
So don't always roam Bow-quiver ladden..

Comic World said...

Lets talk about the Phantom Goes to war which is a sole epic germinated from Falk's magical pen..its a more than 100 page story and so gripping that it leaves the readers spell-bound with MCcoy at its best though some initial part is illustrated by Moore also.

Dara said...

Yet to read that Tale...though some Phans highly praised it! (a loooong story went for 49 weeks ie allmost for a year and mind it,then panel-size was bigger!!)

Before read those Moore strips,I alwaya thought it was in Barry's time Phantom became such SUPER-HERO...but,Moore was great indeed...and far far better than Mccoy!!...
I love ALL those Singh Brotherhood,Sky Bands n their returns,Golden girl etc etc...those are REAL gem !!!

Amd MORE OVER,what a strange-yet-fascinating look he'd select for 'hamara Vetal'!!

Grouchy's Comics said...

The cover of Phantom goes to war is available here.

Eager to read it after what Dara and CW wrote about.

TPH: Welcome. Wonderful to see you.

Comic World said...

#GC: Phantom goes to war has been published many times by Frew,the first publication of it was in 4 parts as Frew no.27,28,29 and 30.The most latest edition of it is Frew No.1274.
Its cover (issue No.1041) has also been posted at CW.

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