Sunday, December 9, 2007

#Comic No.61:Frew No.2

Friends please welcome our new contributor Frank who is the contributor of this comic.Its really appreciative to see that someone running a similar comic blog (Online Indian Comics) is showing such a generous gesture to contribute comic rather than posting it on his blog.

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Dara said...

Nice one!
This 'Queen Asta' strory were among "those" Phantom vintages where the finishing was NOT sugar-coated,rather dealt with harsh reality!!

For this reason,I love this story and read a number of times since I've it (as an early IJC vesrion ...)

Bahadur said...

Great surprise for the weekend,CW.
Great effort.
Frank..great effort from you too to put it across here.
Dara----By what name was this published by IC's?

Ciro said...

I like Frew Phantom!
Thanks to Frank, but i am sorry from The Phantom Head.

Ajay said...

it was missing bridegroom, indrajal # 82, i think has been posted at tcp too.


Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic Frank and CW. Took a break from work and read it.

Comic World said...

#Dara: Moore era was of pioneer importance as it was during this period when Phantom popularity was initiated and triggered which eventually raised to a meteoric height with Barry era..hence going through Moore's strip one can witness all those basic Phantom milestone ingredients.
#Bahadur: Your question has been answered by Ajay.
#Ajay: A very warm welcome to CW are a hero here :o)....hope to find your inputs more often.
#GC: Welcome...

Orpheus said...

nice comic..

The Phantom Head said...

Congratulations and thanks to Frank for coming out with such a classic comic. Scan quality is superb. The comic is in landscape format which is a different thing to note. Moore is excellent. It is said that he was quite brilliant in drawing beautiful female faces. I think it is 100% true.

Thanks Comic World for this wonderful comic. You have quite a variety to deliver. The other day you were saying to write a post on moore-mccoy-barry.

Comic World said...

#Orpheus: Welcome to CW.Nice id you have..
#TPH: Very early Frew used to be published in landscape format rather than typical comical one.
Moore possessed a mysterious style of illustration which was best suited for Phantom.
Yeah,i remember to write about these popular Phantom illustrator..don't you think such a post will better suit for a special occasion.

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