Saturday, November 3, 2007

#Hindi Covers

Update:.....More covers have been added...go through them...

....and these 2 are for Chandan:o)

Here are few Hindi covers of Indrajals...i hope that you will like them,i will be putting on more of them as a filler in between the posts of comics.


Grouchy Smurf said...

Yes they look quite good. Especially they way you have presened them as big thumbnails.

Thanks. Collecting covers is an important hobby of a comic lover.
Most of you have visited where only covers are posted. Unfrotunately 90% of the posts have no comments.There is no counter in that site. So we dont know how popular it is.

The Phantom Head said...

Excellent stuff. Your selection of covers is also superb as all of them are having nice hindi titles. What a fantastic translation of stories they did. Not less than their english originals in any respect. Thank you.

The Phantom Head said...

Whenever both Hindi and English versions are available, I usually prefer Hindi. It succeeds in setting few more memory chords in vibration.

Indrajal Fanclub said...

THanks, Man! i had the 2nd part in print, was missing the missing prince part1, u made my day...

thanks again!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

nice covers, for a second, i read mayavi jaal as mayavati's jaal ;-

Comic Guy said...

#GF:I have been a regular visitor of that link,yeah it did posts lots of cover mostly of Frews but Frew covers are not at all impressive as they are not created by imaginative writers in artistic technique.The presentation of Frew is very poor.
#TPH:Thanks,although the Hindi translation was up to mark right from very beginning but TOI hired some professional and expert translator at the mid of 70s decade where the Hindi translation was taut and crispy capturing the right essence of the scene.
Same here,i also prefer Hindi over English where both are available.
#IFC:Welcome,do you have 3rd part also!!!
#ICC:You are getting engulfed in Mayawati's jaal living in Maharashtra!!!!..rather i should be engulfed in it:o)

ravi gokhale said...

Great covers.Thanks CW. No doubt the regional linguistic flavour is more appealing than the original English. As a kid, I had access to both Marathi and the English versions and I always prefered the Marathi ones in terms of translation which was adopted to the local flavour. I must admit at times the 'professional translators' went a bit over board but still it made interesting reading. My father didnt approve of us reading the comics as he felt it would spoil our Marathi grammer however my grand father who was a professor during colonial days didn't mind. He often would point out some grammatical errors with Marathi translations in Indrajals and felt it was educational!
Ravi Gokhale

Rajpal said...

Great Work!

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