Sunday, October 31, 2010

# Mrityu Ke Doot

Continuing Deepawali bonanza here is the 3rd comic of the festive occasion which is from a lesser known publication 'Sun Comics' about which not much information is available with me except that it began publishing Hindi comics in 1982-83 and mostly published stories featuring Vikram and Insp.Garun.
The current comic is no exception as it contains stories of both Vikram and Garun which are illustrated by Late Pradeep Sathe and Bapu Patil respectively.According to the credits the story of Ins.Garun is illustrated by Bapu Patil but its in exactly same style and shape as of Vikram which suggests the possibility of Sathe and Patil being the same person.
If anybody have more information about Sun Comics i.e how many comics and up till when did it published comics then pl share with us.

Download Comic
The cover of this comics was designed by great cover artist C.M.Vitankar but the very ordinary cover paper quality prevented Vitankar brilliance to shine as below sub standard paper quality didn't allowed the oil paints of Vitankar to flourish which can be easily seen here by comparing the great covers designed by him for Manoj Chitra Katha.


The Devil said...

Thanks for a rare gem mate

Rafiq Raja said...

Sun Comics, remember seeing it at old book shops, eons back.

I need to agree with you, Zaheer Bhai. Such a good work on the cover, and that is being abused by poor paper quality. How it would have hurt the artist, can be our wild guess.

Bapu Patil and Pradeep Sathe look one and the same, with their artwork. It was a very common way those days, so it won't be surprise, if it's true. Know-it-All Alok could confirm the same ;)

Comic World said...

Devil: Welcome friend.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Rafiq Bhai according to Alok bro Bapu Patil was inker of Late Sathe so it might be quite possible that Sathe gave name of Patil as illustrator of that particular story.

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