Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas for my friends,visitors and all.Many thanks to Ciro for a excellent art work again.
I have forgotten to put up this post yesterday or day before it so i have to come specially for it.
....And wow what i find here when i came again....i was really enjoying the ongoing bout of confirming 'identities'.....

ICC i am sorry that last time i forgot to enable comment moderation due to which again some unrequired post has beed posted here,as i said earlier i won,t allow CW to become a dice for ugly dancing hence from now comment moderation is being enabled till the things seems to settle down alongwith deletion of 'unrequired' comments.

Talking about Ravi i only endorse one of his comment which was about 'shops',....yeah,i agree that due to great work by Ajay/Prashant and others atleast my shop was running...but the point is that was the shop being ran for ourself!!..no.the shop was/is being ran for all the comic lovers.

Ravi and the people,if any, who are sensing a opportunity to settle old scores alongwith this controversy they should understand that no body is interested to find out who is wrong or who is right as nobody has time or interest for it.So better everybody should understand and let the sanity prevails again.

Chandan as i have already expressed my feelings for you in CWs previous post so you need not to worry about others misguided misconcept about you.For me atleast you are the person with golden heart for whom CW would be living as long he can.


chandan said...

Merry Christmas,CW.
Thanks, but i still feel there was no need to delete my comment as i feel i have just spoken out my heart as i always do.
There was nothing wrong in it.
Words spoken can never be taken back and we all know,may be i beg for a comic or two but i take care
to appreciate their(all bloggers) marvellous attempt to post these gems.
I look upon you with utmost respect and as a senior i feel its your duty to take care of your younger brothers ICC and MTM .
And protect them from the likes of RAVI and ASTITVA.iam sure we have seen the end of them and we all ought to make posting and blogging a wonderful place to live in.
Anyway this is the last time iam commenting on this.

Prabhat said...

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.
So, Happy New Year to all of you.

comicrazee said...

..Comic World..
.and its visitors.
.....New Year!.....

Vineet said...

Thank you very much for the efforts in putting these gems on public domain...I was crazy for comics when I was a kid, I am crazy for comics still :-)

Thank you again

The Phantom Head said...

Dear CW, Wishing you and family members a very happy new year 2008. Plz come back soon.

nithish said...

wish you all a very happy new year.

Comic World said...

#Chandan: A very happy Christmas and New Year to you also.
All strings of 'that' episode were eliminated as there was no requirement of anything related.
About your attitude and intentions i don't have any sort of doubt about their sanity hence don't be depressed at all.
I am happy to see that now a forum has been formed due to which all these blogs are somewhat adhered together hence from now no need to fear about anybody we we all are together and enough to take care of any mishap in future.
#Prabhat: A Very Happy New Year to you also.
#Comicrazee: A Very Warm Wishes of New Year to you also.
#Vineet: Its a pleasant surprise to see your comment here..you are most welcome here and over all blogs..we will like to hear more and regular from you.
#TPH: A very Warm and heartily wishes for this New Year to you and your family too...
I am also hoping to come back in the arena soon.
#Nithish: Thanks,same to you also.

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