Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#Comic No.97:Atul Comics

This comic is posted specially on Anupam's request,hope he will like it.It is one of the comic among many of the lesser know Indian comic series,it is the very 1st issue of its publication which was started somewhere in mid 90's.How many issues was published and up till when its information is not available.If someone is having any information about it please share for the sake of Anupams's project on Indian comic history.
The storyline of this comic is very much similar to Tantri-Mantri of Tinkle where a courtier of King is always busy in hatching plans to dethrone the King and take his place,but his plans used to get failed every time due to circumstances without revealing his true intentions to the King.

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Anupam Sinha,the illustrator and creator of Super Commando Dhruv of Raj Comics, tasted his first fame of success with Private Detective Kapil of Chitra Bharti comics. Kapil investigative stories were used to be very interesting and the illustrations were also of high quality, one such story from 'Chocolate' series of Chitra Bharti,presented here, will prove it right.So enjoy it and don't forget to discuss about it.

Now enjoy few covers also...........

And finally a Popat-Chaupat from this Mashumuskan (you will be more than happy now Abdul)...isn't it :o)


Ashish Pathak said...

Thanks Buddy...Really a Nice post of rare gems.
I can only say one word 'WOW'.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Welcome pal.Just enjoy them....and do keep coming.

Ashish Pathak said...

also check this..

i have planned to build a home for indian comic industry no matter they are old indrajal or new Raj Comics. I have a large database collected from different sources and i am goind to place all comics under one roof.

Deb said...

Thanks, CW. Great going, friend.

Nadeem said...

Thank you very much...CW

Nice work...keep it up.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Hi CW,
Thank you very much for your posting of Madhumuskan. Its amazing.Within a short span of time you had posted a lot of comics. Hats off to you.

Thanks again.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Welcome to the blogging world Ashish,i have posted very first comment to your blog.Pls check...:o)

Comic World said...

Deb: Welcome Deb.

Comic World said...

Nadeem: Welcome Pal.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome Abdul.Keep coming buddy.

Silly Boy. said...

About your last post I can say just one word:-
I had an exclusive comic of Kapil which unfortunately lost by me. Anupam Sinha is not only a good illustrator but also a good writer. His detective stories (kapil series) are as gripping as is his thrillers (SCD). I do not have that facility on my computer by which I can download that Atul Comic. From the cover it seems that it is illustrated by Pradeep Sathe which according to me is the best illustrators as far as Indian Comics is concerned. Tell me whether the whole comics is illustrated by him. I requested you in my earlier comment and now again requesting you please post comic features of Diwana and lastly one film quiz for you which you can share with others on your blog:-
In how many films Big B and Shashi Kapoor worked together? (Post this question on your both blogs.)

Comic World said...

Wise Boy: Thanks.Can you name that Kapil comic which you were having before.
Rightly said Anupam Sinha is also a good writer along with a good illustrator,his variations and adaptations of scientific explanations in SCD shows his wide range.
Yeah,this Atul comic is totally illustrated by another fine artist 'Pradeep Sathe'.No doubt Sathe's illustrations are good looking and neat but personally i do feel them somewhat mechanical,his illustrations sometimes fails to express the correct degree of expressions on character face.
If you wish then i can send you the scans of Atul comics through mail.
Film quiz...ohh boy!!..quizzing is one of my favorite pastime and i couldn't help myself for answering the quiz...
Big B and Shashi Kapoor worked together in 14 movies,here are they:
Bombay Talkies(1971,Big B appeared in just one scene in the movie which eventually was edited before release),Roti Kapda Aur Makan(1974),Deewar(1975),Kabhi-Kabhi(1976),Iman-Dharam(1977),Trishul(1978),Kala Patthar(1979),Suhaag(1979),
Ahsaas(1979,Guest Appearance),Do Aur Do Panch(1980),Shaan(1980),Silsila(1981),
Namak Halaal(1982),Akayla(1991)

Anupam said...

Return very late at night from the election duty, and first thing I downloaded the comics.

Thanks for this...

Comic World said...

Anupam: Welcome pal.

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