Friday, December 14, 2007

#Comic No.62:Mahasagar Me Akaal

Good news:TPH got reincarnated like Shahrukh.....who says reincarnation is not possible...;o).....
This one was a long time demand of Sagnik which was somehow getting delayed and delayed....finally its here...Enjoy all of you and yeah,don't forget to thank Ajay/Vineeth combo as the scans are from them...!!!

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Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic. Can you please the english version if you have one.
Thanks also to Ajay/Vineeth combo.

The Phantom Head said...

Brilliant post. The comic is excellent in both departments, i.e., story and art. Is is Dan Barry work?

A Hindi indrajal after some time is very much welcome. You may give english version also if the scans are already available.

Mishraji is amazing again. Thanks to the combo. Scan quality is very good. File size is under 10MB, which is also a good thing.

The analogy with Shahrukh is not proper I think. Mine is a case of attempted suicide. Unsuccessful ofcourse.

Comic World said...

#GC: Welcome...i am not having its English version,hope anybody could contribute it.
#TPH: Yeah,the story and artwork is quite brilliant also the panel size is comparatively bigger.
It too seems as a work of Dan Barry
Your suicide attempt was not known to visitors hence they will take it as a case of reincarnation..:o)

Chandan said...

Great comic,CW.Keep up the good work,fantastic effort.Thanks.
Ajay and Vineeth,thanks a lot.
You and these blogs,well there never knew or will be known a better combination.
Can't thank you enough.Great effort.
Hats off.

Dara said...

Thnx....can't wait to read..:))

P.S.- It seems like Google initiates 2 recognise the 'diffrence' btwn Blogger/Non-blogger accounts (by those B/Anon sign) ....but then,they r really MOST innovative among others! :o))

nithish said...

Thanks for the comics.If possible, post the English version simutaneously.

Comic World said...

#Chandan: Welcome...:o)
#Dara: Hope now you must not be having many complains with me...:o)
#Nithish: I am not having its English version in paper form....hope if anybody could contribute the scans:o)

Indrajal Fanclub said...

It was nice to interact with u on the phone, Man! I have sent u an update list, pl. go after it...

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